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Meet The Flutemaker

Flutemaker, Teresa Hebebrand, in Wind River Canyon, WY.
What a great place to play a Serenity Flute!

I am of Irish, English and Cherokee descent but feel more connected to the Cherokee side. I am happily married, 26yrs, and have two wonderful kids. My oldest is married serving in the U.S. Army. He is currently serving in Afghanistan.

The Native American flute intrigued me the first time I heard one played. It wasn't until 4 yrs ago that the NAF began to play a significant part in my life as I looked to the wonderful songs they sang for meditation and relaxation.

One morning, I awoke with an incredible desire to own and play my own and knew that I had to craft it myself. I needed one filled with my energy, my spirit. I spent over two years researching and experimenting with the art of flutemaking. Willing family members and friends took some of these early creations and encouraged me to continue making them. Each one was an improvement, until finally, I was satisfied with the quality of tone and craftmanship.

Although I and my family and friends now have several flutes of our own and spend many hours playing them, I receive just as much enjoyment in making them, therefore, must continue with this journey.

The NAF has and will continue to uplift my life and spirit and bring me closer to God. Each flute that I make is crafted with great love and care for the instrument and with hopes that it will bring much joy and peace to the person that will come to own it.



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