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Jolin Our Joy Singapore
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The First Singapore Website Dedicated to Jolin Tsai
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Brief History
- This site is done to honor Jolin Tsai, the Little Princess of Taiwan. Jolin Our Joy, Singapore has everything you ever need to know about her. We are the FIRST Local Site that is dedicated to Jolin.  Jolin Our Joy, Singapore was first set up in 12th of Feb 2001 by Emily Leong. A lot of planning went into making our launch a success. The purpose of our existence is simple; to provide a common ground for all the fans out there as well as to give our members an opportunity to meet Jolin in person.

How Can you Help - If you ask yourself how you can make this site better, well, that would be very easy, your feedback, yes I would be very grateful to any help you could provide me in maintaining and expanding this website. All comments, questions, ideas, photo submissions and Jolin's news you can provide will be used and credit will be given. All of that you can send to me at:


Editor's Say :: Emily

Welcome to Version 2.1 of Jolin Our Joy, Singapore! Time really flies and this site has been around for almost 3 years (a few more months to go) It has already become a tradition to change the layout of this site once every 6 months. I had adopted a table-like format This is a very simple & clean interface which is easier to maintain, compared to my previous designs, many sections are now lumped under the "miscellaneous" section. I've decided to spend more time on the site itself rather than focusing on the forum. I assure that there will be constant updates on the latest news of Jolin. I hope to attract more new users to this humble site of mine and more people will get to know about Jolin. Major sections are still under constructions, but they should be ready soon.

The existent of this site is still base on a simple principle since its launching in 2000, "jolin as the center of this site" It is really hard to keep a site going for more than 2 years & it would not had been possible without the constant encouragements from my friends and family. You guys had been of great help & I fully appreciate the support that were given me. Keep those comments coming and please sign the guestbook b4 you leave.

Hot News

I was right! Jolin Indeed had joined Sony Music! In this coming August, Jolin will be releasing a brand new pictorial book and a new CD single. The new pictorial book is known as Qi Shi Jing Shen, loosely translated as "a warrior's morale" It will be launched in the 2nd of august and for people who are buying it during the pre-sale period, you'll also get a VCD and a full size poster. The theme of the pictorial is very bohemian and kind of Victorian. The shots were taken in Thailand and they visited many places which only the Royals were allowed. The clothes wore during the shots were really pretty and has got lots of lace...

This is the cover of the book and it looks really good. The shots were very grand and magnificent. Now, her new single is also called Qi Shi Jing Shen - "a warrior's morale" . This is the first Musical collaboration between Jolin and Jay chou. Jolin wrote the lyrics and Jay as usual composed the tune. It has a very heavy hip-hop flavour and has some bits and pieces of rap in it. Other than this, the air about Jolin and Jay's relationship seems to be clearer after Next Magazine paparazzi act. They were so called caught by them dating, watching movies or something like that. It is highly possible that the 2 of them are officially together now. I sure hope that their relationship will last. besides, Jolin did said that she likes boys who are talented. I guess Jay fits the bill perfectly. All the best to you Jolin!

After almost a year, Jolin's is finally free from her contract woes on the 5th of June 2002! Although the court case is over, the final verdict is that Jolin has to pay D-Sound Music NT9 million as she had "breach" her contract. Singapore Cable Vision (SCV) had already bought the following:
1)Lai Wo Jia Ba - Acting as a singer (28th July 2002)
2)Qing Chun Liu Ren Xing - Special X'mas special (Over)
3)Music Tonight - A Britney Spears wannabe performance (Over)
All of these shows will be telecast on SCV Channel 56.

New Releases

Jolin Dance Collection (remix)
1 piece CD Only
Released Date:2002/4/3
Label: Universal Music Taiwan
After the releasing of Together, once again, Universal had released a remix album of 12 Jolin's songs. If you like techno music and echoic effects with a constant ring in your ear, you might want to consider buying this album. There are 2 versions in TW, but in SG, there's only a single version as it looks quite flimsy and it doesn't comes with any lyrics. I thought I had bought a pirated CD, but after examination + taking into consideration that I bought it from MJ, it could not be an non-authentic piece. Felt kinda cheated with the quality, but what to do?

Lucky Number VCD
1 piece VCD Only
Released Date:2002/2/28
Label: Li Ying Productions
If you miss the days of seeing Jolin on television, this is a great buy. Not only will you get to see all of the MTVs from Lucky Number, you'll also get to see some of the commercials that Jolin had previously starred in. It is kind of cool because these ads were only shown in Taiwan, but now, we can see in Singapore. Not all of the CD shops sells this VCD, as usual, I got mine through an online CD shop. After the postage and the necessary charges, it's not that expensive after all, it cost me about 22 bucks. It's worth it if we are to compare with "Jolin Dance Collection (remix)"

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