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Welcome to "spoof songs"!
It's a one page web thing with the funniest spoof and miscellaneous songs around! We also have links... go see!

At the moment we're writing and recording more parody .wav and mp3 files for your delight, so please enjoy our wonderful misc. song "Ode to a Ginger Whore" and our "Cheers" parody, Cheers to Queers for now!!
PREVIOUS UPDATE: "Wish you could act" - a spoof on a song from Buffy the musical, about Sarah Michelle Gellar's lame acting skills! Believe it or not... We're BIG buffy fans!!
LATEST UPDATE: "Blood Thirsty Hollywood" - an MP3 with a bit of attitude!! Finally we cut those hollywood creeps that kill our fave characters down!


Ode To a Ginger Whore - .WAV

Cheers to Queers - MP3

Wish You Could Act! - MP3

Blood Thirsty Hollywood! - MP3

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