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Eddie deSouza
Cool Cat Recording Studio
424 Willis Street Quesnel BC
Canada v2j 1c9

How Can We Fill the world with LOVE?

On September 6th 2001 Sayaka Nakamura & Mizuho Kamikana, Two students from our twin City Shiraoi, translated the words How can we fill the world with love into Japanese. They were helped with the translation by the Shiraoi Twinning Society and Marie & Robert Skinner.

On September 8th 2001 at 2.00 pm Local Quesnel Children and Parents got together at the Cool Cat Recording Studio to lend their voices to Eddie “Spaghetti” deSouza’s song entiltled “This Christmas.”

September 8 Choir Lyle Tribe Kim Tribe Jessica Tribe Jessie Olausen Dale Leblance Chad Smchcombe Marlen Taylor Laura Taylor Salvannah Taylor Ezaniah Poole Rozairah Poole Sekani Poole Christine Poole Nate Bello Lisa Reed Tamara Benzmer April Benzmer April Benzmer Bill Nickoli Heath Onstine Stephanie Santos James Olausen Amanda Augor Stacy Olausen

Lead Singers in respective order Jerry Laurent, (Nazko Valley Carrier), Sayaka Nakamura, Mizuho Kamikana (Japanese), Mohinder Singh, (Punjabi – India), Jaime Bautista, (Philippine - Tagalog). Helping out on the third and fourth chorus’s, Jessie Olausen, Kuldip Singh and his grandchildren, Jatinder, Indo, Cindi, Prob helped with the chorus. Philbert Ngenzi and Come Kametere (French), Vittorio Tommasini (Italian-Italy), Come Kameter (African Swahili), Henry and Nicole Laoureiro, Lucia Machado (Portuguese-Portugal), Lyle Tribe, Heath Onstine, Barry Mckilican, Bill Nickoli, and Dale LeBlanc (English)

Helping out on Drums and Bells Mat Hilbert, Jean Lglebrun (Native Indian), Come Kametere (African Drummer)

All other parts played by Eddie “Spaghetti” deSouza.

“This Christmas” Asks a lot of Questions, the main one being How can we fill the world with love! Eddie says “ Christmas is a time when most people ask What do you want for Christmas, Which causes problems.” By asking questions about our feelings Eddie hopes to Focus on what we can do at Christmas to make the world a better place.

Eddie Says “ We got some really great answers from the participants as to how they would fill the world with love like: Nate, “By not pretending”, Jessie, " I make friends with you,” Bill “be excellent to each other.” Kelly, “by knowing & accepting God’s love!” Wes. “no prejudice,” James, “I would let them have one of my things if they had nothing,” and Tamara, “With lots of hugs”.

People who can sing and translate into other languages the Question “How can we fill the world with love?” are still needed to finish the song!

Eddie is running a contest, Which will run until Christmas to find more answers. Prizes to date include 4 hours of recording time at Cool Cat recording studio, one months music lessons and lots of musical tapes. Eddie is lining up interviews with local schools and businesses who might like to participate. If you are interested in any way please

contact Eddie “Spaghetti” deSouza. phone. 250-991-0070 email Or mail 426 Willis St. Quesnel BC V2J 1C9

I want to take this time to introduce you to a few people who are joining my team First, My new investor in Canada is JIM BEST from 100 Mile House

And my International manager K. Krshna Moortee Naidoo, Plot No.3, "Renu Gardens" Kurinji Nagar (East), Tollgate, Trichy - 621 216 mobile phone number is:(0091)98431-75198 Please Contact Krshna for International Booking Information

I am also working on realeasing more songs please keep tuned to this page for more updates

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