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Fan Encounters

Name: Jen
Encounter: okay here i was at Giants Stadium for the NSYNC concert (what else) i had floor seats right by the VIP section...anyway...i called my best friend Kelley from my cell right before nysnc is about to go bad at stories...and wade walks RIGHT by me...he was seriously 2 inchs away from my hand! I played it cool, and when he was far enough away i screamed, hung the phone up on my friend, and grabbed the camera...ran the the VIP section and snagged a few pics.

Name: Natasha
Encounter: I was at Giants Stadium on June 3, 2001 and I was by the Tour Buses while a whole lot of other people. We were all there for the same reason, to get a glimpse of *Nsync or anyone else. So, were all chilling there and all of a sudden I here massive screaming that's coming closer. My heart stops and a turn around to see Wade on a golf cart! And I tried to get my camera out to take a picture, but my hands were like shaking so when I did get it out his back was facing me. LoL. He looked so surprized girls were like screaming for him. I wasn't :)