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Luke Sounds Number 1 Songs Archive

In 1996, I became increasingly interested in music for a couple reasons. The first reason being that the small town that I lived in finally got a radio station that played more than Bryan Adams and Journey. Secondly, I entered the eighth grade and, like most teenagers, I was immersed in pop culture -- "Austin Powers," the Lilith Fair, and Matchbox 20. Mixed in with my parentally-imposed exposure to '60s and '70s pop, my '80s roots, and the new stuff I was finally being exposed to, I developed an interesting, and maybe even bizarre taste in music. And because I am obsessed with organization, thus came my alphebatized CD collection, and my weekly music countdown dubbed "Luke Sounds Weekly Top 20." The following is a list of the #1 songs from the very beginning days of the chart in March 1997 to the present. My music tastes have undoubtedly matured, oscillated, and morphed over the years. The chart has seen #1 songs from almost every genre: bubblegum pop, adult contemporary pop, modern rock, indie dance/rock, electronica, europop, country (although only one comes to mind), and the obscure.

Songs in bold have achieved the ultimate in Luke Sounds success in one or both of the following ways: (1) twenty-five or more weeks on the chart; (2) six or more weeks at #1.

The Number 1s