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United We Stand Review

When I first heard about the benefit concert in Washington, DC I knew I had to attend it. My hometown is DC and I am currently going to school in Colorado so I would have to make a trip to go. I mean, how many times could you go to a concert and see *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys in the same show? This is my account of one of the most amazing concerts I have ever attended, even if it was 12 hours long!!!

Being apart of something that brought our nation together was really inspiring and seeing so many people come together was uplifting. I have never seen so many amazing musical artists in one show before and being able to see artists who have not been on tour in decades was really special.

The concert was supposed to start at 1 pm but started at about 1:20 and the Backstreet Boys kicked it off with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. They sang 6 songs and even my personal favorite, "Drowning." I was thrilled to see James Brown, Al Green, Aerosmith and Bette Midler perform since I have always admired their music. Billy Gilman threw in an amazing performance after there was some technical problems he demanded that the music be shut off and he sang a cappella. His voice is incredible!!!! When P. Diddy took the stage he got the crowd up on their feet and did a full stadium wave that went around several times.

After P. Diddy performed, *NSYNC took the stage and sang about 5 songs. Their performances are always high energy and no one wanted them to leave the stage. The most anticipated performance of the evening was Michael Jackson. When he first walked out onstage I was in awe. I had finally seen him live after listening to his music on CD's. He sang "Man in the Mirror" and then most of the peformers from the concert plus more came out onstage at the end and singing all together "What More Can I Give?"

This was definitely a concert I will never forget. It is sad to think that this amazing show happened because of the enormous tragedies in NYC and DC but it is uplifting to see so many people come together to help our country through this difficult time.

List of performers (random order):




Backstreet Boys

Mariah Carey

Billy Gilman


Michael Jackson


P. Diddy

Carol King

James Brown

Destiny's Child

Rod Stewart

Al Green


Goo Goo Dolls


Hewey Lewis and the News

With appearances by:

Kevin Spacey

Chris Tucker

DC Mayor Anthony Williams

Mia Hamm

Jamie Lynn-Siegler

and hosted by:

John Stamos