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David Bratton & Spirit of Praise

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J. Hamilton Entertainment

Grace and Peace be unto you, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

  David Bratton & Spirit of Praise Closed out with an excellant performance at the Autumn Open Your Heart Gospel Concert.

 The Concert opened up with a lovely Fashion Show featuring Panzai Clothing. The runway was graced with beautiful male and female models covered in unique incredible designs done by Panzai.

  Opening performances were done by Rev. Timothy Wright and Bishop Eric Figueroa.
The Harlem Youth Marine Corp. made their presence at this concert along with Colonel Gregory Collins who is the founder of the Harlem Youth Marines.

David Bratton & Spirit of Praise made their entrance on stage with a beautiful introduction and a light show which set the tone for their incredible performance .

(pictures and live video from the concert coming soon...)

David Bratton & Spirit of Praise with an Incredible Performance on May 11th.

We appreciate your time and thank you for stopping by. Brought to you by J. Hamilton Entertainment where glamorous events are made special.


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