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Why I love You

My Favorite Web Sites

Brendan's Website
Teddy's Website
Romeo's Website
Padgie's Website
Xanga Bishoujo_Ice
Smurf's Website
Kim's Site


This picture is sooo cute!! Jeff and His one soul mate.. : }

Im a capricorn born on December 30, in Guyana.

That's me.

Thats my husband and sister in law

Its Pagie she's all grown up.

Gregory's Girl

Tryin to be official

Keep this on the Hush! Dean NOT ANYMORE!!!!

This is Oyin aka joyjonelle lol!

From left to right it is Patricia, Shannon, Jonelle{me}, Lovisa, and Jennifer. This picture is so scary it actually is close to how we look.

im soo sad you guys i miss all of you soo much

This is the best pic of Jenni she's wearin pink and everything.

Angel Rules

Thats me and peppermint.

Where have i seen this before? {look up silly}

This is romeo. I've known him since third grade.

This is shortie. She is one of my best friends and i missed her sooo much.

This is Sherita and Jennifer.

This would be me and my buddy Brendan. {He's sweet when he wants to be}
This clown would be my ex-boyfriend.

All I can say is he's "pretty fly for a white guy".lol As fast as he came he left. Oh well.