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O-Town Review

When O-Town first came on the music scene, I really did not know what to think of them. Honestly, I didn't like them and I didn't pay much attention to how they were doing. . . until "Liquid Dreams" hit the radio. That was the day that I really started to give them credit for their music. I began watching "Making the Band" and I realized that O-Town had worked really hard to prove themselves to the music industry and to people and they deserved a lot more credit.

When I first found out that they were going to be performing in DC at the NBA All Star Weekend I was thrilled. My best friend and I went down to the DC Convention Center and got there right when the doors opened. There were not that many fans there and we got to stand front and center for their performance. They gave a good show and I admired them cause they were good performers but they also didn't have fancy outfits, they just wore whatever they felt like wearing.

After their performance my best friend and I went back to the official hotel of the NBA weekend and we ran into O-Town. They are the nicest guys and we got to take our pictures with them and asked them to sign our cd covers. I met all of the guys except for Erik, who we were told was sleeping!

I have seen O-Town in concert three times now, but the other pictures I have up on my site are from when they opened up for Britney. They did an awesome set of songs and I really enjoyed their performance. The only downside was I was behind their band but I still got to take some good pictures! After O-Town finished performing, Clyde, their keyboardist, threw Erik's towel to me. That was pretty cool cause now I got something to remember that performance forever by.