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Rivers Sightings....Flights of a Passing Fancy

"AAAHHH! Oh phew, I thought I saw the Grim Reaper over there! That pole over there looks kind of like a sickle." These are not-so-scary 'sightings' by Sizzler and Scrib in search of the real Rivers.

8.12.01 approximately 10:21 pm - The Grind coffeehouse (Central West End, St. Louis)

I was sitting with my back to the door when an attractive character with black glasses and dark hair approaches the game room, sipping coffee. I peer after this mystery man, wondering, could it be? I spy on him for a few more minutes, and then I realize that the hair is wrong and the guy really doesn't look like Rivers except for the glasses. Oh well. False alarm. (Submitted by Sizzler)

10.02.02 approximately 4:30 pm - My Dorm Room (Truman State University, Kirksville, MO)

You know, if I thought I had a chance of glimpsing any celebrities in St. Louis they would be A) Nelly, B) some kind of athlete, C) News anchors if they even count as celebrities, or D) some kind of made-for-TV movie actor who had a supporting role in "Crap: Part Two" which aired on USA on March 23, 1995. But here in Kirksville, which, by the way, is a small town in Northeastern Missouri with one movie theatre, a Wal-Mart, and no mall, my chances of ever running into any celebrities are slim to none. Closer to none than slim most likely.