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Hey everyone...This site is being close. Well, hell it's been closed... Mostly because everythings hitting me at once and I have absolutely no time to update anymore, and I feel it's unfair of me to update once a month or every few weeks. Who knows, maybe one day I will re-open the site...Maybe in the summer or something...But don't worry...I'll be back ;)



Pictures: Making the Video for I'm a Slave For You! [10/3/01]
Pictures: More pix from the VMAs! These are close ups! = ) [10/2/01]
Wade: Celebs on Wade, some added.[10/2/01]
Pictures: a new page on Misc. Wade pics added! [9/30/01]
Banners: 4 Banners added [9/30/01]
Banners: 3 Banners added [9/26/01]
Pictures: 2 pictures added to Misc. pics 2 [9/26/01]
VMAs 2001 [9/22/01]


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