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lp00001 $2 Nick Noble "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" [Columbia CS 9815 Stereo] m- (or better)/m- {C/R}, SSW

lp00002 $4 The Nashville Guitars "At Home" [Monument SLP 18093] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00003 $7 Sha Na Na "The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll" [Kama Sutra NI-460] {1973} m- (or better)/nm/nm {C/R/R}, 2 LPs, GFC, huge nm poster of the boys, light blue labels

lp00004 $3 Gloria Gaynor "I've Got You" [Polydor PD-1-6063] {1976} g/nm {C&R}, scuffed spine

lp00005 $2 Xavier Cugat and His Orch. "The Best Of Cugat" [Mercury PPS 2015] m- (or better)/m- {C/R}, GFC {3 sexy pix of Abbe Lane on the front & back}

lp00006 $2 Oscar Brand - Jean Ritchie - Bob Gibson "An Introduction To Folk Music & Folk Lore" {Narrated By Ed McCurdy} [Golden GW-223] m- {C&R}, {most of} SSW

lp00007 $3 Jorgen Ingmann "El Condor Pasa" [United Artists Stereo UAS-6785] g/nm, DJ, WOBC



lp00010 $2 Tommy Steele "Everything's Coming Up Broadway! [Liberty LRP-3426] m- {C&R}, SSW

lp00011 $4 "The Definitive Pearl Bailey" [Columbia CL 985] m-/nm {C/R}, wraparound, small piece of tape on the spine to pull the LP off the shelf

lp00012 $4 Melba Moore "I'm In Love" [Capitol C1-46944] nm {C&R}, SW, SM in bottom seam

lp00013 $5 Bill Haley and His Comets "Golden Hits" [MCA-2-4010] nm {C&R&R}, SW, 2 LPs

lp00014 $4 Ace Cannon and his alto sax "Looking Back" [Hi 12008] nm- {C&R}

lp00015 $4 Ace Cannon and his alto sax "Aces Hi" [Hi SHL 32016] {Stereo} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}

lp00016 $2 Ace Cannon "Sweet & Tuff" [Hi SHL 32030] {Stereo} g/m- (or better) {C/R}, abraded spine

lp00017 $3 "The Moanin' Sax Of Ace Cannon" [Hi HL 12014] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00018 $2 Ace Cannon and his alto sax "'Tuff'-Sax" [Hi HL 12007] nm/m- {C/R}

lp00019 $5 Dick Cathcart - Eddie Miller - Matty Matlock - Moe Schneider - Ray Sherman - Jud De Naut - Nick Fatool "(Mark VII Ltd. Presents The Authentic Music from The Television Production Of) Pete Kelly's Blues" [Warner Bros. W 1303] nm {C&R}, in the original baggy with a $SO its front, gray labels

lp00020 $4 Jerry Orbach "Off Broadway" [MGM SE 4056 Stereo] g/nm {C/R}, played Detective Lennie Briscoe on TV's "Law And Order"

lp00021 $3 The Jonah Jones Quartet {aided and abetted by the "Swinginest" Chorale} "A Touch Of Blue" [Capitol ST 1405] {Stereo} m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00022 $4 Helen Reddy "Play Me Out" [MCA-5202] m-/nm {C/R}

lp00023 $3 Ahmad Jamal "All Of You" [Argo LP 691] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00024 $3 Brenda Lee "Bye Bye Blues" [Decca DL 74755] {Stereo} g/nm {C/R}, puncture hole, scuff and slight RW on the front cover


lp00026 $4 David Cassidy "Cherish" [Bell 6070 Stereo] nm- {C&R}

lp00027 $3 Cliff DeYoung "Sunshine" {... TV soundtrack featuring songs written by John Denver} [MCA-387] g/nm {C/R}, some RW on the front cover and a name WOBC

lp00028 $3 "Segovia And The Guitar" [Decca JDL-9009, Japanese pressing] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00029 $3 Herb Alpert Presents "Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66" [A & M SP 4116] m- (or better) {C&R}, beige labels

lp00030 $4 Dionne Warwick "Soulful" [Capitol ST-91667 Stereo] nm/nm- {C/R}, RCI for Scepter SPS 573

lp00031 $4 Godfrey Hirsch "At Pete's Place" [Coral CRL 757475] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}, SW

lp00032 $2 Buffy Sainte-Marie "Illuminations" [Vanguard VSD-79300] m- {C&R}

lp00033 $5 Dion and The Belmonts "24 Original Classics" [Arista AL9-8206] nm {C&R&R}, GFC, SW, 2 LPs

lp00034 $3 Ahmad Jamal with voices "Cry Young (Featuring Nature Boy)" [Cadet Stereo LPS 792] g/nm- {C/R}, 5ss (top right), bottom seam's scuffed with seam starting to split

lp00035 $4 Ray Materick "Sidestreets" [Kan Stereo 10] {1972} nm-/nm {C/R}, GFC

lp00036 $2 "Mungo Jerry"[Janus Stereo JXS-7000] m-

lp00037 $3 Stan Kenton and His Orch. "West Side Story" [Capitol T-1609] m-/m- (or better) {C/R}, black labels

lp00038 $4 Rudy Vallee "Hi Ho Everybody" [Viva Stereo V-36005] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, SSW, small DH

lp00039 $4 "Great Moments Of Comedy With Victor Borge" [Verve V-15044] m-/nm {C/R}

lp00040 $2 "The Edge Of Shelley Berman" [His Master's Voice CLP 1407, English pressing] m- {C&R}

lp00041 $2 Al Caiola "Tuff Guitar" [United Artists Stereo UAS-6389] g/m- (or better) {C/R}

lp00042 $4 Jan August "Accent! (Latin Piano By Jan August)" [Mercury MG 20618] nm {C&R}

lp00043 $5 Bobby Hackett & Jack Teagarden "Jazz Ultimate" [Capitol T933] nm-/nm {C/R}, green labels

lp00044 $3 Kitty Wells "Country Music Time" [Decca DL 4554] nm/m- (or better) {C/R}

lp00045 $4 Uriah Heep "Fallen Angel" [[Chrysalis CHR 1204] {1978} nm- {C&R}, CC (upper right), blue labels

lp00046 $3 Don Williams "Expressions" [ABC AY-1069 Stereo] {1978} m- (or better) {C&R}, SSW (front)

lp00047 $5 Dick Contino with the David Carroll Orch. "South American Holiday" [Mercury SR 60668] {Stereo} nm {C&R}

lp00048 $2 "Barbershop! Featuring The Buffalo Bills With Banjo" [Columbia CL 1288] g/m- {C/R}

lp00049 $3 Caterina Valente "More Schlageerparade" [Decca DL 4035] m-/m-(or better) {C/R}, small spine and ottom seam scuffs

lp00050 $4 Roy Clark "Yesterday, When I Was Young" [Dot DLP 25953] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}, SW

lp00051 $4 "Sour Mash" [Candy Apple STEREO SR6783] {1978} nm- {C&R}, red labels

lp00052 $6 "Presenting: The Huntsmen" [Briar International M 106] nm-/nm {C/R}, SW, SS


lp00054 $4 Grover Washington Jr. "Reed Seed" [Motown M7-910R1] {1978} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, SSW (front), 1SC (bottom right), Motown map over dark blue labels

lp00055 $3 Joe Henderson (England's "Mister Piano") with Geoff Love and his Orch. and the Williams Singers "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" [Capitol T 1765] g/nm {C/R}

lp00056 $3 "Joe Venuti Plays George Gershwin" [Golden Crest CR 3100] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00057 $4 Irene Cara "What A Feelin'" [Geffen GHS 4021] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}

lp00058 $4 Various Artists "Jazz Omnibus (A Cross-Section of Jazz Today, In All Its Styles)" [Columbia CL 1020] m-/nm {C/R}

lp00059 $3 Various Artists "Columbia Jazz Festival" [Columbia JJ1] nm/m- {C/R}, GFC

lp00060 $2 Bangles "Different Light" [Columbia C 40039] m- (or better)/m- {C/R}, SW

lp00061 $2 Fotomaker "Transfer Station" [Atlantic SD 19246] nm/m- {C/R}, SW, SM

lp00062 $4 John Paul Young "Love Is In The Air" [Scotti Brothers SB 7101] nm

lp00063 $2 The Best of Brubeck (trios, quartets and octets) [Jazztone J 1272] g/m- (or better) {C/R}, off-white labels

lp00064 $3 "The Best Of The Seekers" [Capitol T 2746, red/white target labels] g/nm {C/R}, $SOFC, small puncture hole

lp00065 $2 Rodney Dangerfield "No Respect" [Casablanca NBLP 7229] m- {C&R}, 2 SSW

lp00066 $2 "The Nashville Guitars" [Monument SLP 18058] {Stereo} g/m- (or better) {C/R}, scuffed bottom seam


lp00068 $5 The Boss Guitars "Play The Winners" [Kapp Stereo KS-3427] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}

lp00069 $5 Paul Martin "Country's Great Love Songs" [Plantation 509] {Stereo} nm, C&R

lp00070 $2 "The Immortal Al Jolson" [Decca DL 9063] m- {C&R}

lp00071 $3 "Bing Crosby sings Christmas (two complete radio broadcasts... the greatest Christmas shows ever recorded)" [M.F. Distribution Company SMF 210] nm/m- (or better) {C/R}, SW, 1978 production

lp00072 $5 The J.T.S. Band "Flyin'" [Mercury STEREO SRM-1-1152] {1977} nm-/nm {C/R}, cityscape labels, group picture on the inner sleeve's other side which has the songs & lyrics

lp00073 $2 Orchestra Conducted by Alan Ward "Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures" {The Mikado, Iolanthe, Rudgore, H.M.S. Pinafore, The Yeomen of the Guard, and The Pirates of Penzance} [RCA LSC-2302] {Stereo} m- {C&R}, two small seam splits on the top

lp00074 $2 Danny Kaye "Sings Selections from 'Hans Christian Andersen'" [Decca DL 78479] {Stereo} m- {C&R}, 2 SSW, 2P (multi-colored, horizontal bands on the black labels)

lp00075 $3 The Impressions "Greatest Hits" [ABC-Paramount ABC 515] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00076 $4 Vera Lynn "Her World Famous Recordings" [Suffolk Marketing SMI 1-28] nm {C&R}

lp00077 $4 "The Fabulous Dance Band Of Jan Garber" [Good Music GMR-80036] nm {C&R&R}, 2 LPs, SW

lp00078 $4 Stuart Hamblen "'In The Garden' And Other Inspirational Songs" [RCA Camden Reprocessed Stereo CAS-973(e)] {1966} nm/nm- {C/R}, $SSW, SSW, STEREO electronically reprocessed, various shades of blue on the labels

lp00079 $3 The McGuire Sisters [Vocalion VL 73798] {enhanced for Stereo} m- (or better) {C&R}, $SSW (torn, front), black labels

lp00080 $5 Dana Dane "Dana Dane 4-Ever" [Profile STEREO PRO-1298-DJ] {1990} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, DJ, WLP

lp00081 $2 "The Magic Touch of Buck Ram and His Orchestra" [Mercury SR 60067] {Stereo} m- {C&R}

lp00082 $4 Robby and The Hi-Jackers "The Twist" [Premier Stereo 156] m-/nm {C/R}

lp00083 $3 Arthur Godfrey & His Friends "Jazz For The People" [Signature SM 1055] nm/m- {C/R}

lp00084 $3 Eddie (Piano) Miller "Honky Tonkin'" [Palace Stereo PST-617] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00085 $2 United States Merchant Marine Glee Club "Songs Of The Sea" [Riverside RS 97520] {Stereo} m- {C&R}

lp00086 $6 Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra "Live In Australia" [MCA-28022] nm {C&R&R}, SW, GFC, 2 LPs

lp00087 $5 Barry Manilow "2:00 AM Paradise Cafe" [Arista 8-8254] nm {C&R}, SW, SM

lp00088 $4 Ian Hunter Live "Welcome To The Club" [Chrysalis CH2-1269] g/nm/nm {C/R/R}, GFC, 2 LPs, spine heavily scuffed by the previous owner's cat

lp00089 $4 Helen O'Connell "Green Eyes" [Vik LX-1093] m- (or better)/nm- {C/R}, 1.5ss (top right)

lp00090 $3 "Introducing the Fabulous Bill Todd (The Quiet Boy)" [Essay 14891/14892] {Produced by Arvey Webster} m- (or better) {C&R}, SW

lp00091 $2 Dylan Thomas "Reading A Child's Christmas In Wales And Five Poems, Volume 1" [Caedmon TC 1002] g/m- (or better) {C/R}, top seam is ragged and half split to the right

lp00092 $2 Various Artists "I Like Jazz!" [Columbia JZ 1] nm/m- {C/R}

lp00093 $6 "Don Shirley" [Audio Fidelity AFLP 1897] nm {C&R}

lp00094 $5 "The Boone Girls ... Cherry, Lindy, Debby & Laury" [Lamb Stereo LL-1022] nm {C&R}, SSW, SM

lp00095 $5 Barbara Dickson "Morning Comes Quickly" [RSO STEREO RS-1-3022] {1977} nm-/nm {C/R}, DJ, WLP, inner sleeve even shows Janie Fricke as a member of her backup vocals

lp00096 $3 Wayne King & Orch. "Dream Time" [Decca DL 78663] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, 2P (multi-colored, horizontal bands on the black labels)

lp00097 $4 Jim Roundtree "Pickin' and Grinnin'" [Jewel Stereo LPS 199] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}

lp00098 $6 Jane Morgan "The Day The Rains Came" [Kapp K-1105-S Stereo] nm {C&R}, SW, black labels

lp00099 $5 Vocals by USA-European Connection Featuring Chequita Jackson and Kevin Owens "USA-European Connection" [Marlin STEREO 2231] {1979} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, 1.5"X3.5" SOFC, DJ, WLP

lp00100 $4 Vera Lynn with Woolf Phillips and his Orch. and The Clubmen "Vera Lynn Concert" {Recorded at The Guards Depot, Caterham} [London LL 1306] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, 9ss (top right), red labels

lp00101 $3 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra featuring Jimmy Rushing "Benny In Brussels - Vol. I" [Columbia CL 1247] m- {C&R}

lp00102 $3 "The Real Earl Hines Recorded Live! In Concert" [Focus FM 335] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00103 $2 "Olivia Newton-John's Greatest Hits" [MCA-3028] nm/m- {C/R}, GFC

lp00104 $2 Olivia Newton-John "Olivia's Greatest Hits Volume 2" [MCA-5347] m- {C&R}, GFC

lp00105 $3 Gordon MacRae - Tennessee Ernie Ford - Jane Froman - Faron Young - Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely "Let's Go To Church" [Capitol T1042] m- (or better)/nm- {C/R}, 4ss (bottom right), 4 inches (top right) are ready to split, less than half the SW remains, 3P (Capitol logos are on top of these rainbow, black labels)

lp00106 $4 {The Blue Trumpet Of} Roy Etzel "The Silence (Il Silenzio)" [MGM E-4330] m-/nm {C/R}, DH

lp00107 $3 "The Strikers" [Prelude PRL 14100] {1981} nm-/m- (or better) {C/R}, 2"X5" SOFC, DJ, WLP

lp00108 $2 Don Shirley "Drown In My Own Tears" [Cadence CLP 3057] m- {C&R}

edited above, not below
lp00109 $4 The New England Conservatory Ragtime Ensemble conducted by Gunther Schuller "Scott Joplin: The Red Back Book" [Angel S-36060] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, 2 SSW

lp00110 $4 David Houston "Where Love Used To Live/My Woman's Good To Me"[Epic Stereo BN 26432] nm/nm- {C/R}, 2 SsSW (front)

lp00111 $6 C.W. Mc Call "Rubber Duck" [Polydor PD-1-6094] {1976} nm-/nm {C/R}, DJ, WLP

lp00112 $4 The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Maken "Green In The Green" [Harmony Stereo H 30408] nm {C&R}, torn $SSW (front)

lp00113 $3 The Banjo Barons "Banjo Party With ..." {arranged and conducted by Marty Manning} [Columbia CL 1689] m- {C&R}, $SOFC

lp00114 $4 James Taylor "JT" [Columbia JC 34811] nm {C&R}, GFC

lp00115 $3 "James Taylor's Greatest Hits" [Warner Bros. BSK 3113] m- {C&R}, SW, GFC

lp00116 $15 "The Untouchables" {Original Music from the TV Show / Music Composed and Conducted by Nelson Riddle} [Capitol ST 1430] {Stereo} g/nm {C/R}, spine is heavily split and the top half was scotch-taped a long time ago

lp00117 $3 Tammy Wynette "Tammy's Greatest Hits" [Epic BN 26486] {Stereo} nm/m- {C/R}, SW

lp00118 $4 "Dragnet (Original Radio Broadcast)" [Nostalgia Lane NLR 1005] nm {C&R}, SW

lp00119 $4 Iguana "The Winds Of Alamar" [United Artists GP-597, Japanese pressing] nm {C&R}

lp00120 $4 Harry Chapin "Greatest Stories - Live" [Elektra 8E-6003] m- {C&R&R}, GFC, 2 LPs

lp00121 $4 Harry Chapin "New Greatest Stories Live" [Elektra BB-703] m- {C&R&R}, GFC, 2 LPs

lp00122 $4 "Ellington At Newport" {Recorded in performance at the American Jazz Festival at Newport, R.I., on July 7, 1956} [Columbia CL 934] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, WOBC, name stamped on back cover, .5ss (bottom middle), 6 black eyes on the red labels

lp00123 $5 Simon & Garfunkel "Wednesday Morning, 3AM" [Columbia CS 9049] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, SW

lp00124 $6 Starring Roy Clark - Freddy Fender - Hank Thompson - Don williams - With Buck Trent - Brazos Valley Boys - Touch of Country (James M. Nederlander & Jim Halsey Present) "Country Comes To Carnegie Hall" [ABC/Dot DO-2087/2] m- (or better)/nm/nm {C/R/R}, 2 LPs, GFC

lp00125 $4 "The Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall, Part 2" [Vanguard Stereo VSD-79161] g/nm {C/R}, yellow label Stereolab


lp00127 $3 Arthur Smith and his Crackerjacks "Guitar Boogie" [Nashville Compatible Stereo NLP 2060] nm/m- (or better) {C/R}, $SSW (front), orange labels

lp00128 $5 "The Kingsmen In Person featuring Louie, Louie" [Wand 657] nm- {C&R}, torn SW, white labels

lp00129 $3 Patachou with Jo Basile, his accordion and orchestra "International Soiree" [Audio Fidelity AFLP 1881] g/m- {C/R}, a little bit of adhesive tape on the front cover

lp00130 $4 Patachou "Paris c'est une blonde" {Sings in French and in English} [Audio Fidelity AFLP 1814] g/nm {C/R}, top and bottom seams are split

lp00131 $5 Various "Urban Sprawl & All That Jazz" {A musical intro to LIFE's year-end double issue on The City} [Decca DL 34313] {1965} nm-/nm {C/R}, GFC, black labels

lp00132 $3 "Leroy Anderson Conducts Leroy Anderson" [Decca DL 78865] {Stereo} m- {C&R}, TOFC, WOBC, 2P

lp00133 $4 Don Shirley "Drown In My Own Tears" [Cadence CLP 25057] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}, TOFC, WOBC

lp00134 $3 Dean Martin "Cha Cha de Amor" [Capitol ST 1702] nm-/m- (or better) {C/R}, $SOFC, 2P (Capitol logos in the 12:00 clock position), black labels

lp00135 $4 Benny Goodman and his original Orchestra, and Quartet {1937-38 Jazz Concert No. 2} "The King Of Swing, Vol. 3" [Columbia CL 819] m- (or better) {C&R]

lp00136 $5 "The Essential ... Steve Goodman" [Buddah BDS 5665-2] {1976} nm-/nm/nm {C/R&R}, Reissue of his first LPs, 2 LPs, GFC, pink bands around the dark brown labels with Buddah on them

lp00137 $5 "Ella and Basie!" {Arranged by Quincy Jones} [Capitol ST 90028] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, slightly torn SW, RCI (Verve)

lp00138 $2 Louise Carlyle and Bob Shaver accompanied by Leon Seidel "Rodgers and Hart" [Walden 304] g/m- {C/R}, black labels

lp00139 $3 Louise Carlyle and Bob Shaver accompanied by David Baker and John Morris, pianists "Cole Porter Songs" [Walden W-301] m-/m- (or better) {C/R}, black labels

lp00140 *SOLD (RS)* $3 AC/DC "Back In Black" [RCA R 113772] m- {C&R}, RCI (Atlantic original)


lp00141 $2 The Joey Heatherton Album [MGM SE 4858] {Stereo} p/nm {C/R}, water damage on the bottom 2" of the cover, blue/beige labels

lp00142 $3 Mickey & Sylvia "Do It Again {featuring Love Is Strange}" [RCA APM1-0327 Mono] {1973} m- (or better) {C&R}, DJ (promo stamped)

lp00143 $3 Dorothy Kirsten, Soprano - Richard Tucker, Tenor with Fausto Cleva conducting the Orchestra of The Metropolitan Opera Association of New York "Great Love Duets" [Columbia ML 4981] m- {C&R}

lp00144 $2 "Al De Lory Plays 'Midnight Cowboy'" [Capitol ST-394] {Stereo} g/m- (or better) {C/R}, (promo?) DH

lp00145 $3 Al Goodman and his Orch. "Relax with Victor Herbert" [RCA LPM-1023] nm/m- {C/R}

lp00146 $5 WAR "Galaxy" [MCA-3030] {1977} nm-/nm {C/R}, slightly darker brown bands around slightly less brown labels

lp00147 $3 "Judy Garland At The Grove" {Recorded Live at The Cocoanut Grove-Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles} [Capitol T1118] m- (or better) {C&R}, black labels

lp00148 $4 Boots Randolph "Boots with Strings (featuring "The Shadow of Your Smile")" [Monument Stereo SLP 18066] nm {C&R}, SW


lp00150 $3 Bruno Walter/Columbia Symphony "Dvorak: 'New World' Symphony" [Columbia Y 30045] m- {C&R}

lp00151 $7 "The Frank Sinatra Story In Music" [Columbia C2L-6] m- (or better) {C&R&R}, GFC, 2 LPs

lp00152 $4 "Glenn Miller Plays Selections From 'The Glenn Miller Story' And Other Hits" [RCA LSP-1192(e)] {enhanced to simulate Stereo} nm {C&R}, SSW

lp00153 $3 Peter, Paul and Mary "A Song Will Rise" [Warner Bros. WS 1589] {Stereo} m- {C&R}


lp00155 $4 Bing Crosby "Selections fom The Motion Picture HOLIDAY INN" [Decca DL 4256] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00156 $4 Elmer Bernstein composer and conductor "The Trial of Billy Jack" {Original Music from the Film} [ABC ABCD-853 Stereo] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, DJ, WLP

lp00157 $3 "Tony Martin" [Audio Fidelity AFSD 6200] {Stereo} nm/m- {C/R}, SW

lp00158 $4 "Dick Kesner and His Magic Stradivarius" [Brunswick Stereo BL 754051] nm- {C&R}, black labels

lp00159 $4 Various "Peter Marshall hosts One More Time (The Hits of Glenn Miller & Jimmy Dorsey with the ORIGINAL Stars / all new recordings) [Silver Eagle SE-1001] m- (or better) {C&R&R}, GFC, 2 LPs

lp00160 $4 Warren Covington and the Tommy Dorsey Orch. "It Takes Two To ... Fox Trot, Waltz, Jitterbug, Rock 'N Roll, Peabody, Bunny Hop, Charleston, Polka, Hokey Pokey, La Raspa" [Decca DL 78996] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, 2P (multi-colored, horizontal bands on the black labels), SW

lp00161 $4 Roy Drusky "All My Hard Times (Featuring: You're Shaking The Hand)" [Mercury Stereo SR 61306] nm/m- (or better) {C/R}, SW

lp00162 $4 Doug and The Slugs "Wrap It!" [RCA Stereo AFL1-4261] {1982} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}

lp00163 $3 Tennessee Ernie Ford "Gather 'Round" {Music Arranged and Conducted by Jack Fascinato} [Capitol Stereo ST 1227] m- {C&R}

lp00164 $3 Kansas "Leftoverture" [Kirshner Stereo PZ 34224] m- {C&R}

lp00165 $4 Genesis "Nursery Cryme" [Charisma Stereo CAS 1052] m-/nm {C/R}, SM

lp00166 $2 Joe Maphis "Gospel Guitars Vol. 2" [Sacred LPS-74055] {Stereo} m- (or better)/f {C/R}

lp00167 $4 Amazing Rhythm Aces "Stacked Deck" [ABC ABCD-913] m-/nm {C/R}, DJ, WLP, CC

lp00168 $3 Atlantic Rhythm Section "Dog Days" [Polydor PD 6041] g/nm {C/R}, CC, some RW on both front & back of the cover

lp00169 $3 Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells" [Virgin VR 13-105] m- {C&R}

lp0017 $4 Mr. Acker Bilk with The Leon Young String Chorale "Stranger On The Shore" [Atco SD 33-129] {1962} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, torn SW, 1ss (bottom right), purple over beige labels

lp00171 $3 Herb Larson "Sax Appeal" [Command 943 S] {Stereo} g/nm {C/R}, spine scuff about 2 inches long near the bottom

lp00172 $4 Neal Diamond "Hot August Night" {Recorded In Concert At The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles} [MCA 2-8000] {1972} nm-/m- (or better) & nm- {C/R/R}, 2 LPs, GFC, brown labels

lp00173 $4 Robert Russell Bennett "Victory At Sea" [RCA VCS-7064] {Stereo} m- {C&R&R}, 2 LPs

lp00174 $4 Flip Wilson "You Devil You" [Atlantic SD 8179] {1968} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, Compatible Stereo probably means fake stereo, green over red labels

lp00175 $3 Esther Ofarim "Is It Really Me!" [Philips PHM 200-185] g/nm {C/R}, DH


lp00177 $3 "Mireille Mathieu" [Capitol ST-306] {Stereo} g/nm {C/R}

lp00178 $4 Ernestine Anderson Sings "The Fascinating Ernestine" [Mercury MG 20492] g/m- {C/R}, DJ, WLP

lp00179 $3 Billy Butterfield and his Orch. "Billy Blows His Horn" [Columbia CS 8314 Stereo] m-/m- (or better) {C/R}, 2.5ss (top right), 6 black eyes on the red labels

lp00180 $5 Chuck Mangione Quartet Orchestra "Bellavia" [A & M SP-4557] nm {C&R}, DJ, WLP, DH

lp00181 $3 "A Sentimental Date With Perry Como" [RCA LPM-1177] m- {C&R}

lp00182 $3 "Tap Dance Rhythms with Johnny Maddox at the piano" [Dot DLP-3008] m- {C&R}, 2P (black labels), 2 red stars WOBC where there is also a Dearborn Music Shop sticker

lp00183 $4 Al Gilbert Presents "Shirley Temple Favorites" {Fully Orchestrated With Vocals} [Stepping Tones LP 4014] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, she's pictured on the front but won't be heard on the 18 songs in this training record, white labels

lp00184 $3 Les Brown and His Band of Renown "More From Les" {Featuring Dave Pell, Ray Sims, Ronnie Lang and Don Fagerquist - Instrumental Fox Trots} [Coral CRL 57058] m- {C&R}

lp00185 $3 Guy Mitchell "Traveling Shoes" [Starday SLP 412 Stereo] m-/nm- {C/R}, 2.5ss (top right), 2ss (bottom middle), DH, pale yellow labels with eagles on them

lp00186 $4 Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 "Crystal Illusions" [A & M SP-4197 Stereo] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, SW

lp00187 $3 The Stradivardi Strings "Play Your Favorites" [Spinorama Stereo S 90] m-/nm {C/R}, FRONT COVER HAS A FRAMEABLE PICTURE OF JAYNE MANSFIELD ON IT

lp00188 $5 "The Fudgeripple Follies or Nobody likes a Smart Ass Volume I" {Original Cast} [Spade LP/101 Stereo] nm-/nm {C/R}, white labels

lp00189 $4 "The Fudgeripple Follies or Nobody likes a Smarty Volume II" [Original Cast} [Spade LP/102] nm- {C&R}, white labels

lp00190 $5 Rampart Street Paraders "Dixieland, My Dixieland" [Columbia CL 785] nm {C&R}

lp00191 $4 Elvis Presley "Elvis' Christmas Album" [RCA Camden CAL-2428] {1970} nm-/nm {C/R}, SSW (front), C (WOFC)

lp00192 $3 "The Enchanting Organ Of Bob Kames" [King 630] g/nm {C/R}

lp00193 $4 Bob Kames "Show-Stoppers" [King 783] m-/nm {C/R}, 4ss {top left}, AUTOGRAPHED on the back cover

lp00194 $3 Eddie Fisher singing "Scent Of Mystery" and "The Chase" [Ramrod T-6001] f/m- {C/R}, scuffs everywhere

lp00195 $3 Elmer Bernstein & Orch. "Men In War" [Imperial LP 9032-W] f/m- {C/R}

lp00196 $4 "Gene Autry's Golden Hits" [RCA LSP-2623] nm-/m- (or better) {C/R}, 2P (Stereo Dynagroove, not Living Stereo labels)

lp00195 $4 Ramsey Lewis "Dancing In The Street" [Cadet LPS 794 Stereo] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, GFC

lp00198 $2 The Skip-Jacks "Let's Get Away From It All" [RCA LSP-2060] {Stereo} g {C&R}, 6ss (top right)

lp00199 $3 Ray Anthony and His Orchestra "Dream Dancing Melody" [Capitol ST 1608] {Stereo} nm/m- {C/R}, 2P (Capitol logos at the top of the labels)

lp00200 $4 Ray Anthony and His Orchestra "More Dream Dancing" [Capitol ST 1252] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, 2P (Capitol logos on labels on top)

lp00201 $7 "The Belafonte Air-Play Special From RCA Victor" {In a rectangular box on the front is factory printing of "FOR D.J.s ONLY (same on back but Especially Timed ... precedes it), Limited Edition"} [RCA SP-33-275] g/nm {C/R}, DJ, bottom half of the spine is split

lp00202 $3 "Joni James Sings Songs Of Hank Williams" [MGM Stereo SE 3739] g/nm- {C/R}, small moisture damage on the bottom of the front, much more moisture damage on the bottom of the back, yellow labels

lp00203 $5 "Andy Williams Sings Steve Allen" [Cadence CLP 3027] nm {C&R}, red labels

lp00204 $4 David Carroll and his Orchestra "Percussion In Hi-Fi" [Mercury SR 60003] m-/nm {C/R}, WOBC, 1ss (top, right), black labels

lp00205 $4 David Carroll and his Orchestra "Let's Dance Again!" [Mercury SR 60152] {Stereo} m- (or better)/nm- {C/R}, WOBC, black labels

lp00206 $4 Foy Willing and The Riders of the Purple Sage "Cool Water" [Crown CLP 5306] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, 1ss (br), torn baggy around bottom seam split

lp00207 $3 Jerry Vale "This Guy's In Love With You" [Columbia CS 9694] {Stereo} nm/m- {C/R}, SW

lp00208 $4 Ray Conniff's Concert In Stereo "Live At The Sahara / Tahoe" [Columbia STEREO G 30122] m-/nm/nm {C/R/R}, 2 LPs, GFC

lp00209 $12 Ruby and The Romantics "Our Day Will Come" [Kapp KS-3323] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00210 $6 Foy Willing & The Riders Of The Purple Sage "Cowboy" [Roulette R-25035] nm-

lp00211 $5 Guy Lombardo and The Royal Canadians 'Music of The Motion Picture "Bells Are Ringing"' [Capitol ST1453] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, SW

lp00212 $6 "The Sandpipers" [A & M STEREO SP4262] nm {C&R}, gold labels

lp00213 $3 "Ray Conniff's World Of Hits" [Columbia CS 9300] {Stereo} nm/m- {C/R}, SW

lp00214 $4 Bob James "BJ4" [Columbia FC 36838] nm/m- {C/R}, GFC, 98% of the SW

lp00215 $3 Sergio Franchi "The Heart of Christmas (Cuor'di Natale)" [RCA LSP-3437] {Stereo} m- {C&R}, SW

lp00216 $4 Sly & The Family Stone "Back On The Right Track" [Warner Bros. BSK 3303] {1979} m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, torn SW, 2 SsSW (front), .75SC (bottom, left seam)

lp00217 $6 Glen Campbell "Glen Travis Campbell" [Capitol SW-11117] {Stereo} nm {C&R}

lp00218 $4 Perry Como "The Songs I Love" [RCA LSP-2708] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00219 $2 Jefferson Starship "Red Octopus" [Grunt BFL1-0999] m-/g {C/R}

lp00220 $4 Freddy Martin & Orch. "Salute To The Smooth Bands" [Capitol ST 1116] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00221 $4 Freddy Martin & Orch. "Salute To The Smooth Bands - Vol. 2" [Capitol ST 2028] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00222 $4 The Compton Brothers "Haunted House/Charlie Brown" [Dot Stereo LPS 76,961] nm-/nm {C/R}, .5SC (bottom. right seam)

lp00223 $3 Ron Frangipane and his Orchestra "Rated X For Excitement" [Mainstream MRL-300 STEREO] m- {C&R}, GFC, DH

lp00224 $4 Stan Kenton and His Orchestra "Kenton (New Concepts of artistry in rhythm)" [Capitol T383] g/nm, scuffed liner notes ion the back cover, green labels

lp00225 $4 "Brooklyn Bridge" [Buddah BDS 5034 Stereo] m-/nm- {C/R}, GFC, pschedelic-Buddah labels

lp00226 $5 Merle Haggard And The Strangers "Okie From Muskogee" [Capitol ST-384] nm {C&R}, SSW, green labels

lp00227 $3 Merle Haggard And The Strangers "Okie From Muskogee" [Capitol ST-384] nm/m- (or better) {C/R}, SSW, 2P (pink labels)

lp00228 $3 Fleetwood Mac "Penguin" [Reprise MS 2138] {Stereo} g/nm (C/R), GFC, .5SM

lp00229 $4 Merle Haggard And The Strangers - Movin' On (theme from the NBC TV series "Movin' On") / Here In Frisco [Capitol STEREO P-4085] nm-, DJ, WLP

lp00230 $4 David Houston / Tammy Wynette "Straight From The Heart" [Columbia Musical Treasuries Stereo DS 592 / DS 593] m- (or better) {C&R&R}, torn SW

lp00231 $4 Tom Rush "The Circle Game" [Elektra Stereo EKS-74018] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00232 $4 Manny Delgado y su conjuncto "Arpa y Trompetas (Harp 'N Brass)" [Philips PHS-600-257] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}, SOFC, SOBC

lp00233 $4 "Jeri Southern At The Crescendo" [Capitol ST 1278] {Stereo} m- {scuffed top seam}/m- (or better) {C/R}

lp00234 $4 Jeri Southern "Coffee, Cigarettes & Memories" [Roulette R-25039] f {silverfish snacked on all sides and a little on the front}/nm {C/R}


lp00236 $3 Lorne Greene "Welcome To The Ponderosa" {An Evening of Songs and Stories} [RCA LSP-2843 Stereo] {1964} m- front {#OC} & g back (some staining & #OC)/m- (or better) {C/R}, black labels

lp00237 $4 Lorne Greene "Five Card Stud" [RCA Camden CAS-2391 Stereo] {1970} g front (scuffs and dings} & m- (or better) back/nm {C/R}, blue labels

lp00238 $2 Etta Jones "Don't Go To Strangers" [Prestige PRST 7186] {Stereo} g {C&R}, (3sps, middle)

lp00239 $3 ? "ERA Records presents Bluegrass Festival" {25 Bluegrass Classics} [ERA NU 9110] {1981} nm- {C&R}, Distributed by K-tel Intern'l, Inc.

lp00240 $3 Jerry Reed "Cookin'" [RCA LSP-4293] {Stereo} g/m- (or better) {C/R}

lp00241 $4 Roy Drusky "My Grass Is Green" [Mercury SR 61233] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, SW

lp00242 $3 Narrated by Jack Benny and Frank Knight "Years To Remember" {The most dramatic and important newscasts in radio history. Exactly as you heard them when they changed the course of human events.} [Longines Symphonette Society SY 5185] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, maroon labels

lp00243 $4 "A Musical Autobiography of Louis Armstrong" [Decca DL 4331] nm-/m- (or better) {C/R}

lp00244 $4 Biff Rose "The Thorn In Mrs. Rose's Side" [Tetragrammaton Stereo T-103] {1968} nm- {C&R}

lp00245 $4 Grady Martin "Instrumentally Yours" [Decca DL 4610] m-/nm- {C/R}, DJ, WLP

lp00246 $3 Pete Seeger "God Bless The Grass" [Columbia CS 9232] {Stereo} m- {C&R}, DJ, DEMONSTRATION, NOT FOR SALE stamped on the back cover, (2 white eyes on the 360 Sound, red labels)

lp00247 $4 "Inside Shelley Berman" [Verve MG V-15003] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00248 $4 "The Ballad Style Of Stan Kenton" [Capitol ST 1068] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00249 $4 Stan Kenton "The Stage Door Swings" [Capitol ST 1166] {Stereo} g/nm {C/R}, 2ss (top right)

lp00250 $5 "Arthur Smith Plays Bach, Bacharach, Bluegrass, And Boogie" [Monument SLP 18140] f/nm {C/R}, DJ, WLP, WOBC, heavily scuffed front cover and bottom seam

lp00251 $2 Red Foley with The Anita Kerr Singers "I Believe" [Vocalion VL 73879] {enhanced for Stereo} nm/m- {C/R}, SSW

lp00252 $4 Bobby Bare "Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose" [Columbia FC 37719] nm {C&R}, DJ

lp00253 $2 Bobby Bare "As Is" [Columbia FC 37157] nm/m- {C/R}, DJ

lp00254 $5 George Segal and the Imperial Jazzband with Special Guest Teresa Brewer "A Touch Of Ragtime" [Signature FW 40112 Stereo] {1985}, nm {C&R}, DJ, WLP

lp00255 $4 Joe Stampley "I'm Gonna Love You Back To Loving Me Again" [Epic FE 37055] nm {C&R}, DJ

lp00256 $4 Joe Stampley "I'm Goin' Hurtin'" [Epic FE 37927] m-/nm {C/R}, DJ

lp00257 $4 Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley "Hey Joe! Hey Moe!" [Columbia FC 37003] nm {C&R}

lp00258 $3 Manos Hadjidakis and other Greek composers "Dancing On Sunday" {A Sequel to the hit album "Never On Sunday" / Recorded in Greece} [United Artists UAL 3146] m- (or better) {C&R}, 2ss (top right), black labels


lp00260 $3 Spiegel Wilcox and His Sidemen (Personnel: Spiegel Wilcox, Bill Allred, Herb Gardner, and George Masso - Trombones; Dick Wellstood or Don Gibson, Piano; Van Perry or Paul Langosch - Piano; Cliff Leeman or Ken Underwood - Drums; & Marty Grosz - Acoustic Guitar) "Four Trombones And Rhythm" [Fat Cat Jazz FCJ 196 Stereo] g/nm {C/R}

lp00261 $5 Harlow Wilcox & The Oakies "Groovy Grubworm And Other Golden Guitar Greats" [Plantation PLP 7] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}, DJ (SOFC), WOBC, WLP

lp00262 $2 Lee Castle & The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra "Jimmy Dorsey's Greatest Hits" [Epic LN 3560] m- {C&R}, DJ, WLP

lp00263 $2 Kay Gallo & The Country Men "Yankee Go Home" [BIG-E-NUFF 100] m- {C&R}

lp00264 $3 Eddy Arnold "I Want To Go With You" [RCA LSP-3507 RE] {Stereo} m- (or better) {C&R}, SSW, RI (Hall Of Fame Reissue Series)

lp00265 $4 The George Shearing Quintet with string choir "Touch Me Softly" [Capitol ST 1874] {Stereo} m- {scuffed, bottom of the spine}/nm {C/R}

lp00266 $5 Judy Garland "Forever Judy" {Original MGM Sound Tracks Featuring The Voice Of ...} [MGM Merchandising Corp. PX 102] nm {C&R}


lp00268 $2 Three Dog Night "Cyan" [Dunhill/ABC DSX-50158] g/m- {C/R}, puncture hole

lp00269 $2 Eddie Foy, Jr. "Minstrel Days" {With David Burns and Harold Adamson As End-Men} [Everest SDBR-1039] {Stereo} m- {C&R}

lp00270 $4 Skitch Henderson and 'The Tonight Show' Orchestra "Skitch ... Tonight!" [Columbia CS 9167] {Stereo} nm {C&R}, SW

lp00271 $2 Eddie Cantor "Songs He Made Famous" [Decca DL 4431] nm/m- {C/R}, SW

lp00272 $2 Lou Monte "Live!!! In Person" [Reprise R-6014] m- {C&R}

lp00273 $3 The Rolling Stones "Made In The Shade" [Rolling Stones COC 39107] f/nm {C/R}, abraded spine

lp00274 $3 The Rolling Stones "Sucking In The Seventies" [Rolling Stones COC 16028] g/nm {C/R}, DJ (embossed stamp on back cover), abraded spine

lp00275 $5 The Rolling Stones "Emotional Rescue" [Rolling Stones COC 16015] g/nm {C/R}, abraded spine

lp00276 $3 "Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller!?" [Capitol T 2579] m-/nm {C&R}, (2 inch, front cover tear a half an inch below the top, right seam)

lp00277 *SOLD (EB)* $4 Lynn Anderson "With Love, From Lynn" [Chart Stereo CHS-1013] {1969} nm- {C&R}

lp00278 $4 Jerry Vale "This Guy's In Love With You" [Columbia CS 9694 Stereo] nm- {C&R}

lp00279 $4 Tennessee Ernie Ford "Sings Civil War Songs Of The North" [Capitol T 1539] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}, 2ss (top, right)

lp00280 $3 Kenny G "Silhouette" [Arista AL-8457] g/nm {C/R}

lp00281 $2 R.E.M. "Reckoning" [I.R.S. SP-70044] g/m- {C/R}, abraded spine

lp00282 $2 R.E.M. "Murmur" [I.R.S. SP-70014] g/m- {C/R}, abraded spine

lp00283 $3 R.E.M. "Lifes Rich Pageant" [I.R.S. IRS 5783] g/nm {C/R}, abraded spine


lp00285 $5 Peggy Lee With Orchestra Conducted By Frank Sinatra "The Man I Love" {Sample Album for Radio - TV Program Use} [Capitol T-864] m-/nm {C/R}, 190 stamped on the front cover and both yellow labels, DJ, promo SOFC, glue residue near the top of the opening on the front cover

lp00286 $3 "The Official Secrets Act" [Sire SRK 6099] g/nm {C/R}, promo SOFC, abraded spine

lp00287 $4 Earl Grant "Trade Winds" [Decca DL 74623] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00288 $3 Earl Grant "In Motion" [Decca DL 75052] {Stereo} m- {C&R}

lp00289 $3 Earl Grant "Beyond The Reef (And Other Instrumental Favorites)" [Decca DL 74231] {Stereo} m- {C&R}

lp00290 $4 Earl Grant "Stand By Me" [Decca DL 74738] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00291 $4 Earl Grant "Bali Ha'i" [Decca DL 74806] {Stereo} m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00292 $4 Earl Grant "Just One More Time (and Other Instrumental Favorites)" [Decca DL 74576] {Stereo} m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00293 $4 Earl Grant "A Closer Walk With Thee" [Decca DL 74811] {Stereo} m-/nm {C/R}

lp00294 $4 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra "Glenn Miller plays selections from 'The Glenn Miller Story' and other hits" [RCA LPM-1192] m- (or better) {C&R}

lp00295 $2 Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band "Marvelous Miller Moods" [RCA LPM-1494] m- (or better)/g {C/R}

lp00296 $4 Glen Campbell "Galveston" [Capitol Stereo ST-210] nm-/nm {C/R}

lp00297 $4 Glen Campbell "Hey, Little One" [Capitol Stereo ST 2878] m- (or better)/nm {C/R}

lp00298 $5 "Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell" [Capitol Stereo ST 2928] nm {C&R}

lp00299 $20 Elvis Presley "Singer Presents Elvis Singing 'Flaming Star' And Others" [RCA Stereo PRS-279] {1968} nm {C&R}, SW

lp00300 $4 Jack Teagarden "Swinging Down in Dixie!" [Golden Tone Stereo14097] nm {C&R}, (taped on) SOFC, in original baggy

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