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  • "No matter what happens in my life, I will always have a Mountain Soul."

  • "I felt so guilty about career changes I was making that Patty was beginning to not like Patty anymore. And then you think the whole world doesn't like you."

  • "I think we are losing some tremendous artists because of the sales driven attitude now- and that's a scary thing."

  • "I've always wanted to cut an album like this for my father. he was the one who took me to my first music show- after that, I knew what I wanted to do."

  • "A good song to me is like a friend. I started hearing the words to some of my songs really deeply. I found myself repeating them."

  • "I'm not the most perfect singer out there, and I'm certainly not the most popular one. But I'm a real emotional singer- That's the special thing I have. I think people can hear that I connect with the lyrics. I feel that I express a lot of who I am in my songs."

  • "I think it's real important that we do what comes from our hearts"

  • "Country Music has always been about being real. It's about those moments and realizing things that change your life. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's happy. But it's always about how you feel."

  • "If you please yourself, I feel that you can please others. I think you really need to please yourself first, and just trust your own feelings."

  • "My husband knows I'm an easy pitch, but sometimes I'm not that easy with him. He'll play songs for me that he's written and I'll just go , "Aw Honey, I don't think it's quite me", and I treat him just like everybody else."

  • "Me trying to write by myself, it just wasn't working. I would go back and I would get so frustrated and go 'Aw! This Sucks!'."

  • "I have found the way you get the best out of people is when you lean on them for support and you get something from them. And when they lean on you, they got something from you."

  • "Making a difference in people's lives, even if I never get to meet them or spend a lot of time with them, that's the best part of being an artist."

  • "I want to be considered as a very emotional singer. To me, that's what success is all about."

  • "I don't jump on bandwagons and try to do what Shania and Faith or any of them are doing. I know them both, and I like them both, but that's not me. It works for them yes- but I sing my songs. I sing my style."

  • "I love mystique abiout an artist. I love hearing the music and the passion and wondering where it came from."

  • "The labels all want thier own Garth Brooks or Dixie Chicks or whatever is hot at the time amd they try and mold artists sometimes into things they just aren't. Im Patty Loveless and I can't be Reba. I can't be Trisha or Wynonna."

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