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Tears For Fears Quick Peek of Fun Collectibles

British Phone Card featuring Curt

If you were a member of the Tears For Fears Fan Club in the 80's you would receive the small paper(Which is in reality HUGE) Curt's brother Shaun told us he was incharge of the fan club back then.

We have other "small papers" that we will be adding just as soon as we can get them scanned.

Curt and his first wife Lynne

Mole's- Where it all began

Photo curtesy of Shaun Smith.

Please do not copy the above scan without Curt's brothers permission

This is the bio on Ian Stanley, provided to Tears For Fears fan club members via the "Tears For Fears World Service"

If you would like a clear scan of the information on this item please e-mail us with your request

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All items seen on this page are part of our private collection and are not forsale or trade.

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