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WHAT: Folk Dancing

WHEN: Every Monday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

7:00 teaching

8:00 announcements

8:05 request dancing

WHO: Anyone interested in international dancing, no experience required

WHERE: Directions to Memorial Building: From 441 take the Racine St. exit and follow Racine St. into Menasha. When you reach the traffic light at the intersection with Main St. do not turn right but continue straight over the bridge. As soon as you cross the bridge take an immediate left onto Keyes St. Follow Keyes for 2 1/2 blocks. Memorial Hall, 640 Keyes St., will be on your left.

Call Ginny, 729-0754, if you have any questions. Bring your own water

Classes will be at Greenville Grange during the summer

COST: There is no charge but most dancers contribute $1.00 per week to help cover the cost of expenses (place on top of the tape player)

Who Are We? The International Folk Dancers of the Fox Valley gather each Monday evening at 7:00 for the pleasure of dancing to beautiful folk melodies from many parts of the world. We are a friendly, informal and varied group: singles and couples, adults of all ages and backgrounds, students and adult-accompanied children.

No partner is needed-everyone is welcomed into the line or circle. Folk dancing embraces a wide variey of dance styles and steps and teaching is done by enthusiastic and experienced dancers who can help you learn while you are having a good time.

The group was organized at Lawrence University in 1978 as a joint effort to include Lawrence students and members of the community at large.

There are currently between 20 and 25 active members. The group continues to meet at the Lawrence University Union during the school year.

Summer dancing takes place at other locations,most recently at the South Greenville Grange.

The weekly dance sessions are mainly recreational but the group does perform occasionally and is frequently invited to demonstrate and teach dances to groups of all sizes for school, church and community functions.

Some group members own costumes which are worn during community performances.

Workshops led by regionally and, occasionally, international prominent teachers are organized on a yearly basis, usually in March.These workshops attract dancers from throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states. A modest fee is charged for the all-day workshop and evening dance party.

In addition to the workshops, special nights featuring a particular type of dancing, e.g., Contra dance, Greek Night, Israeli Night, are offered periodically.

The month of October is devoted to beginners classes, which represent a special effort to encourage people who have never danced before to give it a try. Basic steps and simple dances will be taught between 7:00 and 8:00 and reviewed on successive Monday nights during the month.

Our monthly newsletter, The Fox Valley Folk Dancer, is sent by e-mail. If you do not have e-mail, it will be sent to you by mail unless you pick it up during class.

There is plenty of opportunity to have input into the group. Meetings are held approximately once a month to make decisions about how the group functions and to plan the annual workshops. As a member of the group you automatically become an active member in the planning and decision making process.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, simply complete the "New Dancer" form in this packet and give or mail to Barb Westhofen. Her address is on the back of the form. Welcome and we hope you will enjoy the music,dance and camaraderie.

Helpful Hints for Folk Dancers

1. People of all ages and all proficiency levels are always welcome and allowed to function at their own level. Folk dancing is not a competitive sport.

2. Our usual schedule is: 7:00-8:00 teaching; 8:00 announcements; 8:05-9:30 request dancing. You are however, welcome to come when you can and as you are. You may feel free to arrive and leave any time you wish during the scheduled session.

3. You might bring bottled water when you come dancing to prevent dehydration and quench your thirst. Not all dance locations are air conditioned.

4. Don't hesitate to ask the teacher to repeat a step or instruction. You can be sure there are others who will also profit from your question(s).

5. Dance on the same side as the teacher or leader so you can watch their feet and easily distinguish the right foot from the left. Otherwise, you get a mirror image, is perceptually much harder to decipher.

6. When joining a line dance which is already in progress, join at the end of the line.

7. If you are unsure of a dance, follow the dance from outside the circle behind someone who knows it. When you are confident, join in.

8. When taking hands in a circle or a line, your open right hand is extended ato the person on your right and the back of your hand is extended to the person on your left.

9. During the dance, be careful not to pull or hang on the arms of the person(s) dancing next to you or to hold hands too tightly. Not only will their hands and arms ache the next day, but so will yours. Support your own arms lightly and easily.

10. If you must leave a circle or line dance before it's over, gently join the hands of the people on either side of you as you leave.

11. You will notice that some dances require the use of a belt or scarf. There are often belts and scarves available on Monday nights to use, but some dancers like to bring their own.

12. Folk dancing is a recreational, pleasurable, and sociable activity. Have fun! Don't worry if you're not "getting it right." Don't be so hard on yourself. Relax! You will get better with practice.

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Our Hospitality Committee would like to answer any questions you may have and listen to your concerns and ideas. They are:
Clarice Belling: 920 739-1065** Linda Blohowiak: 920 822-5042** Cathy Kiley: 920 739-5158** BarbWesthofen: 920 734-4029**.

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