He's The One!


Is there a certain type that you go for?
I like a girl who is slightly taller than me in heels. I don't know why. Maybe 'cos when I put my arms round her I can put my hands on her arse, ha-ha!

What signals do you give off if you like a girl?
I'll always stare at her until I get caught staring - then I'll keep on staring! A giggly and shy response is good, or someone who looks at me sexily. Then I just have to make sure there's no boyfriend hiding round the corner!

Do you care what clothes a girl wears?

I like a girl in jeans and runners, but a girl in a short skirt and high heels is better, ha-ha! I love nice legs in women! Actually, feet are also important for me. I'll always glance down and check a girl's feet for loads of corns or monstrous toes!

What about turn-offs?
Tattoos and piercings, eeugh! One or two small tattoos are OK, but I wouldn't like a girl who was covered in them. Pierced tongues can be sexy but I wouldn't want my girlfriend to have one! Also, I like to have a drink and a chat with a girl - not just go mad all night and run straight to the podium!

Is there anything you think of as being your best feature?
My mum always says I've got nice hands and I always think, OK, but what about the rest of me? Is the rest of me rank?!

How far do you go on a first date?
Well, all the way would be grand - if that was all I was after, but if I wanted to see her properly, I'd like to have a lengthy build-up.

What's the worst thing a girl could say while you were 'getting busy'?
If she went, 'oh Kian,' that would be very bad. I'd laugh but I'd let her know the taxi had been ordered! Actually, no, she could walk!

Do you think you'll know when you've found 'the one'?
I hope so! I think you would just feel that it doesn't get any better than this!


Which girls tend to fancy you?
Blondes like me and that's grand! Obviously the girl I like most in the world is Kerry. I'm not sure what girls fancy about me. My personality, I suppose. I'm lively and I'm not boring - I never shut up!

Do you have any seduction techniques?
I don't ever try to come on to girls. If I end up sitting and talking to a girl and we click, then I'll throw on the charm!

How can a girl seduce you?
Walk up to me with no clothes on - cut to the chase, ha-ha!

How sexy do you think you are?
On a scale of one to ten, zero! Just because I'm famous it doesn't make me sexy. Come on, Rolf Harris is famous!

How far would you go on a first date?
Probably the cinema and back, ha-ha! You can't say because you might really like someone and want to get a bit farther with them. I never get shy about sex and stuff!

How do you let a girl down gently?
Avoid her calls. I haven't got the balls to tell her straight! Although, when I realised how much I liked Kerry, I rang my girlfriend and told her I didn't want to be with her any more before I began going out with Kerry.

What's the secret to keeping love alive?
Well, me and Kerry are very affectionate and we call each other all day to say, 'I love you.' You can't prove true love, you just have to show it and feel it. You definitely can't prove it with expensive gifts.

How do you know when you've found 'the one'?
It's impossible to explain how - you just know! There are no doubts.


Do you like a girl to make the first move?
It surprises an awful lot of guys when girls do it and they can be kind of overwhelmed. But i think it's a pleasant surprise. Georgina didn't make the first move on me, though!

What's the biggest turn on?
I like elegant dresses. The shorter the better, ha-ha! I like clean and pristine proper elegance.

And turn-offs?
Hairy armpits and onion breath!

Is there anything a girl shouldn't do on a first date?
If she went on about her ex, I'd think she was still interested in him! Oh, and if a girl talked about having babies, I'd run a mile!

What would you hate to find in your girlfriends room?
I'd never, ever go through her stuff... But I might have a glance in her knicker drawer if it was open - and hope I didn't find any dirty ones, ha-ha!

What's the worst kiss you've had?
There was this girl when I was 14 and it was like a tap running down my face! I kept turning away from her and wiping it on my arm and then turning back for more!

Do you have any seduction techniques?
With Georgina I might just grab her. No, I just snuggle up to her or start flirting with her, start kissing her - and I'll probably get a slap, ha-ha!

What's the secret to keeping love alive?
Communication, honesty and having a laugh. You can't bring chocolates and flowers home every day but you can always be nice and thoughtful.

Are you too rock'n'roll to settle down yet?
I still feel very young. I'm only 22. I'll get married when the time is right. I don't want to get engaged for another four years!

How do you know that you've met 'the one'?
Your heart flutters, you want to talk to them all the time, you can't live without them, you want to go out for dinner and have fun with them. You want to kiss and cuddle with them, you want to argue with them - and then make up at the end of it!


Do you like a girl to make the first move?
If it feels natural, that's fine, but if a girl was to jump on me, I'd be like, 'Hey, chill out!'

Do you attract a cerain type?
All the crazy ones!

What's your biggest turn-off?
Exfoliate! Christina Aguilera in the Lady Marmalade video! Too much make-up is bad. Also it's disgusting when girls have washed off a fake tan but their joints are still stained with it. Streaky fake tan is bad!

How could a girl seduce you?
It's good if a girl flatters me and says I'm looking nice or fit. I'm always reluctant to make a fool out of myself so if I fancy someone, I like confirmation that they like me!

Are there questions which you hate to be asked?
I don't like to be too personal at first. If she asked how many people I'd had sex with or when I lost my virginity I'd be like, 'Whoa!'

What type of kisses turn you off?
One girl put her teeth on my cheeks and started to chew and suck! I just kind of went along with it because I was so afraid! Kinky doesn't bother me but I don't like really kinky!

How would a girl know if things were going well between you and her?
The conversation is the most important thing on a first date, not to start snogging. But if you end up kissing, you're laughing and if you don't - you're not, ha-ha!

Is there anything you'd hate to see in a girlfriend's bedroom?
I suppose if I walked in and all her walls were painted black, I'd think she was a littl freaky but I think I'd see warning signs before I got to her bedroom! I don't judge a person on whether they have pairs of pants and stuff all over the floor!

Even if they were covered in skid marks?
I'm sure every single person in the world has looked at their pants at some stage and seek skid marks on them! Anyone who thinks they haven't, you're wrong!

Do you think you're ready to settle down yet?
I'm not going to search for the love of my life. I think that when you find someone, you find someone. You can't plan when to fall in love!

So how do you know when you've found 'the one'?
When you're lying there holding the person in your arms. You just know.


Do you prefer girls to make the first move?
I love it - absolutely! It takes me ages to work up confidence to go up and talk to someone. I can't do the whole chat-up and charm thing!

Are your clothes important when you're out on the pull?
If I had to go out in a skintight, leather cat suit, I wouldn't feel comfortable! It shouldn't really matter what girls wear either, but it does. Maybe I'd like her to wear a skintight cat suit, ha-ha!

Do you have any seduction techniques?
I'm very flirty! I like jokey, cheeky comments - saucy one-liners. But I'm not cheesy. I think I'd puke if I thought I was sleazy!

Have you ever had a really horrible snog?
I had one kiss that was like a washing machine, where I could feel the drool coming down my cheek, eeugh! Hairy armpits are a turn-off. I hate hairy legs, too.

So what turns you on?
I like a sexy, voluptuous figure. I suppose I do like a big bust but if they're wearing a wonderbra, you could leave the club with Jordan, then Kate Moss pops out!

What stuff would you hate to find in her room?
A whip sticking out from under the bed! I'm not into all that crazy stuff so it would probably scare me! I'd say, 'I love you but not that much!'

Are you ready to commit to a steady relationship?
I'd like to find someone I could spend more time with. There were a few nice girls I liked on the tour and it was really annoying to have to move on!

How will you know when you've found 'the one'?
I just hope it will be obvious!