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Wade's Bio

Name: Wade Jeremy Robson
Birthdate: Sept. 17th, 1982
Birthplace: Brisbane, Australia
Parents: Dad - Dennis & Mom - Joy
Siblings: Sister - Chantel & Brother - Shane
Current Residence: Tarzana, California
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown with Blonde
Height: 6'4
Zodiac: Virgo
Favorite Food: Italian
Profession: Dance instructor, Choreographer, Singer, Actor, Producer, and more!

Fun Facts:

  • Graduated from High School at age of 15 or 16
  • Has own Record Company called WaJeRo
  • His best friend is Dan
  • Has been a part of the Academy Awards, Kids Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and the Billboard Awards
  • Has danced at the Tremaine Dance Convention, Edge Performing Arts Center, Moro Landis, Performing Arts Center and Johnny Young Talent School