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E to the S Photo Gallery

Welcome 2 the Photo Gallery Of E to the S Pro. Below is Capri (Orange Shirt), The other 1 standing up is L.C. and that boy sittin' down is Chaos.


This pic is the most recent from Kraze AKA Brutal Disciple, Me-Thod-I-Kal, Tha Sadistic Leader, and Damien Escobar. Kraze is the runner of E to the S Pro. He has a rugged voice kinda like a Shyne from Bad Boy or a Fiend from old No Limit. His lyrics are very explicit which should only be heard by audiences that understand rap, if you don't understand rap you wont understand Kraze.

Samauri Soulja

This is a very recnet pic of Samaur Soulja AKA Ninja Assassin. Samauri is prginnally from New York but moved to North carolina a few years ago. Samari and Kraze helped create E to the S Pro. the name comes from New York being where Samauri is from is on the East Coast and Kraze is from the South (East to The South)and both of them are a part of a group called the Murdarah Fam. Samauri and Kraze's styles are very different but work really well on a record.