Tuesday 28th May 2002 09:07 pm
New layout! I really enjoy doing new layouts! I really should work on the content sometime, though.... This pink doesn't really go with the darkness of the outer layout but I don't care! I love pink! I also have a new tagboard! People can still use the one at the bottom of this page, though! I really need to create a blog archives page. Or should I just delete them...? I'll sort it when I have no homework to do!
Yeah... so I had the op! It went fine! I'm still not quite sure what they did to me, but it doesn't hurt! It's just kinda uncomfortable. I felt so sick afterwards though, and gas stinks! Never have it! I also have this big old bruise on my hand where they put the drip! They did put the cooliest plaster on it, though! It was pink and yellow and said AARGH! It was the best! The nurses also gave me a certificate for bravery! Wooooo! Anywhooms, I have history and french homework to do! Enjoy the new layout!
Philippa xx

Thursday 23rd May 2002 05:21 pm
Added the gallery! Yayness! Oooop, but on a manky note, surgery tommorow. No more updates for a few days. Just a few, though! Exams are over! They finished yesterday, with my French oral. I got a B! Am I happy with that? I have no idea! I do know that I was extremely nervous! Eurgh! Not as nervous as I will be tomorrow! I have to go now, anyways! I might write a bit later! Potatoes for now!
Philippa xx

Wednesday 14th May 2002 09:25 pm
I haven't put anything here for a while. Well, I have been revising! Had maths today, and textiles and science practical are tomorrow. How the heck am I supposed to revise for those? Teachers. Psshht! At least I get STTTUUUDDDYYYY LEEAAVVEE! And they are not even my mocks! Just boring old Year 10 exams!
Completely off the topic. I think my dog trod on some stinging nettles. She keeps licking her feet, poor baby! She's so cuuuute! I think this is going to be short. I need an early night, so I can have a proper breakfast tomorrow morning. I also need to find colouring pencils! Anyways.... I may be back on tomorrow. Who knows?! Until then - potatoes my friends. An read the new fan fics!
Philippa xx

Thursday 9th May 2002 06:39 pm
I haven't updated in a few days. Hmmm, I can't think what to do. Well, I can think what to do, just not where to start! I might do a contact me page and type up another interview, if I have time! I have homework to do and exams to revise for! I'll do those first... then I'll update! I don't think I'll be doing much updating in the next 3 weeks, though, due to circumstances beyond my control. After that, I'll go back to practically once a day, as usual! Urrr, right now, I think I'll pur a tagboard on the main page thingy. Yeah... If I can. Gawsh. I know I wont do any of this stuff! I'm so lazy! Anyways... somebody wants to use the phone. Keep visiting!
Philippa xxx

Monday 6th May 2002 10:36 am
Gawsh! How time flies! I'm having an operation in 18 days time. Oooops. Yeah, anyways, updates! Alls I've done today is put that iccle tagboard up. It's cute, isn't it? I would like to thank Natz for having the site which has a tagboard, enabling me to get one! Woooo! Hmmmm, I'm a bit thick. Must work on new layout. I'lkl write again later!

Saturday 4th May 2002 11:58 pm
I'm tired. And I mean really tired, and I'm unhappy and I have no reason to be and nothing's going right, except everything is probably fine and I'm just being stupid and I don't know how long this sentence can carry on without a comma or full stop. There. Ended it! If only everything was that simple, eh?
I think it's the music really. It has the best lyrics and it's meant to make you feel good, and although it does that, it does it in such a depressing way! Here's a snippet except you've probably heard it before! Well, I love it!

"When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of the lark

Walk on through the wind, walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone . . .
You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone . . .
You'll never walk alone"

It's not that long, but it's beautiful! Almost as good as Vincent. These songs mean so much. "How you suffered for your sanity,
How you tried to set them free.
They would not listen. They did not know how.
Perhaps, they’ll listen now."

Sorry for just quoting lyrics! I went to see About A Boy earlier today, which may have something to do with it! It was an amazing film, and I HAVE to read the book!
Hey! Look what i found when I was searching for an About a Boy link! It's on our dear Bryan! The press were nasty to him. Really bad. At least things between him and Kerry seem kinda sorted. I just hope things will be fine!

Hmmm, this has gone on a bit! It's really late now! I got a bit sidetracked about halfway through this. The time is now... 1:30 am and I really should be in bed! Night xx

Thursday 2nd May 2002 10:35 pm
Just a quick note! I tried to work on my new layout, really I did, but I couldn't. I think I'm too tired! I don't really feel like it. I WILL work on it tomorrow, though. If I can get it to work, I think I'll love it. Until I get bored of it like the fickle person I am! Urrrr, I have somebody to link, but I can't remember the URL. I'll do it tomorrow. I don't really see the point in keeping this diary anyway, it's not like anybody reads it! I might put it on it's own blog site. Nah... actually, that'd mean that this site would have NO content whatsoever! I will try to get some original stuff soon, peeps. I just need the basics down first! Well, I'd better revise now. I have a geography exam tomorrow!

Wednesday 1st May 2002 10:01 pm
I'm baaaack! I worked some more on my new layout. Things are really not going well for me or it at the moment, but when it's done it'll look so much better than this black. I just chose black initially because I have no idea what colours go together, but the new one is looking beautiful, even if I do say to myself! I'll probably have ruined it by the time I release it to the world, though. That's such a me thing to do!
Right now I'm linking angelic-star.net as it is beautiful! Another site which deserves a link is Nicky-Byrne-Land because it's great!
I tried to watch The Rock today because it's apparently a very good film, but my mum turned over to watch McLeods daughters on Hallmark. I swear she's addicted! I can't really say much though, because I tend to get addicted to certain boybands *cough*. I always get bored when I start to watch films, anyway and start playing on my playstation. The best game at the moment is The Italian Job except I'm stuck on this one level called "Keeping It Up". Euuurrrgggh. I've been stuck on it since, like, Boxing Day or something! Psshhtt. I really need to look at those cheats! I don't think I will, though. Not until I get really desperate! Anyways... methinks it's bedtime now! 'Night xx

Wednesday 1st May 2002 05:14 pm
Today was.... weird to say the least! Started off differently too! I woke up late because I had orthodontist, then I came on the net for a bit. Not long, so there wasn't much time to do anything, but I can live with that! I had my orthodontists appointmen, then she sends me all round the hospital for 4 hours (honestly) and I'm having an operation on May 24th. Talk about quick! It's just after my exams too.

I fixed the ugly banner problem. We now have manky skanky annoying pop-ups! They are irritating, but they avoid ruining my lovely blog box, and my soon-to-be-unveiled main page! I think I'll have to deal with it. Massive link to oh-so-dreamy.net as the site is great! Hmmmm, logging off for the mo. Might be an entry coming later!

Tuesday 30th April 2002 11:36 pm
Right. This is the blog. My daily moan (and diary and stuff). Today's moan is on... the state of that banner up there! How ugly does that look? In my bloooog box, too. I'll have to find a different server, I swear! Also, year 8s. Most of the ones in my school are the scum of the earth! Today, one tried to break my hand, and while she was doing it, I didn't even think to hit her. How stupid am I? I only thought of it afterwards when I was crying my eyes out! How pathetic am I? It wasn't really the pain, though. I think it was the shock because I was on my own and there were at least 10 of them, all mean and wanting to kill me! Who would prefect, eh? Anyways... I think it was the shock. Well, I couldn't stop crying and I was shaking and I felt soooo pathetic.

Today... I've worked on the main bulk of my site a bit. You can't notice it of course, but then you rarely can! I really should change the colour scheme, though. I'm thinking pink! Mmmmmm! I've also visited many sites. Today I am mostly plugging Noonie who is really cool and has a great site! Go visit! Also It's A Shane Thing and Sensational Shane Filan These are all great sites... so, enjoy!