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Favorite Songs
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Hey!!! So here are some of my all time favorite songs. If you know anything about me, then you'll know that songs and music are my way of life. They define me. Music is the air in which I breathe. Songs give me life. I know that I sound poetic and whatever but music is what makes me, well, me!!! So enjoy the lyrics. E-mail me if there are any particular songs that you want me to add on!!! XoXo!!!

#1 Crush Cartoon Heroes Crash and Burn Everytime
Good Riddance Heart Hero How Did I Fall IN Love With You
I KNew I Loved You I'm Lost Without You If You're Not the One In My Head
Lonely Girl My Immortal Naked Never Again
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely Numb Are You Gonna Be There? That's When I'll Stop Loving You
There Is Things I'll Never Say You Get Me Are You Happy Now
Make Yourself My December Ready To Fall Something Like You