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How does he come up with Britney & *Nsync's moves?

Okay, you might not believe this, but it came directly from the mouth of Wade himself. The 18-year-old choreographer gets the inspiration for his cool dance moves from strange places - like watching the way cats, orangutans and even the raptor dinosaurs from Jurassic Park move. "I love watching stuff like that and turning it into dance," Wade tells J-14. "Like for Britney, the orangutan thing we did at the European MTV Awards in 1999. We got to the end of it, with the song 'Crazy,' and kicked it off with this phat orangutan move, everyone started moving foward like that."

The other thing that ignites Wade's imagination is the big scree. The muscle-popping moves that *Nsync perform on stage were adapted from a movie called Breakin'. "Sometimes, when people dance they move everything at the same time. My goal is to get them to use each muscle separetly. That takes an understanding of your body. For that, I get inspiration from movies in the '70s and old pop stuff."