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Hi! Toni here...My debut EP "Mood Rooms" (Toni Swain Collective) was completed in late 1999,
and received glowing reviews! (check out the Sydney Blues Society magazine).

Musicians on the 5 tracker include Zoltan Budai (Richard Clapton), Bill Kervin (Dragon), and Simon Denny (Allnighters).
The music has blues and folk roots, and a groovy edge.
It was recorded mostly by Phil Knight at Wall Park, Michael Carpenter at Stagefright
and Zoltan Budai at Suburban Hell studios. The tunes are....

Absence (Swain/Budai)
Inspirational (Swain)
Diggin' My Soul (Swain)
Anticipating Imagination (Swain)
Sometimes Daylight (Swain)

Three of the songs were chosen for a major Australian TV show,
beamed to 43 countries across the globe!

My second EP, "Identity" is another 5 track CD, completed in May, 2003, and available at any of my gigs.
Recorded by Jim Finn at FINN studios, and Simon Shapiro. Songs are....

Identity (Swain)
Change My Ways (Swain)
Lilac Aster Lily Tulip (Swain)
What More, A Man? (Swain)
Demons and Demigods (Swain)

Featuring John Maddox on double bass, percussion by Michael Ward and
drums by Jim Finn. Guest guitarists are Adam Pringle and Michael Azzopardi.
We took a raw, earthy approach to this CD, music I hope you'll enjoy.

The first album was recorded in March 2005 with Leigh Ivin (the Re-Mains) at Heftosprod Studios in Tamworth.
"Finding Capricorn" is an album of songs that have been needing to get out (of me!) over the past seven years......
blues, jazz, country (yeehah!) and folk styles.
'Finding Capricorn' tracks are as follows...

Alfie (Swain)
These Days (Swain)
Pictures of Newtown (Swain)
Song for Shayne (Swain)
Coldest Room (Swain)
Magnet (Swain)
Something's Changed (Swain)
Highway (Swain)

Leigh Ivin did a killer job with recording and plays
pedal steel, hawaiian steel, dobro and electrc guitars.
John Maddox again is on the bass, Wardy on drums, Ronny Rindo plays
congas on track 3 and Libby Wakeford makes the violin sing on track 5.

If you would like a copy of the album you can send a cheque or money order for $25.00 (includes postage etc) to...

Toni Swain
c/o Nundle P.O, Nundle NSW, 2340.

Songs from the album can be heard by going to my myspace
Toni Swain Music
If you would like to hear a tune from the Mood Rooms EP, you can hear
 "Absence" right now by clicking this link...

If you would like to hear a live to air version of "Identity"
from Cairns ABC Sound Lounge Program click here... Identity
and follow the leads.Theres a photo and blurb there too.

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