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*NSYNC Review

Ever since 1996 I have been following the growth of *NSYNC. I was first introduced to their music by a friend from Germany who wrote and asked me if I had heard about a group from the USA who was hitting it big in Europe. I had never heard of *NSYNC until she first told me about them.

Since 1996, I have been to 9 of their concerts and seen them at various other appearances. Since I first saw them perform back in 1998, they have grown so much as artists and it has been cool to see what path they have taken for their music.

This past summer I got the opportunity to see *NSYNC twice on their PopOdyssey tour, in Hershey, PA and East Rutherford, NJ. I went to the show not knowing what to expect since my show in Hershey was the 2nd stop on their tour and I had not heard much about it before I left DC. The entire concert was incredible. There was barely anytime where I could catch my breath since they didn't let you. Because "Celebrity" had not come out yet, when they sang songs from the album, the audience was quiet and it was good to just be able to hear them singing. I was blown away by their new material and could not wait until July 24 so I could get the CD.

My favorite part of the show had to be when their 3 story screen opened up and *NSYNC came down on the moving platform and sang "Just the Two of Us." That song just blew me away because of the two-step beat. Their entire show was incredible and I walked away from the concert being exhausted by all of the energy that they gave out.