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E-Mail Us...You Know You Want To

If you would like to reach either Sizzler or Scrib, e-mail is your friend. Next to signing the guestbook, it is the best way to get on our good side(s). I guess we have two good sides. Hmm. Also, feel free to send us any Weezer-related information you might like to see on the RCLF. Alrighty then, let the electronic mailing commence.

You may reach Sizzler at:

You may also IM me, (Sizzler) at StellarWells6 on AOL or AOL instant messenger. I have nothing better to do than go online, and the company would do wonders for my condition, so IM away.

You may reach Scrib at:

I don't know if Scrib wants me to give out her IM screen name, she's been having to fight the boys off with an extra sharp stick, I'll have to check with her and get back to you all.

If you would like to read our strange rantings and the strange rantings of others, click here.