About Savina !

(pronounced sah-VEE-nah) born and raised in Chicago, was a child performer and studied from an early age winning among other credits, a 5-year scholarship to the American Conservatory of Music. During her schooling she was restricted to working in Chicago and then schooling completed, she was able to accept bookings out of town and she began to travel extensively - she literally played all over the country - north, east, south and west, soaking up the culture of each area. Whenever possible (on a day off, or after her last show) she would go to another club or to an after hours spot to hear local musicians jamming - often jumping in on a number at the musicians request.
Travel broadened her horizons and the numerous types of clubs she played gave her a solid foundation as a performer. Almost fanatically, she immersed herself in music and her work, studying live bands and singers, listening to records, and absorbing all that she could. Ultimately she gained a reputation as a good solid performer and her bookings became more lucrative.
Which, ultimately, brought her to New York (where she studied dramatics with Lee Strasberg) and to the attention of .
Love® RECORDS (notable for their many instrumental million-sellers) who had her record a couple of singles. She was exceptionally well received by the Radio Performers and her records sold well. The radio stations programmed her records often and "How Come You Do Me Like You Do" was among the 10 best on Art Ford' s Brussels Music Selections. She quickly won acceptance on the music scene.
But, Rock and Roll, in all its glory was upon us at that time and there was little room on the stations (less on the charts) for good music , so (with several releases to her credit) rather than chase a trend which would take her out of her element, she decided to cease recording as an artist temporarily (until middle of the road music returned) and to become an independent producer.
She did, and several of her productions (released through .
Loveand other labels) hit high marks on the charts - building for her still another reputation, this time as a consultant to a number of independent labels for whom she handled artist and repertoire duties, coaching, session preparation, co-ordination and actual recording dates which resulted in her name being linked to several chart making hits. After some years had passed, she began to develop strong feelings that the trend in music was due for a change and consequently that night clubs, which had all but disappeared, would return. So she set about preparing herself for a return to performing in nightclubs with her own group and recording as an artist again. Then during a session she was doing for RAVE ®RECORDS (Primarily a jazz label, but leaning to the middle of the road sound) she mentioned her feelings about the change and the Rave people admitted that they had quietly been lining up some of the best talent around in preparation for the new direction the felt music was about to take. The decided to run one down for reference with Savina doing the vocal and immediately after hearing the playback shook hands with her on a deal calling for 3 albums and an unspecified number of singles for release. Rave had the contacts drawn, Savina signed and she was back, in her own element, as a featured recording artist on the Rave label and her first album was a clear indication she was also back in the groove!
Savina began her recording career on the
Love label and it is especially appropriate that this, her last album is being released on Love. She chose these songs for their meaningful lyrics and
she sang them as only
she could sing them.

Loved deeply and missed by all who knew her, Savina died too young on December 1, 1992.

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