Untitled aka Episode 8: Mr. Muscle

(Monkees/S Club 7 Crossover)

“Ah here’s a good spot guys!” Micky said. Micky, Rachel, Jon, and I were walking around the beach to find the perfect sun tan spot. We finally found it!

“Sun! I love it!” I said laying down.

“Yeah but there’s just one thing missing,” Jon said.

“ICE CREAM!” we all said at the same time.

So we got up and al headed over to the ice cream stand (mind you, this is the 60’s but S Club 7 is here!)

“Hi, I’ll have a nonfat tofu bar please,” Rachel said to the cool hippie dude behind the stand.

“Sure the cranberry, strawberry, kiwi, orange…” he went on and on.

“I’ll have a cranberry, no mango, no kiwi, oh I know!” Rachel yelled in confusion. We all rolled our eyes. Finally we got back to the place we had been but someone was already there!

“Roger move!” I said to Roger, I knew him, the leader of the Who.

“And who’s going to make me, luv?” Roger said, sitting up and flashing me that beautiful smile.

“MY BOYFRIEND! Micky will,” I said completely turning Roger down.

“Him? What’s he going to do to me?” Roger shot back. He stood up to Micky but I couldn’t help laughing because he was as tall as Rachel.

“He’ll tear you apart! You better watch it!” Rachel said standing up to Roger.

“Hey you’re a groovy chick! Wanna go out?” Roger said to her.

“Ok ya please!” Rachel said and took his arm and they walked away.

“Rachel!!” I yelled at her.

“What? This way I will be happy and your lovely boyfriend won’t get sacked!” she said.

“Oh well!” I said. And Micky, Jon and I laid down again to get a tan.

Moral: Always take Rachel Stevens along to the beach!