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The maker of this page created this page for the entertainment of those over the age of 18.It does not the endorse the breaking of laws in of ones country.

Who are Cannabis Users?

We are not criminals! We are not Drug Addicts! We are not gang leaders! We are not murderers! We are not people who steal! We are not people who commit other crimes!

Well then, who are WE?

WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS LIKE YOU! Really? Yup! Perfectly normal, law abiding citizens who prefer pot to booze-who need it for medicine-who enjoy an after dinner puff instead of wine with their meal-who cook with it to enhance flavour of foods-who make clothes,fuel,paper,rope,plastics,building materials,car parts,and 1001 other items! We hold down good jobs and contribute to the community and our churches and schools! We love our families! We care about others! We believe in enviromental improvements at any cost to industry and greed! We are people like YOU! Harmless ,peacefull and loving people who go out of their way to help others and in return WE get busted! God fearing people who live christian and other religous lives! Our skin is brown,white, red, and other colours.We are you neighbour, child, parent, relative, friend and co-worker! I could go on for days! "When will it end!"(Shapes of Things-YaRdbIRds1966)




Smokin Guidelines



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