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TWO titles help teach about classical music...
Alice in Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Leap 2 Music: Hit it Maestro!
See article in San Jose Mercury News, CA By Jinny Gudmundsen. A fun way for kids to learn about classical music is to play games with it. That is possible with two new outstanding video games... Go to article.

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Scream and Run Away
"Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography (A Series of Unfortunate Events)" Lemony Snicket Our price: $9.59 | You save: $2.40
"Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography" is bizarre, abstruse ("a word which here means 'cryptic'"), and truly entertaining. Would you expect anything less from the mystery man behind A Series of Unfortunate Events? Virtually every detail of the volume has Snicket's indelible mark, including the intentionally blurry and bewildering black-and-white photographs appearing throughout. An apparently false obituary for Lemony Snicket sets the stage for what turns into a series of mind-boggling bundles of coded information passed from hand to hand, gleaned from newspapers blowing through streets, blueprints of ships, and a lot of edited and disputed commentary. The question is, do we finally discover the meaning of VFD? You know you're not going to get a straight answer. But any fan of Snicket will have a lot of fun trying. (Ages 9 and older)

The Sequel to "Click, Clack, Moo"
"Giggle, Giggle, Quack" Doreen Cronin Our price: $11.17 | You save: $4.78
The crafty barnyard crew from "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type" is back in "Giggle, Giggle, Quack," and this time Farmer Brown has decided to take a vacation. But not to worry--he's leaving his brother Bob to mind the farm: "I wrote everything down for you. Just follow my instructions and everything will be fine. But keep an eye on Duck. He's trouble." Of course, fans of Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin's last brilliant book already know to keep an eye on that manipulative mallard. Now, wait a minute... What's Duck doing eyeing that pencil? Giggle, giggle, quack, indeed. Lewin seems to snicker throughout her playful watercolors, and Cronin has a ball with the animal cast and their human patsy. (Ages 4 to 8)

New from Jerry Spinelli
"Loser" Jerry Spinelli Our price: $11.19 | You save: $4.80
Donald Zinkoff is one of the greatest kids you could ever hope to meet. He laughs easily, he likes people, he loves school, he tries to rescue lost girls in blizzards, he talks to old ladies. The only problem is, he's a loser. Until fourth grade, Zinkoff's uncontrollable giggling in class, sloppy handwriting, horrible flute playing, bad grades, clumsiness, and ineptitude at sports go largely unnoticed. When he blows a race for his team, however, his transition to loserdom is complete: "[Loser] is the word. It is Zinkoff's new name. It is not in the roll book." Fortunately, he doesn't really notice. As he did in "Stargirl" (new in paperback May 14!), Newbery Medal-winning author Jerry Spinelli again explores the cruelty of a student body and how it does and doesn't affect one student, pure of spirit. "Loser" is a lively, often moving story with humor and heart to spare. (Ages 8 to 12)

Sayonara, High School!
High-school graduation--the day you thought would never come--is finally here. How exciting! How liberating! How... scary? If you have questions or qualms about life after the cap and gown, don't miss our collection of wit and wisdom about entering college, adulthood, and the rest of your life.

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Classroom-tested, teacher-approved (and often teacher-written), the titles in our Scholastic Teaching Resources Store truly reflect its mission: to instill the lifelong love of reading and learning in all children. Save up to 40% on these stellar educational resources and transform your classroom or homeschool into a window on the world.

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Check out the buried treasure in the Newbery Medal-winning "Holes," discover a 14-year-old counterpart to Bridget Jones in "Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas," or jump-start a soon-to-be-bookworm with Babar in our Summer Reading Store for kids and teens!

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  • Little Hippos, Big Adventure

    "The Little Hippos' Adventure" Lena Landstrom Our price: $12.00 | You save: $3.00
    ...available here.
    Every once in a while we become so enamored with a picture book that we have to sit tight for a while to keep from injuring or annoying others with our enthusiasm. Lena Landström's "The Little Hippos' Adventure" is one such book. Picture a muddy riverbank. And young hippos who want more than anything to venture through the dangerous jungle to dive off the Tall Cliff. A close call with a hungry crocodile! And Mrs. Hippopotamus, who is at the right place at the right time. Sure, the story is simple. But it's as perfectly satisfying as a bedtime story gets, and Landström's winsome illustrations will charm the socks off bookworms young and old. (Ages 2 to 6)

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    A New Madlenka!

    "Madlenka's Dog" Peter Sis Our price: $13.60 | You save: $3.40
    ...available here.
    On the heels of Peter Sís's Caldecott Honor Book "Madlenka" is "Madlenka's Dog." Precocious little Madlenka is off again, around the world and back through time, without ever straying a block from her Manhattan home. This time, Madlenka wants a dog so badly that she gets her wish--or does she? None of her neighbors can seem to agree on just what sort of dog she's walking. (Never mind that Madlenka's red leash doesn't seem to be holding any sort of dog at all.) Despite the very simple text, Madlenka's wild imaginings should hold up to enthusiastic rereading, especially as she travels into the fantastic past with her friend Cleopatra (who, as it happens, has an imaginary horse). (Ages 4 to 8)

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    Where the Buffalo Roam...

    "I Want to Be a Cowgirl" Jeanne Willis Our price: $12.76 | You save: $3.19
    ...available here.
    In this playful ode to the Wild West, a small girl would gladly exchange her big city life for big sky country: "I don't want to be a girly girl / Who likes to sit and chat. / I just want to be a cowgirl, Daddy, / What's so wrong with that?" As our heroine gallops through her urban landscape, the clouds reflect her fantasies: 10-gallon hats, cattle, cacti, and wagons. A stray dog becomes her piebald mare, and two bananas are her six-shooters. The splendid author-illustrator team Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross salutes big dreams in the warm, funny picture book "I Want to Be a Cowgirl." (Ages 4 to 8)

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    In the Sand in the Sun "Over in the Meadow" Olive A. Wadsworth Our price: $12.76 | You save: $3.19
    ...available here.
    "Over in the meadow / in the sand in the sun / Lived an old mother turtle / and her little turtle one. / Dig said the mother. / We dig said the one. / So they dug all day / in the sand in the sun." Olive A. Wadsworth's well-loved, 19th-century counting rhyme transforms itself again in this gently endearing picture book, "Over in the Meadow." What makes this title stand out from a sea of counting books are Anna Vojtech's luminous, sentimental but not saccharine illustrations of meadow creatures (count 'em!) set off well by an elegant yet playful design. This new take on an old favorite belongs on every preschooler's shelf. (Baby to preschool)

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    Doe--a Deer--a Dancing Deer

    "The Dancing Deer and the Foolish Hunter" Elisa Kleven Our price: $13.59 | You save: $3.40 ...available here.
    Storyteller and artist Elisa Kleven illustrates the concept of the interconnectedness of all creatures great and small with no less than fabulous collages in the exuberant picture book "The Dancing Deer and the Foolish Hunter." The story begins when a hunter spots a deer dancing joyfully in the forest. All he really sees, however, is a future in circus profits! Of course, when he takes the deer out of the forest, she can't dance for him because she needs the birds' sweet song, the whispering of the pines, etc. to accompany her. Children will cheer the satisfying ending where the hunter dances happily ever after and the forest animals are left in peace. The vibrant collages are wonderfully expressive and accessible, providing countless whimsical details for hours of close inspection. Highly recommended. (Ages 4 to 8)

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    The Island of No Return

    "The Castaway" James Stevenson Our price: $12.76 | You save: $3.19 ...available here.
    Veteran illustrator James Stevenson doesn't travel with Hubie nearly enough. The last trip this reluctantly intrepid little mouse took was aboard an ocean liner bound for France in "The Stowaway." Now Hubie's headed for Barabooda Island, a tropical vacation paradise that--not surprisingly--he finds terrifying, thanks to a scary matinee he saw called "The Island of No Return!" "The Castaway"'s fun comic-book style will keep kids turning pages to find out whether Hubie can brave his fears of cannibals, volcanoes, and tidal waves even after he's been thrown overboard! The masterful Stevenson makes a young boy's fears seem simultaneously very serious, completely ridiculous, and all the while eminently beatable. (And that's something that kids and parents should appreciate.) (Ages 4 to 8)

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    As a former elementary-school teacher, Jon Scieszka wanted to write books that inspired even the "knuckleheads in the back of the class," and so the Time Warp Trio series was born. "What would happen if I sent three guys from my class off somewhere? What would they do?" he asked himself. Sam, Fred, and Joe tumble through time into King Arthur's court, a pirate ship, the Wild West, the Stone Age, the year 2095, ancient Egypt, the Greek underworld, and, most recently, into Manhattan with "Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?" (Ages 7 to 10)
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