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Lies -
Body languages fight
Feel the rush as you die
Then your soul comes alive

If you open your mind
To avoid all confusion
Carnal insticts unwind
Animal resurrection

Cries -
Pain & pleasure unite
Feel the rush as you die
Then your soul comes alive

All the reasons you find
Will be your contributions
Metabolic distortions
Satanas resurrection

If you open your mind


You never know when it will come
Just like a bullet - from a gun
You lie awake - you sweat and shake
And may no lord have mercy on your soul

Take him down
Vengeance - will be mine

And as you sow - shall you reap
You pray to lords your soul to keep
You live a lie - no alibis
You hang your head in shame and you ask -
Why! - why!

Vengeance - vengeance
Vengeance - will be mine

You tell the world that black is white
No backing down your always right
You think your it - your full of shit
Why don't you just lie down and die

Fuck you

Vengeance - will be mine
Vengeance - is mine

War Against Christ

Set alight in purgatory
Tormented moans of pain
Piercing dark analogies
Spat out in full disdain

War against christ
War against christ
War against christ

Diabolus awaits you
Tearing the flesh from bone
Slicing edge of sharpened steel
Terror to call your own

War against christ
War against christ
War against christ

Earth cracks asunder
Sharpens the bass to point
Echoes summoning r'lyeh
To agony anoint

War against christ
War against christ
War against christ

All There Is Fear

Arise young souls alight
Reclaim your satanic rights
In time retrospect clear
The past all there is fear

Atomic atmospheres
Crumble in ice faces
Destructive tragedies
Humble thee at stages
Liquidate agitate
Time-out for treasons
Maniac megalo-man
Explosive liaisons

Cataclysmic candidate
Surplus adaptations
Seismographic psycho
Life and death remainders
Lunar landing confirming
Hollywood daydreamers
Pyramids myriad
Alien redeemers

Ferocious deities
Focusing destruction
Searching for achilles
Warlords reproduction
Terminate trans-mutate
Visions of a future
Yesteryear wasn't there
Only an illusion


Pain -
Ripping through your senses
Screaming in torment
Waiting to die

Mental strangulation -
Choking all belief
Psychic execution -
Razor sharp relief

Pain -
Tearing through your mind
Electro insanity
Chemically blind

Hypodermic hell -
Surgery through veins
Intravenous madness -
Fucking with your brain -


Pain -
No one hears your scream
Surgical murder
Halothane dream

Stainless nightmare - bed of steel
By dissection-cause revealed
Slient protest - laid to bare
Final insult - no one cares


Stretching their arms out
Towards you clenching fists
Inhaling atmospheres
From hot fiery pits
Laughter announces
The musical war
Crowley pronounces
A mystical law


Screaming and shouting
Smashing your head
Songs of our pasts
Songs of the dead
Echanting ceremonies
Of the flesh
Speed into thrash
Black into death


Furious souls
In a chaos of sound
Traders in black
And the dark underground
Metal militia
Malevolent minds
Begins to unwind



You pray for salvation
Your soul you would sell
Avoiding damnation
And those who reign in hell
A game for the liar
But who pays the price
The stakes getting higher
Take your chance and roll the dice

Loaded - loaded - you lose!

The shade can't disguise
The lies in your eyes
Give it to you on a plate
Take it from the one you hate
Eleventh hour fuck up
Bite the hand that feeds and walk away

Loaded - in your head
Believe the things you've said
Loaded - in your eyes
Out of sight, out of mind
Loaded - in your mind
The truth is hard to find
Loaded - walk away
And live to die another day

Its all there for the taking
But how far can you run
There's no use in repenting
The damage has been done
Every waking moment
You're living on the edge
Welcome to the judgement day
You're staring down the barrel...

And it's - loaded - any last requsets?

Game over

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