Welcome to my pathetic attempt at a website. I am currently on Version 3! It's my favourite layout so far, but if anybody sees any errors could they please tell me! I don't know what it looks like on other people's computers! I know, it's not that good, but it's getting better, as I am with design and HTML and stuff. Soon it may actually be decent! *cue drumroll* Anyways, I think I've rambled enough. If you to contact me for any reason at all, you can mail me here. If you could inform me of broken links and stuff I would be grateful, or if you just wish to make comments or suggestions you can mail them to me, put them in the guestbook or use my message board. I'm soooooooooooooooo sorry about the pop ups! I'm trying to find a different server with more bearable ads, but since I broke my computer many wont work! If anyone has any suggestions, there are many ways to contact me! Thanks! Muchly appreciated! Anyways... enjoy the existing content, and there'll be more coming soon! Thanks for visiting!

Lets Play Tag!


I never used to log my updates. Well, I did in my blog, but now they can go on the main page. I will often update and fiddle with small things which will not be put up here.

Tuesday 28th May 2002
New Layout! Hope you like it!

Thursday 23rd May 2002
I added the gallery today! I've been adding small bits regularly for a while, now, but today I made it available to everybody! Yayness!

Friday 17th May 2002
Updates for the updates page! Yeah... I changed the last entry around. Some people will know why! Uh... I also added a few more parts to Aara's Fan Fic which is progressing beautifully! It's a really amazing story! Go check it out!

Tuesday 14th May 2002
Let's all YAY for proper updates! Finally! The Childline pics are up. You've probably already seen them, but what the hey! The best part of this update though, is ANOTHER FIC!!!
You can it them on the fan fics index page (duh!) and it is extremely brilliant! I would say amazing, but I've been seriouly overusing that word lately. It'll lose all significance. The name is only temporary, proper one soon! Oooops, this is like a blog entry. Never mind! I can do that too!

Monday 6th May 2002
First major layout change, to V2//pretty in pink. Addition of new fanfic part 1! This is amazing, and I would advise you to read it! It's called 'Secrets'