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Robbie Williams tour, Milton Keynes, National Bowl - 20th July, 2001
Well it was a long day, standing for about 12 hours, not being able to move otherwise you'd lose your place, (including to eat, drink or go to the loo, how did I manage?) Toploader came on and it was such an atmosphere, I was pretty close to the front, and for 60,000 people that is pretty good! They played loads of songs off there album, and some new ones too, cant wait for them to be released! Even though it was raining, I was there waving my banner (the only banner in the crowd that I could see), I got a wave off Joe, but just before the played Cloud 9, (only for a while b side) Joe said, " this next ones for Jen" (that's me)!!! I was so excited, 60,000 people and he sung one to me! that's an achievement!!! Oh yeah by the way, Robbie was good too!


Toploader supporting Robbie Williams

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