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Celebs On Wade

"You gonna get sexified... Get Joe-ified!" - JC Chasez

"They are painting a beard on Wade, because he's only twelve and he can't quite grow a beard yet." - Chris Kirkpatrik

"Wade is the multitasker... he saved us, Thank you man." - JC Chasez

"... He's one of us." - JC Chasez

"Wade is a genious!" - Lance Bass

"He's ahead of his time, even though he's kinda young." - Joey Fatone

"Wade is top notch ... I think he is the best choreographer out there." - Justin Timberlake

"Wade- My Dog! Never in my life I clicked with creatively like I do with you. I hope I inspire people like you have inspired me." - Justin Timberlake

"Wade, could you be any more talented? Thanks for always having our back." - JC Chasez

"Wade, you can fill in for me anytime." - Joey Fatone