Old Dirt Road- Sophia's Journey

Part 1- Remember…

“I can’t believe you’re going to leave us Sophia,” my best friend Renee told me as we walked to my house.
“I know, but I have to go. This is a great opportunity for me to get discovered,” I replied.
The hot sun of the summer day was setting behind the hill turning purple, orange, and blue.
“Yeah, you’re the big writer here,” she said with a smile.
I banged into her with my shoulder, which was slightly shorter then hers, indeed we were both 21, but she being she’s 5 foot 5 and I’m 5 foot 3, to which she bumped back.
We went up the sidewalk of my house and opened the door.
I blushed, “You guys, I don’t need a going away party!”
“Of course you did, this makes up for not having one for your graduation,” Mom replied.
I rolled my eyes and let my strawberry blonde ponytail fall apart on my shoulders. I combed through my hair with my fingers as Renee pushed me to sit at the couch between her and my older brother, Malcolm.
“Little sis, off to New York City!” he said playfully punching my shoulder, “I got you this.”
“That’s right, everyone give Sophia her gifts now. Then we’ll have our dinner outside,” Mom said. I looked at my Dad reading his newspaper; he just smiled and encouraged me to open the several gifts in front of me.
The first one was from Mom, “Oh it’s beautiful thank you.” I showed everyone the sundress she’s gave me. I folded it back in the box, and then turned to my gift from Dad. He gave me a journal, he said for my novel notes, with my name inscribed in it.
“Me next, I am after all the big brother,” Malcolm said handing me the large box.
“Literally,” I replied to him, he was after all 6 feet 1 and only 23. I peeled the wrapping paper and gasped with excitement.
“You got my Paul’s new album!” I said looking at the glossy Wings record, called ‘London Town’ in my hand.
“Yes see what else,” he said.
I also had all the Beatles records I had been missing from my collection. They were Rubber Soul, Please Please Me, and Let It Be. Now I had a complete archive.
“Thanks Mal!” I said hugging him.
I opened many people’s gifts that were there. Aunt Erica and Uncle Jim got me the camera, along with film, I’d wanted so I could snap as many pictures of New York as I wanted.
“Save the best for last,” Renee said handing me a small box, “Open this first.”
I took the box and opened it to find a best friends charm necklace.
“I have the other here,” she said showing me her necklace. I quickly put mine on.
She handed me the other box, which was relatively medium size.
“Oh thanks so much Renee! This is so cool!” I said looking through the photo album filled with pictures of we two since we were 3 years old. I laughed at us dancing and singing in my parents’ living room at 6.
“Thanks everyone!” I said setting all my things on the couch.
Mom clasped her hands together, “To the grill Joe!” my father got up and we all followed him outside.
The lanterns were lite everywhere and dad was on the back porch grilling burgers and hot dogs. I sat down at the table with Renee.
“This is so much fun! I had to keep the secret for weeks!” she said.
“You did very well,” I replied with a smile.
Soon enough, food was up and we aye. After that, dad got out the radio and everyone danced in the moonlight till 10.
“Have a good trip dear Sophia,” Aunt Erica told me as they left.
“I will,” I said.
We finally said goodbye to our last guest and I pried Renee from my arm. Even at 21, she still acted 13 and couldn’t live without me.
I helped Mom clean up the dishes and outside. Then went up to my room. It was my last night there so I took in as much as possible. I made sure I had everything packed, and then took another good look around. It looked so empty, almost. The only things left were my bed, desk, and the few Beatles and Paul McCartney posters I couldn’t get from my wall without ripping. I had to admit, I was obsessed with that man. There weren’t enough guys around who looked like him. I remembered watching ‘Help!’ at 8 years old and telling my Mom ‘Oh look he’s so nice looking Mommy!’
I opened my suitcase, one of 5, and pulled out the album of Wings Malcolm had gotten me. I placed it on the record player and listened to the sweet sounds. Tired by the excitement, I laid down and set my alarm for 7 the next morning. Falling asleep came easy.

Part 2- Isolation…

My alarm clock woke me at the right time and I got up unwillingly, even thought I was going to New York City. Getting up so early on a Saturday shouldn’t be legal, but I had it all planned out.
So I replayed the record of the night before, while making my bed. I hit the shower, and then quickly put on the outfit I’d picked out last night. I put on my denim shorts, red short-sleeved shirt, along with denim jacket just in case. I slipped on my leather sandals and put my hair back. I applied little makeup and then checked all my bags to be ready.
I went downstairs and found my parents having breakfast. Malcolm had headed back to his apartment after my party.
“Morning Sophia, some pancakes?” Mom asked.
I nodded, “Yes please.” I sat down at my chair and she put a plate in front of me. I ate and then waited for someone to say something.
“Are you all packed?” Dad finally asked.
“Yes, shall we put everything in my car?” I said. He nodded se Dad and I left Mom to put my bags in the car.
It was a classic, 1967 Mustang. It used to by Malcolm’s before he bought a new car, so I inherited it. We put 3 bags in the trunk and 2 in the back seat.
“Well I guess this is goodbye,” Mom said approaching the car.
I hugged her, “I love you Mom. I’ll call from my apartment when I get there.” I hugged Dad and then got in my car, started the engine and drove on my way to New York City.
I got on the highway, following the map I had gotten from the man who hired me, and then had some peace. I flipped on the radio, listening to ‘Show Me the Way’ by Peter Frampton.
Almost a year go, my brother told me about a man looking for a young writer for his newspaper editorials, and many other things. Malcolm told me I should apply and I got the job. Hey it was journalism, but I was still writing. And I still had time to do my free lance writing for competitions. It was a great deal; I had a sufficient apartment in the Dakota, right across from Central Park so I could still get in my daily walks. It was quite expensive, even for an apartment, Dad had to help me pay for it. Malcolm smiled when he heard it was that building. He said someone special lived there. I assumed one of his old girlfriends and disregarded it.
I drove 3 hours till I hot the city. The smog rose but I thought it’s not so bad; I could be in Los Angeles. I followed my map till I found the Dakota building. The sun shown through the clouds as I parked my car at the curb and went in.
“May I help you?” the man at the lobby asked.
“My name is Sophia Moore, I’m supposed to have an apartment reserved here,” I explained.
He looked through the papers, “Oh yes, here you are Miss Moore. Take one if those luggage carriers and here’s your key. Welcome to the Dakota.”
I took the thing on wheels to my car and piled my bags on it. I put my purse securely on my shoulders and lugged this contraption in the lobby. I found the elevator to my room and headed down the hallway. I placed the key in Room 315 on the third floor and pushed open the door.
“Wow, this is living,” I said pulling the thing inside making sure the door was shut tight. I opened the curtain at the window over the desk, complete with typewriter. The living room and bedroom were one but that was ok. at least I had my own bathroom.
I unpacked half my things before figuring out I was hungry. I placed the key in my purse, locked my door and went back downstairs.
“Excuse me, can you recommend a place for lunch?” I asked the attendant in the lobby.
“Coffee shop down the street a block,” he replied.
I nodded, making my way out door and down the street.

Part 3- New York City…

I opened the coffee shop door to find that everyone and his brother were there for lunch. I decided on a stool at the counter.
“What will it be?” a burly man behind the counter asked.
I looked at the menu, “Cheeseburger and fries.”
He grunted and went off to place my order. I reluctantly looked behind me at the surroundings. This place was truly special. Quaint and tidy, all except it reeked of smoke.
“Come here often?” the man next to me asked.
I looked at him, “No I’ve just come here. Name’s Sophia Moore.”
“Moore? Oh I’m James Michaels, you sound familiar,” he replied. I carefully thought of where I’d heard his voice before. He was my boss.
“Oh Mr. Michaels, you gave me the job at the newspaper. Remember the girl from Albany?” I said.
“Yes, you got your apartment ok?”
“Yes, it’s very nice thank you.”
“You’re welcome, look I have some business but I’ll see you at the newspaper on Monday,” he said leaving. I waved him off.
“Here’s your food,” the one behind the counter said. I smiled then ate my food. Very good for how weird that guy was.
I finished gulping down my water and realized I had to use the bathroom. I asked ‘caveman’ and he told me the back corner. I hurried back only to find the door locked.
“Darn, I need this thing,” I said to myself out loud.
“My wife’s in there. Have a seat for a bit,” the man at the table beside the bathroom told me.
I slowly sat down and looked at him trying to smile. He smoked a cigarette and drank his coffee at the same time. His round sunglasses blocked his eyes.
“Good food they have here,” he said.
“Yes, my first time here actually,” I replied.
“Oh where do you live?”
“Albany, but I’ve moved to work at the newspaper. I have an apartment at the Dakota,” I explained.
“My wife and I do too. Maybe we’ll run into each other sometime. Speak of the devil,” he murmured.
“Hey watch it,” his wife said sitting down in her seat.
“Oh I guess I should use this now,” I said heading in the bathroom.
I did my business and while washing my hands, I thought about the couple outside the door. They looked so familiar to me. The woman looked Japanese and her husband surely was British. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.
“Hey I-“ I began as I exited the bathroom, “didn’t get your names.” They were gone.
I went back to my stool and paid for my meal. I walked out, looking for that couple, but they were nowhere to be seen. I shrugged and decided to go to Central Park. After a good walk around, I decided I would take a walk here everyday.
I finished out the rest of my day unpacking and got dinner at another place recommended to me. Around 8, when I finished eating, I found this corner music store and went in. I spent an hour or so looking at the records. I came across John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.’ He looked almost like that man in the coffee shop, but it couldn’t be. I put it back, and then left the store. I went to my car and moved it to the resident lot. I then headed back to my apartment, watched a little TV, called Mom, then drifted off to sleep.

Part 4- How Do You Sleep…

The next day I was woken by the pitter-patter of little feet on the floor above me, followed by the thumps of big feet and voices.
“What the- this is supposed to be an apartment building,” I yelled annoyingly as I got out of bed, “walls shouldn’t be so thin! Or floors for that matter!”
I slowly walked to my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I then decided to shower; I had a habit of wearing my clothes from yesterday to bed that had to be stopped. I dressed in a casual jeans and t-shirt I got from my brother advertising his college, and then slipped my sneakers on. I carefully made my bed as the thumping continued.
“Why me Paul? Why?” I asked the Wings poster I had conveniently (not, it took me an hour to get it up there) placed above my bed. He just stared at me, I sighed looking at my clock that said 8 am. Collapsing back on my bed, I flipped on my clock radio.
Good morning to you New York City, this is your local Classic Rock station now playing some Beatles with ‘Got to Get you into my Life.’
I smiled and got up, “I guess I should get breakfast.” I grabbed my purse and locked my door on the way out. I made my way down to the lobby and almost out the door, when I went back to the main desk.
“Excuse me, I herd some loud running on the 4th floor this morning that woke me up. I just wanted to tell you,” I explained.
“Yes thank you. I’ll make sure Mr. Lennon knows there’s an occupant below him,” the lady replied.
I nodded and began out the door. I stopped in my tracks, “Mr. Lennon? John Lennon?”
“Yes his wife, son and he love here.”
“Oh,” I said then made my way out.
“So John Lennon and Yoko Ono live above me. He probably owns the whole floor! If he had that much money and room, you’d think he could keep his freakin’ son under control. But no, not Lennon…” I mumbled as I walked to the coffee shop. I continued complaining when I saw there were no tables or stools at the counter. I spotted my company from yesterday at their table by the bathroom and approached.
“Ah, our little friend from yesteryear. Have a seat,” the man said hitting the table. I sat next to him and across from a small child in a booster seat.
“Lady!” he said and pointed to me. I giggled because of how cute the child was.
“Are you joining them Miss? What would you like?” the cheery waitress approached.
“She’ll have 2 eggs over and chips with a coffee,” the mysterious man told her. She wrote it down and left.
“Um, I was going to-“ I began.
“My favorite, you’ll like it,” he replied with a smile.
“Don’t worry, John’s harmless,” his wife broke in.
“John?” I questioned looking at the man.
“So I lite a fire, isn’t it good Norwegian Wood,” he sang.
I chuckled, glancing at his son who was pulling at my arm, and ran to the bathroom before I fainted. I opened the door slowly to see little Sean wave and shut it again, sitting on the floor with my head down.

Part 5- Surprise, Surprise…

“Miss you can come out now. Oh John, don’t taunt her, look what you’ve done!” Yoko called through the door.
I slowly opened the bathroom door, “I’m alright. Just needed to get myself back together.”
“Food’s here luv, come sit down,” John said tapping my chair.
I rolled my eyes, sitting down at my seat. I picked up my coffee and drank some. I put some salt on my eggs and began eating them. Sean stole one of my chips and I smiled at him.
“What’s your name little guy?” I asked him.
“Sean!” he exclaimed.
“I know, this is too good to be true,” I said looking up at Yoko.
“We didn’t think you knew who we were,” she said.
“I didn’t until you said John and I looked at him. And he sang ‘Norwegian Wood,’” I replied.
“Oh are you a fan?” John asked.
Of course I am. I’m a little young to be a first rate fan but I am. I was 7 when you made ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ but I still thought it was the greatest thing. I actually liked ‘Help!’ best though,” I explained.
“Oh yes, those were the days. But I’m more then happy now,” John said lovely grabbing Yoko’s hand.
We finished eating and I was about to get up and leave, when John stopped me.
“Hold on you, I have 3 questions for you,” he said. Standing behind me.
“What is it?” I said turning around.
“One- What’s your name? Two- Did you want to walk with us through Central Park? Three- Did you feel like watching Sean tonight?” he asked.
“Sophia Moore, of course I’ll go for a walk, and sure I’ll watch Sean,” I replied.
“Oh John no, she shouldn’t have to watch our son, we just met her,” Yoko said.
“I don’t mind at all. It would be my pleasure,” I replied mussing Sean’s hair.
“Ok we’ll go for our walk now then,” John said.
I nodded, following the 2 and their child out the coffee shop door.

Part 6- Ain’t She Sweet…

We walked the block to the Dakota, and then across the street to Central Park.
“Here’s your practice,” John said giving me Sean’s little hand and walking off with Yoko.
Now knowing me, you’d think I’d tell him how bad a Dad he was becoming; but I just walked with Sean. We found a little bench and sat.
“So, Sean how do you like your Daddy?” I asked him looking at his cute little face.
“I love Daddy! He’s so nice to Mommy and me! I hope he’s around forever!” Sean replied throwing his arms in the air.
I smiled, “Me too. Do you know Paul McCartney?”
He shook his head, “No, Daddy says he’s mean and nasty and doesn’t like him.”
I frowned and mumbled, “Oh, I thought they were finally getting along.”
“Can I ask you questions?” Sean asked.
“Sure, ask away!” I replied.
“What’s your name?”
“Oh Soap!”
I giggled, “What else?”
“How old are you?”
“I’m almost 3!” he said holding up fingers.
“What’s your favorite song of Daddy’s?”
“Um, ‘Imagine’ I think.”
“Mine is ‘A Little Help From My Friends.’ Did Daddy sing that?”
“No Ringo did.”
“Oh the man with the big nose! He’s funny!”
I laughed, “Anything else?”
“Will you be my friend forever?”
“Of course I will you cutie! Why don’t we start walking again?”
He nodded and put his hand in mine. We took several strolls around Central Park for about an hour.
“Hey look who it is!” John said we he saw us.
“Daddy! Meet Soap!” Sean said hugging him.
Yoko smiled at me, “He still can’t pronounce names well. The man in the lobby is still Grease instead of Gary.”
I laughed, “I like him a lot.”
“Good, what are your plans today Sophia?” John asked.
“Well I don’t know. Go home, figure out something,” I replied.
“Would you mind watching Sean all day? We have some business to tend to,” he said.
“Sure, he can tag along. Then I come to your place to watch him?”
“Right more later though. So we’ll see you later young man, behave for Sophia,” John said eyeing his son.
“I will Daddy!” he said.
They said their goodbyes and then there I was, 3 year old in toe, on my way home…for now anyway.

Part 7- Beautiful Boy…

“Where are we going now?” Sean asked me as we walked hand in hand across the street.
“My apartment. Mommy and Daddy have some things to do tonight and today so I’m going to watch you,” I explained.
“Oh ok, can I call you Auntie Soap?” he asked.
I smiled, “Sure you can. Now we’re going up to my place.”
We entered the lobby and went up the elevator to my apartment. Sean automatically jumped on my bed.
“Wow! You have your own place!” he said messing the covers on my bed.
I became irritated, “Sean why don’t I show you around? Maybe we can find something for you to do.”
He nodded and followed me around. I showed him my mini living room with bedroom and all my little knickknacks.
“Who’s that man?” he asked pointing to my Paul poster above my bed as I was looking around.
“Paul McCartney and his wife Linda. Didn’t your Dad ever show you a picture of him?” I asked.
“No,” he replied.
“Hey, I didn’t know I have a kitchen! Now I don’t have to spend all my money on take outs and dining!” I said finding the once missing room. It was small but fine for me. A fridge, stove, some cupboards already with dishes and utensils. A sink and everything I needed. The only thing missing was the food to go in all these places.
“Maybe I should make a list huh? What do you think I should get?” I said sitting on the bed next to Sean who was looking at my records. He took one out of its case and looked at it.
“Can I play this?” he asked. I nodded and soon enough heard the sweet sounds of the White Album.
“What should I get?” I repeated.
“Um, candy and popcorn!” he replied with a grin.
“Yeah maybe. Ok let’s see-“ I began to make a list of my essential foods and things I needed so Chinese didn’t become my #1 food group. 5 minutes later I had it all together with about 20 things.
“There we go,” I said. I looked at Sean who was engrossed in the pictures inside the White Album.
“Why is Daddy having no clothes?” Sean asked pointing to the sleeve on which John is nude and talking on the phone. (Remember that one? It’s not like Two Virgins, but bad enough to get a blush from me!)
I blushed grabbing the record from him, “I don’t know, we’ll have to ask him later. For now, why don’t we go grocery shopping?”
“Ok, can I help?” he asked.
“Sure, let’s go,” I said turning off the record player and heading for my door. I locked it behind us and we were off. I looked at my watch, 12:15. I sighed, it was going to be a long Sunday Afternoon.

Part 8- Whatever Gets you Through the Night…

We walked down the street and eventually found a small grocery store in the middle of everything. I tugged Sean in, grabbed myself a basket, and looked around.
“Let’s see, I’ve never done this before but…bread ok,” I said grabbing a loaf.
“Do you need this?” Sean asked handing me a carton of milk.
“Yes I do. Thank you,” I replied putting it in my basket. He grinned gleefully at his observance.
We roamed around the store picking up the rest of my essentials like eggs, butter and various soaps, meats and cheeses and the like. Plus those not so open personal things we all need to keep clean.
“There, I think we’re done. Shall we check out?” I asked.
He nodded and we went to pay. I handed the cashier the correct amount of money and grabbed my 2 bags full of groceries.
“Wow 1:30 already,” I said as we walked back to my apartment. I was starting to regret driving here because no one really needed a car to get around.
Sean followed me all the way back, skipping and jumping about whenever he felt the need.
“Hello Sir Lennon!” the lady at the desk said as we entered the Dakota for the 2nd time that day.
“Hi everyone!” he replied. I smiled at them and we then went to my place.
“Sean, you want to hand me the egg carton?” I asked my little companion as I organized my fridge. He carefully picked them up and handed me the box.
Before too long, my fridge and cupboards were full enough to satisfy me and I was finally feeling like I was home.
“Sean? Sean?” I called for him around me house. The bathroom door was shut, so I waited on my bed. He came out 3 minutes later.
“Didn’t you need my help?” I asked.
“No, Mommy says I’m very smart. I can read a little and talk well. And I don’t wear diapers anymore,” he replied.
“Oh good. So what do you want to do now?”
He thought a moment then answered, “I’m kind of hungry.”
“Ok I’ll make some lunch,” I said going back to my kitchen.
We made ourselves sandwiches and spent a lot of the day watching the TV. Sean was the sweetest kid in the world. I could have sworn if he was a cookie, I could just eat him up. Around 6 I heard a knock at my door and went to answer it.
“Hello, is this the Moore residence?” John jokingly asked.
“Hi, how did it go?” I asked inviting the couple in.
“Very well. How’s my baby?” Yoko asked her son who by then had run up to her.
“Good, we went grocery shopping and everything!” he replied.
“Great well, since it’s so late now. Did you want to occupy us to dinner Sophia? My treat,” John asked.
I smiled, “Sure I will. Let’s go then. I’m sure I can hear Sean’s little tummy rumbling.”
We left the Dakota and went out.

Part 9- I Found Out…

“Here, it’s alright get in,” John told me when we approached the car. But it was not just any car, it was a limo.
“Oh ok,” I replied climbing in between he and Sean. He congratulated me with an arm around my shoulders. I cringed as we drove on. That’s what I never liked about John, too spontaneous, too off the cuff.
“Haven’t you had a boyfriend dear?” Yoko asked sitting across from us.
“No I haven’t. Well actually, I did when I was 7 in first grade. This guy named Brad used to hang around me. But that was long ago,” I explained.
“That surprises me Sophia, you’re quite the bird to fancy these days!” John told me with a smile, tighten is grip on my shoulder.
“Thanks John,” I replied nervously. He got my message and folded his hands on his lap.
“I saw your poster of my mate Paul in your apartment. He your fancy favorite?” John asked.
I smiled, “Yeah, I do like him a lot. More then I should.”
“We haven’t talked in years really, but maybe, if you want to, I can get him to come down and meet you,” John said.
“That would be great! I think I’d freak out but that’s ok,” I said with a laugh.
“Well you didn’t freak out on us did you?” Yoko said.
“No but almost. I could have easily fainted right there for all to see,” I replied.
“So don’t you want a boyfriend or?” John asked going back to our other subject.
“I’d like it now. At 16 or 17, I wasn’t ready for a boyfriend. I was too busy figuring out a plot for my new novel,” I said with much insight.
“You’re a writer then. What kind of things?” Yoko asked.
“Depends. I’ve done poetry and was in newspaper at school. But I write for myself and whoever wants to read it. Usually like history things with fantasy. I admit, I’ve written a couple of Beatles fiction,” I explained.
“And I bet your character marries McCartney in the end too!” John said.
“No actually. I change it,” I said.
“We’re here!” John said when we came to a stop.
“Oh good! Where are we?” Sean asked, taking my hand as we exited the limo.
“Here,” John said.
I looked around and saw the big restaurant we were about to enter. Women in dresses and men in suits went in. I gasped looking at my jeans and t-shirt.
“It’s fine. We get a private room anyway,” John said, “And you get to meet my son.”
I followed them in, and then paused. “Son, wait you have another?” I said.
He nodded, “Yeah, come on luv. You’ll get lost.”
I lugged Sean along with me and waited till John worked out our reservation. We entered s small but fancy private room and sat at the table.
“There he is, right next to you. Sophia meet my older son Julian,” John said.
I turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Part 10- Look at Me…

“Well say hi Jules, she won’t bite! This is our new nanny for Sean; she works for the newspaper. She just moved in the building yesterday,” John explained.
“Nice to meet you Sophia,” Julian said shaking my hand.
I stared and stared at this young man in front if me. He looked practically like his Dad, but cuter. I couldn’t help myself and asked him the fated question.
“So how old are you Julian?” I asked hoping out of his mouth would come a 2 and 1.
“15, I’m visiting Dad from England,” he replied.
My heart sank. 15?! If he weren’t just 5 or 6 years older he’d have my heart!
“Welcome, can I order our food?” the waitress suddenly came in breaking my stare.
“Oh I’ll have the shrimp pasta and an iced tea please,” I said handing my menu to her.
“Same for me,” Julian replied smiling at me. Everyone else ordered and then she left.
“So son, why don’t you make conversation with Miss Moore?” John said.
Julian turned to me and began, “How old are you?”
“I’m 21. I’ve moved here from New York State to work in the papers. I write,” I explained.
“That’s nice. I write too, music that is. Maybe I can play you a song later huh?” he asked.
“Of course, I’d love it,” I replied.
We talked until our food came, then began eating.
“So what do you think of her Jules huh? Quite the looker eh?” John said hitting his son with an elbow. Julian and I blushed the same color of red.
“John stop, she’s much older then him you know,” Yoko said.
“Ah but once you get a little older, age doesn’t matter anymore,” John said. Julian just glared at Yoko and then went back to his food.
We finished, and then went back to John’s apartment. They decided to go out again, leaving Julian, Sean and I on our own.
“Wow, fantastic. John owns this floor,” I said looking around at the fixtures.
“Yeah Dad’s got quite a bit of money. Look at Sean,” Julian said. Sean slept soundly on the couch. I went over and kissed his forehead, rubbing it gently with my thumb.
“Would you like to come to Dad’s music room?” Julian asked in a whisper.
I nodded and followed him to the next room. It had a few instruments in it and was piled with records. Julian picked up a guitar and asked me to sit on the chair across from him. He began to play a beautiful song which he said was called ‘Valotte.’ I clapped at the end.
“You’re fantastic! I’m sure you’ll make a great rock star,” I said.
“Thanks, I really enjoy your company,” he said smiling. We talked for 2 hours there and he taught me some chords on the guitar.
Before long, John and Yoko came back and it was time for me to leave. Julian was going home too, he gave me his number and address and said he’d write to me. I said my goodbyes to all then went back to my apartment. Once I laid down, I was instantly asleep.

Part 11- One Day at a Time…

Hello New Yorkers and welcome to a new day in the year. Only24 days till the NewYear1981, so to help cheer those cold nerves, here’s a new Lennon tune called ‘Starting Over!’
I finally got the nerve to turn off the clock radio and turn over in my warm bed.
“7 already,” I groaned pulling the covers off. I shivered at the cold air around me, “I should really get in the habit of turning on my heat before I sleep.”
I put on my robe and opened the curtains to let the sunrise come in. Turning my radio back on, I began making my bed. I then went to shower and got dressed. By then it was 7:30 and I needed to leave in 15 minutes.
“Let’s see cereal, cereal, and more cereal,” I said as I took the box of Frosted Mini Wheat’s from my cupboard and poured a bowl. I began eating it and shivered again. It’s amazing; even a hot shower, or turtleneck and jeans can’t keep you warm on a cold December morning.
Things were a breeze now. I’d been living on New York for 2 years and some how it still seemed so new to me.
I finished eating early, grabbed my purse, and various other materials for work including my half typed editorial in the typewriter and made my way up the elevator. I knocked on the first door of the floor and a man with mussed hair and in pajamas answered.
“Hey John. I was just wondering if you needed me for anything with Sean tonight,” I asked the famed musician across from me.
“Hi Sophia, no well…I’ll let you know ok. Leave a message for you when you get home. I’m not awake yet,” he said.
I smiled, “Ok, see you later.” I shook my head as I left; that man sure was getting skinny. But at 40 I guess he was entitled to be. Sean hardly needed me anymore because once I started working full-time at the papers; John and Yoko decided to get another nanny. But I still visit whenever I can and help out on days she’s busy. I couldn’t help but laugh at all the good memories I’d had with that family. If it wasn’t for their name, they could pass for ordinary people. I’d been at their house almost every night or months. My fridge was practically full because I only ate at home for breakfast.
I walked down the hall and went down the elevator to the lobby.
“Morning Miss Moore,” the attendant said.
“Morning, what’s the weather like outside?” I asked.
“Bitterly cold but by tomorrow it’s supposed to get unusually warm,” he replied.
“Ok thanks, see you later,” I said. He nodded and I was off.
I wrapped my scarf around my neck and buttoned my coat, as I headed out of the Dakota. I walked the blocks to the newspaper office and opened the door.
“Burr, Mr. Michaels, it’s so cold out there!” I said closing the door behind me.
“Yes it is. Well, time for work Sophia,” he replied.
I sighed, heading to my desk down the hallway and began typing and organizing my papers on my desk. It would be a long day.

Part 12- Working Class Hero…

My editorial was running along smoothly for once. I was always fairly good at writing them but I could never do anything else in newspaper. I worked alone because they only really needed one person for these. I wrote about what had been going on lately; current events. Everything from music to politics to what every old woman was buying at the grocery store. The topics never ceased to exist. I usually got my ideas from the 10 o’clock news or the records I listened to. I wrote over a bowl of ice cream and bag of popcorn at the Lennon house every weekend, when I was the one watching Sean. He watched his cartoons and I wrote about Fleetwood Mac’s new album. But editorials weren’t my passion; although I’m good at it, I love to do short stories. Mr. Michaels gave us an insert in the paper to see what we could do with it, fiction wise. We’ve kept it for 3 months now and it’s working very well. I even enjoy reading the newspaper.
I looked out my office window, my small window, and saw a light flurry happening. I longed for the days when my brother, Renee and I would have snowball fights and put snow down each other’s backs. Sometimes I just felt so alone in this place and didn’t know why I came here. Then I really thought about it; not every writer can live on the English countryside in her summer gown picking flowers and waiting for that special suitor. Some of us live in the real world.
“Sophia, I wanted to tell you, you’ve got a new editor. Meet Dylan Johnson,” Mr. Michaels told me, presenting the brown haired man at my doorway.
“Nice to meet you Sophia,” Dylan told me.
“Likewise,” I replied with a smile.
“So Dylan will help edit whatever you write and since we’ve left all the short stories up to you, he’s going to write some. With your permission of course; here’s some of Dylan’s work,” Mr. Michaels said explained handing me a mound of paper. He left and I invited Dylan to sit at his new desk across the room, it was pretty big after all.
“So how old are you my new recruit?” I asked Dylan as I skimmed through the papers.
“I’m 23. I’ve come from England; London actually. So your employer gave me a job here,” he explained.
“Wow, I didn’t hear the accent before, that’s neat,” I replied, “These are very good.”
“You can ready them later if you like. Anything I can do right now?” he asked.
“Yeah, we’d like to write an editorial on the situation with the Berlin Wall. Of if you have a better idea involving politics, write about it and I’ll check it out,” I said.
“Ok, I’ll get right to work,” he said getting paper and starting to write.
I watched him a few minutes then he looked up, “So what are you? The president of editorials?”
“No, well kind of. I’m the editor but not the big Dean. Mr. Michaels job there. I’m only 23 anyway,” I said.
“Oh ok,” he said getting back to his work.
I finished my editorial for that week and then read over it. I shook my head, throwing it away, “I’ve no inspiration yet. But it’s not due till Friday. Oh was I thinking out loud?”
“It’s ok,” he said.
Suddenly the phone rang.
“Hey it’s me, Renee.”
“Hey! What’s up?”
“Well. I wanted to visit you until Sunday. You got room?”
“Of course! There’s always room for my best friend! See you then?”
“Yeah tonight at 6.”
“Bye!” I hung up.
Things were finally going my way; my friend was coming over a few days, I would get an idea and I had a really cute guy helping me edit.

Part 13- Bless You…

I sat back in my desk chair, looking at the papers in front of me. Hours later I still hadn’t gotten anywhere with the editorial. I’d spent most of my time reading Dylan’s stories and watching him work. He almost had a Paul McCartney look to him, the eyes and hair. And that accent. I sighed looking at the clock; it was noon.
“Oh Dylan we do stop for lunch around here. You can go too,” I said getting up from my desk and grabbing my purse.
“Well, if you know of any good places, do you want to grab a bite with me?” Dylan asked me.
“Sure,” I replied smiling.
We walked down to the coffee shop and got a booth. We ordered our food and then spent time chatting.
“New York’s a nice place,” he said.
“Oh yeah, the city that never sleeps,” I replied.
“So where’s your apartment around here?” he asked.
“The Dakota. What about you?” I asked.
“Same place. On the 3rd floor.”
“Me too. Maybe we can have dinner sometime.”
The waitress brought our food and Dylan and I continued talking about our lives. He said he was quite a Beatles fan and owned most of their albums.
Just then, you guess who came in the shop. “Oh no, not on my perfect day,” I muttered.
“Hey Sophia, who’s your friend?” John said approaching our table; Sean on hand.
“You’re not serious? This is John Lennon,” Dylan said.
“Yeah we’re mates, Sophia and me. This is my son Sean. Yoko is somewhere around. And you are?” John asked.
“Dylan Johnson. I’m working at the papers with Sophia. I’m from London,” Dylan explained.
Sean couldn’t help himself anymore, “Soap! I’ve missed you! When are you going to watch me again?” he asked. Boy, 2 years made that kid even cuter.
“Well, tonight if Daddy wants me too. And I’ll be bringing a friend, her name’s Renee,” I said.
“Yeah we’re going out later so…well, I just came for a cuppa. See you at 7,” John said taking Sean with him.
“Wow, I guess it’s a small world around here!” John’s the coolest!” Dylan said.
“I’ve always liked Paul myself!” I said.
John suddenly came back, “Oh by the way you, I have a surprise when you come over.” I looked at him curiously but he just smiled and left.
Dylan and I ate and then got us back to work. At 3, work ended and I walked back with Dylan.
“See you later then Sophia. Work on Monday?” he asked.
“Yeah but maybe before then. Lucky you, we have vacation right when you come in!” I replied.
“Well alright later,” Dylan said opening his arms to embrace me. I hugged him and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.
I went into my apartment and got everything set up for Renee and then waited. Before I knew it she was there.
“Oh my word, you look so different my little writer!” Renee said when she had set herself in my place, “And look at this place!”
“Yeah, I like it. So anyway, I have a sitting job for the Lennon’s so let’s get going,” I said.
“Wait, the Lennon’s? As in John and Yoko?” she asked as we went up the elevator.
“You’ll find out,” I replied with a smile.

Part 14- Sean’s ‘Loud…’

We approached the first door and I knocked. John answered.
“Hey it’s Sean’s Auntie Soap! Sean she’s here! And who’s your friend?” John asked.
Renee hesitantly put her out her hand to him, “Renee; I’m Sophia’s best friend from back home.”
“Pleasure,” he said taking her hand and kissing it. She practically fell over in the doorway, “Come on in, we’ll be leaving in a minute.”
“Soap! Auntie Soap!” Sean said running up into my arms. I picked him up and showed him to Renee.
“This is my non-biological nephew Sean Lennon!” I said.
“Pleased little Sean. You’re much cuter in person,” she replied.
John then invited us to sit on the couch until they were ready to leave. Yoko came out looking almost ready to go when she stopped.
“Oh John, her surprise!” Yoko said pointing to me.
“Oh yes, come out surprise!” John called to the bedroom door. I almost fainted. In walked James Paul McCartney!
“Paul this is my friend Sophia. Soph, here’s your date for tonight,” John said.
“Um-he-ah-oh!” I rambled as I shook his hand.
“Words not syllable!” Renee told me as she did the same.
“Um, hi very nice to meet you,” I said nervously.
“Likewise Sophia,” Paul replied with a winning smile.
“So you guys can hang out here and we’re going out, bye!” John said as he and Yoko went out the door.
Sean had been sitting on my lap the past minutes, so when Paul sat on the other side of me, he made his introduction.
“Hi I’m Sean!” he said.
“I’m Paul. You know you’re stepbrother Julian? He’s my friend,” Paul replied, “What would you like to do Sophia?”
“Well, first I think we should eat something,” I said.
“Oh, well how about in an hour or so? I have a private concert to give you and your friend,” Paul said.
“Ok,” I said. We all followed Paul to John’s music room and he began this mini concert. He made us swoon and laugh at the little comments about the songs. My favorite he sang was Wings’ ‘Mull Of Kintyre;’ I’d always loved the acoustics in it.
“I’m taking requests now everyone! What would you like to hear?” Paul asked us all.
“Do you play ‘With a Little Help From my Friends?’ Sean asked.
I smiled, “No honey, Ringo sings that!”
“Tell you what, I’ll teach you a song!” Paul said inviting Sean into his lap. Sean went to him and Paul began teaching him; Paul was so good with kids.
“Alright now, what do you say we make a bite hm?” Paul asked.
We girls followed Sean and Paul to the kitchen.

Part 15- Sean’s ‘Little Help’…

“Oh can I help you?” Sean asked me as I boiled the water. We had decided on pasta.
“Sure um…give me that box of noodles,” I replied pointing to the box by the counter. He brought them to me and I poured them in.
It was a funny thing, watching Paul, Renee, Sean and I making dinner in this kitchen. You always think someone like Paul wouldn’t cook for himself but he was surprisingly good at it. Within the next half hour, we had our dinner ready and set the table.
“This is nice isn’t it? I never have a home cooked meal sometimes,” Paul said as we ate.
“We try our best,” I replied with a smile.
“So you’re, my biggest fan John says,” Paul said.
“Yeah I guess I am. I have all your albums,” I replied.
“Lovely. Would you like me to sign one?” he asked.
“I’d love it. But there is something else you could sign that would be extra special to me,” I said.
“Oh, lead the way,” Paul said getting up.
“I’m still eating!” Sean said with a mouthful.
“I’ll bring him in a minute. Go ahead,” Renee told me.
So Paul and I went down a floor to my apartment.
“Quaint little flat you have here,” he said as we entered.
“Ok, this is what you can sign,” I said pointing to my poster above my bed.
“This should be fun!” he exclaimed climbing up on it and bringing a pen to the paper. He write for quite awhile and then came back down.
“Read it,” he said motioning me up. I climbed and read.

You’re a special fan to me, unlike any other. At least you didn’t rip my clothes.
Good luck in the future with your writing! I know you have the potential to do it!

Paul ‘80

“Thank you so much,” I said hesitating to hug him.
“Come, we all need love,” he said bringing me in. I almost melted in his arms.
Just then Renee and Sean came in and we all sat around talking in my living room, while Paul was busy looking at my framed pictures.
“Oh I know this bloke, that’s Jules. You friends?” he asked seeing the picture of Julian and I in Central Park.
“Yeah. Oh crap! I have a letter from him!” I yelled smacking my forehead.
I got my mail off the table and opened the letter. It was short, but I saw that coming from a 17 year old.

Dear Sophia,
Hey, I hope things are looking up for you at your job in the papers. I’ve missed you guys. Mom and I will have to come down and visit. Maybe we will soon. She says hi.
So spread the love to Dad and the family for me. And always remember peace!
All my loving (I will send to you)

“He’s a sweetie,” I said after finishing.
After this we all decided to go back to John’s and put Sean to bed. Paul, Renee and I spent time talking until they came home. Renee and I said our goodbyes to Paul and the others and I thanked him. Then we went back to my apartment, sisters in mind. (by this I mean they are close like sisters ta!)

Part 16- I’m Stepping Out…

“How about some popcorn?” Renee told me. We were getting ready to relive our slumber party days and picking out the junk foods we wanted.
“Ok, 3 minutes,” I said setting the microwave, “What do you have?”
“Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream,” she replied.
Renee and I had our pajamas on and were now sitting around a TV watching hopeless chick flicks.
“These are very bad movies. What else have you got?” she asked flipping through. The microwave went off.
“Be right back. Everything should be there,” I replied going to the kitchen. I put the popcorn in a big bowl and took it into the living room.
“I found this,” she said showing me ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ I had bought off my brother 4 years before.
“Oh I haven’t seen that in years!” I said slipping it in the VHS and turning it on.
The opening credits began and I was already laughing because I remembered how it used to be. When we were 7 years old, my family and hers took us to see the movie in the cinema. We didn’t understand anything they were talking about, but whenever the rest of the audience laughed we made sure to also. Years later, when we were 14 my brother finally got around to getting it on VHS. We were able to get all the jokes and puns and laughed out butts off. By then I had an immense crush on Paul and she on John. we always fought over who was better and she’d win because she had a better argument. It felt like we were 14 again.
“He’s clean isn’t he?” Renee said mimicking John’s Liverpullian accent that she loved so much.
“Who’s that little old man?” I replied with a chuckle.
We sang long with every song and almost recited every line because of the many ungodly hours we’d spent watching it. I laughed and laughed at everything, thinking about the man above me who was 40 now and there he was, 20 something years old, seems like yesterday to him I bet.
“Why didn’t you ever tell me you knew a Beatle? John no less!” Renee asked once the movie was over and she was proceeding to choose a new one.
“I thought two things…you wouldn’t believe me or you’d completely freak out on me!” I replied taking a spoon to the carton of ice cream.
“Oh, well that settles it! I would have freaked on you though if you would have called me up one day and said ‘Hey Renee, I’m babysitting Sean Lennon right now and John pokes fun at me!” she explained.
“Yeah you’re right there!” I said.
“Hey what about this movie?” she asked holding up the questioned roll of film. It was Monty Python and th Holy Grail.
“Put it on in!” I said sitting back up on the couch and taking a spoon of ice cream again.
She slipped the tape in and we spent an hour or so watching the film. I had always told a person that it was one of the best movies ever made and they just looked at me stupid. Maybe the only reason I thought it was the best was because of how funny I found it all. Some people just didn’t realize good comedy when they saw it. My favorite bit was always the Castle Anthrax because of how great Michael Palin is at beign Sir Galahad.
“Oh I’m not dead yet!” Renee said in an old man’s voice.
“Shut up, you’ll be stone dead in a moment!” I said and proceeded to take a pillow and hit her with it.
“Oh now you’re going to get it Miss Moore!!” Renee screamed and grabbed another pillow, promptly hitting me in the head.
I shook my head in confusion and then hit her again. Let’s say we had a really big pillow fight. Even though we were girls, we could hit like guys. I think she almost knocked me out once! And so ended our slumber party with a slump on the couch and a good sleep at about 2 in the morning.

Part 17- Borrowed Time…

I woke up the next morning at 8 to a phone call. I dragged myself to the phone and picked it up.
“Sophia, aren’t you guys up yet? It’s John.”
“Hey, no now I’m up. What’s going on?”
“I wanted to know if I could take you and Renee to breakie. Then did you want to watch Sean today? Yoko and I are going to the studio to finish one of her tracks.”
“Sure, let’s meet in the lobby at 9.”
“Ok see you then. Cheers.”
“Bye.” I hung up and slumped myself back on the couch. I stared at the ceiling for another 3 minutes, before trying to get Renee up.
“Renee, here comes the sun!” I sang in her ear.
“What if I want the stars?” She said turning over on her floor bed.
“Come on Renee, John wants to give us breakfast and the then I get to watch Sean,” I said shaking her.
She sighed, “Fine, I’m up! But I get the bathroom first!” she darted for it and I went into my room to pick out my clothes, a pair of cords and my ‘I Love NYC’ t-shirt. Oh yeah, I’m good.
I went into my living room to wait and put a Beatles record on the player; ‘Please Please Me.’
“1 2 3 4, well she was just seventeen you know what I mean…” sang Paul as I sang along.
“And the way she looked was way beyond compare!” I sang.
“Now I’ll never dance with another, since I said you can go in the shower!” Renee sang back as she entered the room.
“Opps, ok I’m going now. Make yourself at home,” I replied.
I went and did what I had to and then got dressed. I loved that shirt. I remembered a year or so ago when John had this picture taken in a New York City shirt and I told him how much I loved it. He replied “Not too bad for an old guy eh?” I had to laugh at him.
“A taste of honey, do do da-do!” Renee sang as I came into the room.
“You’re a character Renee, always have been,” I said.
“You’re pretty weird yourself. Anyway, shall we go?” she asked looking at the clock. I looked too and it said 8:55.
“Yeah, we meet in the lobby,” I replied and we headed out.

Part 18- Life Begins at 40…

Renee and I went down the elevator and to the lobby to find the Lennon’s waiting for us there.
“Morning gals, coffee shop?” John asked as we exited the Dakota.
“Yup, let’s be gone!” I replied. The attendant was right about today, it was warmer then usual. All we needed was a light jacket.
We went into the coffee shop and grabbed a table.
“So what song are you doing?” I asked Yoko after we had ordered and finally decided that Sean would sit between his parents.
“ ‘Walking on Thin Ice,’” she replied. I nodded. I liked that song ever since John had given me an autographed copy of ‘Double Fantasy’ earlier. It was his triumph and after all these years, John felt fulfilled.
“Oh that’s cool,” I said.
We got our food and ate. John and Yoko then got up to leave.
“I had forgotten we have a photo shoot back at the apartment first. Keep Sean with you though, that way…well let’s just say it’s not a kids shoot,” John explained.
“Sure we’ll see you later,” I said as we other three got up to leave too.
“Oh John, call me then when you’re leaving for the studio. I need to get some things at the drug store and could use a ride there,” Renee called out.
“Sure thing, give you a buzz. Bye Sean,” John said and he and Yoko left.
The three of us left the coffee shop a few minutes later and went back to my place.
“So what do you want to do Sean?” I asked. It was noon already.
“Do you have any games?” he asked.
“Yeah over on the corner,” I said pointing beside my bed.
He began to look through and pulled one out, “What about this? It’s cards,” Sean said holding up the deck.
“Ok bring them here. Renee, you and I will play ‘Snap.’ Do you know how to play?” I asked.
He nodded, “Yeah let’s go!”
We played this game for about 2 hours straight and darn that kid, had faster eyes then Renee and I.
Around 2:30, John called and offered Renee her ride to the store. She left us and I had an idea for Sean and I.
“Hey Sean, you ever seen ‘Yellow Submarine?’” I asked getting the movie and he sat on the couch.
“Isn’t that one of Daddy’s songs?” he asked.
“Kind of, it’s also a movie, want to see it?” I said putting it in. He nodded and I pushed play. Sean found this movie to be completely funny because it was a cartoon; that’s how I knew he’d like it. We were about half way through it at the sea of holes, when Renee came in my door with a bag.
“Honey I’m home!” she jokingly said. She set it down and came over to watch with us, “Blue Meanies!”
“Yeah, so how did it go?” I whispered under the movie.
“Well enough. When we tried to get in the limo, John stopped and signed an album for this really weird guy. He didn’t even say thank you. A little fishy I must say,” she explained.
“Can you say crazy! Obsessed? Anywho, let’s watch Jeremy save the day!” I said pointing to the movie.

Part 19- Sean’s ‘In the Sky…’

The three of spent hours watching all the Beatles movies I had; which only happened to be about 3 or 4. I have ‘Yellow Submarine,’ ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ ‘Help!’ and ‘Magical Mystery Tour.’ Sean laughed and laughed at everything his Dad did. I found my obsession and fetish for Paul again too. Renee was teasing me through the entire thing.
By about 9 Sean had fallen asleep on the couch and we were done watching movies for the day.
“Hey just had a great idea! What if you and me go out for a drink and a few clubs?” Renee asked as she set Sean’s head on the pillow on the couch because he had leaned on her.
“I don’t know Renee, we can’t just leave Sean here! All alone!” I said just under a whisper in reply.
“I think he’ll be ok if we’re really quite and put him in your bed for a few hours,” she said beginning to pick him up.
“Alright, I guess it would be fun,” I said. She took Sean to my bed and placed him under the covers slowly so as not to wake him. It looked so sweet that after she was done I just had to make a comment.
“Mommy Renee! How sweet is that?” I said sarcastically as I got my purse.
“Yeah whatever, let’s go Mrs. Macca!” she replied as we headed out the door.
We walked down to the lobby and then out the Dakota doors.
“There’s that guy I told you about…the scary one,” Renee whispered as we passed the man in his heavy coat, “He’s been out here all day.”
“Weird,” I replied watching him. He was just one creepy guy; I pitied his wife of girlfriend.
Renee and I walked to the corner of the street and then looked around for some flashing neon lights or something that would tell us of the existence of club of some sort.
“There’s one!” I said pointing across the street a block down, “Let’s go!”
We walked across the street when clear, and up a block to a smoke-filled club. It was perfect for the drinking we would do, in moderation of course, but it totally stunk in there.
“Drinks for you ladies?” the bartender asked once Renee and I had gotten a table.
“Brandy and coke for me,” I said.
“And I’ll have a scotch and coke,” Renee replied with a bright smile. The bartender nodded and went back to his post. Renee was still smiling with her pearly whites once he left.
“What are you doing?” I asked her once she continued this ridiculous feat for over a minute.
“Trying to attract someone. I haven’t dated a man in over 6 months Soph. I can’t just sit here and wait,” she explained with a serious tone.
“Here are you’re drink,” the bartender said serving us and then left.
I laughed, “You are too much Renee!”
“Well I can’t live me life like you can I? I mean first you meet John Lennon because you just HAPPEN to get an apartment in the same building as him. Then John HAPPENS to introduce you to Paul and you just HAPPEN to start going out with this guy named Dylan who works in the same department as you. I’m sorry but I need to work for my men, unlike you,” Renee explained.
“Knock it off, you know that’s not true,” I said sipping my drink.
Renee and I continued this ‘heated’ argument for almost 2 hours.
“Hey Renee, I think we should get back to Sean now; it’s 10:30,” I said getting up.
“Alright let’s go,” she said. We tipped the bartender and then headed back to the Dakota. Just as we walked up to the main entrance, shots rang out. I looked around in panic and there stood Yoko in hysterics…and John was on the ground. I froze in mid-thought. For lack of better action, I screamed.

Part 20- Long Lost John…

I continued this scream for 30 seconds, before Renee stopped me.
“They’re helping. Let’s just get inside,” she said quietly as she drug me into the building, passed Yoko and John with a policeman.
We ran as quickly as possible up to my apartment and locked the door. I went over to my window and watched the red and blue sirens going off the police cars and shouting below me, while Renee checked on Sean.
“He’s still asleep. But Sophia, I saw who did this,” Renee whispered still as quiet as before.
“That man with the heavy coat. He shot John!” she burst and put her head on my shoulder. I was too in shock to do anything but stare ahead of me. We waited only half an hour before I got a phone call.
“Don’t tell Sean yet. John’s dead.”
“Yoko, it’s not true.”
“It is! Don’t tell my son!” with that she hung up.
I dropped the receiver on the floor and put my head on the desk next to my bed, sobbing. I crawled on the bed next to Sean, stroking his hair, I cried my eyes out. Renee was still in her corner when she came over to me, picked up the receiver.
“What happened?” she asked.
“Yoko called; John’s dead,” I whispered.
“No! God no!” she screamed and sank right against my wall.
“She told me not to tell him yet,” I replied going back to Sean and holding him close. I sobbed more as I looked at this child who was suddenly fatherless and didn’t know it. He was woken by this.
“Wha-What’s going on?” he asked me looking at the tears.
“Everything is going to be fine. Just go back to sleep. Dream of Daddy,” I whispered gently kissing his forehead. He soon fell back to sleep.
I carefully got up off my bed and got myself and Renee a glass of ice tea.
“I guess there’s no sleeping tonight,” Renee said with a slight smile.
“No I don’t think so,” I replied.
We sat there by the bed for hours for lack of better thing to do. I hummed ‘Imagine’ to myself as my eyeliner began to run.
Yoko finally came at about 3 in the morning to pick Sean up. She looked a wreck and said she’d phone tomorrow with more details.
Renee and I took turns showering and then attempted to sleep for at least a few hours. Our energies were in despair, no one slept that night.

Part 21- Nobody Told Me…

I had finally gotten to sleep that night, but ended up being woken by the nightmares I was having about what I had witnessed. Bang! Bang! Screams!! I couldn’t stand it anymore and got up when I clock read 9 am. You can only imagine how tired I was. And poor Renee, she couldn’t sleep all night! She just kept repeating those same words: I saw who did this!
“Morning Renee. I’m so sorry you’re holiday here had to turn out like this,” I said as I came into the kitchen where she had been sitting all night sipping her tea.
“No problem. I would have found out anyway. I’m glad we’re together when this happened, otherwise one of us would have fainted in hysterics, that wouldn’t have been good,” she explained.
“Yeah I guess you’re right. I just wish, you know, it hadn’t happened. When do you think she’ll tell Sean?” I asked sitting down next to her.
“She said she would today. I hope he’ll be able to keep it together. She called at 5 and said Julian’s on his way over,” Renee said, “Anyway, mind if I use the shower?” She got up and went into the bathroom.
I sat at the table for a few more minutes thinking about what I was up against that day. Julian was coming and would have to be there for him and Sean, in case he needed me. I decided one thing; I had to go see Dylan this morning. I got myself dressed in a nice blouse and jeans and left a note for Renee so she wouldn’t worry about my disappearing act, and then went down the hall to Dylan’s apartment. I knocked on the door. Dylan answered in his boxers and a white t-shirt.
“Morning Sophia, can I help you?” he asked me sleepily as he invited me in.
“Oh Dylan! It’s so horrible!” I said hugging him.
“I know. Do you want me to stay with you? Do you want to stay here awhile?” he asked concerned.
“No, I have some things to take care of today. I just needed a good hug. Julian in coming in from England and all so I’ll have to be there,” I explained sniffing.
“Ok well, at least let me take you out Saturday night to dinner. 7 ok?” he asked with a slight smile.
I couldn’t turn down that face, “Of course Dylan. Thanks. See you then. This is what day?” I asked.
“It’s Thursday sweetie. Get some rest, you look so tired,” Dylan replied.
“Ok I will. See you Saturday. Bye,” I said hugging him again. He lifted me chin up and gave me a little kiss that made me fill a little better as I left.
“I’m back Renee,” I said as I reentered my apartment 2 minutes later.
“Oh, I got your note. I hope Dylan’s ok,” she said. She was sitting in the living room watching the TV.
“Yeah he’s fine thanks. We’re going out on Saturday,” I replied sitting next to her on the couch.
Just then the phone rang.
“It’s me, Yoko. Julian’s just arrived so if you two want to come up I would really appreciate it. Sean might need you.”
“Of course we’ll come up! Be there in say 5 minutes.” We both hung up.
“Yoko wants us upstairs now. Shall we go?” I asked Renee.
“Are you insane? Let’s get up there,” she said and we headed up a floor to the Lennon’s to witness a child’s reality.

Part 22- It’s so Hard…

“I feel the worse I’ve ever felt for anyone, I’m so sorry Yoko. We all loved John,” I said when she opened the door to Renee and I.
“Thank you. Won’t you come in? Sean is expecting you, and Julian is here,” Yoko replied with a straight face inviting us in the apartment. I nodded and Renee and I entered into the living room and sat down. I turned to my side and saw Julian sitting next to me with his head down at his knees.
“Jules I..” I began to say as I put a hand on his shoulder. He turned around and hugged me instead.
“I’m sorry too. If you hadn’t met my Dad, maybe you wouldn’t feel so strongly to comfort us,” he replied with a slight smile.
“No, I would be in pain because I couldn’t comfort you all,” I explained.
“Alright, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve always taken a fancy to your company,” he said.
Just then Sean came out and Yoko invited us all to eat breakfast with them. Renee and I helped Yoko make a little bit of pancakes and then all of us, Yoko, Julian, Sean, Renee and I, sat down to a table.
“Where’s Daddy?” Sean asked as he poured the maple syrup on his pancakes.
I looked at Yoko who just calmly said, “Sean, I was going to wait till after breakfast to tell you. Remember yesterday when you stayed with Auntie Sophia and Daddy and I went to the studio? When we got back, there was an accident. A man shot Daddy. The hospital’s did all they could but…Daddy’s no longer with us,” Yoko explained as tears began to well up again. Sean stared a few seconds, before running up to his mother for a hug. He was crying on her shoulder, creating a wet spot, and that was all he could do under the circumstances. Yoko took Sean to a back room then, and declined anyone else’s company because she wanted to talk with Sean alone. This left Renee, Julian and I to finish eating.
“Julian, do you know anything about how it happen?” I asked.
“Long story if you wanted to hear it,” he replied. I nodded and he continued, “The man had been plotting against Dad for years. I guess, all he had to do was come to New York and carry out his sick and twisted insane duty. The doc said he used hollow points so that when the bullets entered Dad, they blew and destroyed a lot of his organs. That’s essentially why he died,” Julian explained.
“Did the man get away? I saw him, he was defiantly creepy,” Renee asked.
“No, he stayed in one place the whole time until the police arrested him,” Julian replied, “That’s all I know. Don’t tell Sean any of this. It’s best Yoko tells him everything.”
“Sure thing, they need each other right now. Why did you come?” I asked.
He smiled a little, “Besides the fact that I had delayed my visits to you long enough, I thought I should see this whole thing for myself. I- I had to walk over his blood to get in here. It’s one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I’ve ever been through.”
“I feel so bad because now you can’t repair your relationship with John. How’s your Mom?” I asked.
“She’s got Roberto, her new husband, to cry on. He’s not really new but I thought you’ve never met him,” Julian replied.
“Oh no I haven’t. So what do we do now?” I asked because we were all done eating.
“Do you know what always helps? Some music,” Renee came in.
I smiled, “Ok let’s go back to my place and listen to some records. Jules, can you leave a note for Yoko?”
He nodded and got a piece of paper, wrote a little something on it and then we all headed over to my apartment in our interesting state knowing we couldn’t go anywhere this day.

Part 23- Dear John/ Dear Yoko…

We got into my apartment and Renee and Julian sat on the couch, continuing one of Renee’s very in depth conversations about who knows what. I went over to the record player and put on my ‘Revolver’ album, one of my favorites. It began with ‘Taxman’ and Renee almost screeched because even though John seemed to be her favorite Beatle, she loved George to death.
“Come join in the conversation Soph, Julian is telling all about his childhood,” Renee said motioning me to the couch next to her.
“No thanks Renee, I have some things I want to write,” I replied and went to the desk next to my window where I kept the typewriter I wouldn’t be using for days. My motive was to write a heartfelt letter to Yoko to tell her how I feel and also write one to John as a final goodbye. I had no clue where I would end up putting it but I thought maybe at his grave. I sighed, come on Sophia, you can do this, and began to write. I first wrote to Yoko.

Dear Yoko,
I just wanted to tell you how very sorry I am at your loss of John. I don’t know how it feels to lose a husband, a soul mate, a father to your child; but I’ll sure try to understand. I want you to know that I care for you and Sean and will always be there. If you ever need someone to watch him, please ask me. I love him as he was my own son and I enjoy his company.
I wanted to tell you something that you don’t know. Last night, Renee and I went out to a club for a drink and left Sean at my apartment. He was asleep and luckily was also when we got home. Unfortunately, Renee and I witnessed the shooting. I and everyone who was there will be scared for life because of what we saw. I screamed because that was all I could do and then we quickly went up to Sean I promise you I will never do that again.
I just hope from this letter you see how much John also meant to the regular fan and me. We saw him as so much higher then us, almost indestructible. But now we all know he had a heart too, a heart that could be made silent at anytime. I will miss him as dearly as anyone for the good things he did for me over the past 2 years. I hope this letter helps. Thank you for your time.
Sophia Moore

I looked over this letter and thought it sounded the best I could get out of myself, and then placed it in an envelope to give to Yoko later. I then began my hardest feat, a letter to John. No one else was going to see this one.

Dear John,
I wanted to write to you to tell you how much your life meant to me. Yes me, your babysitter and fan. We all miss you, but I a lot. I miss your jokes about what I was wearing that day and how it looked on me, or about what kind of music I listened to especially when it was Paul and Wings. I miss your quick wit when we got into an argument about absolutely nothing and shutting me up right away, being able to make me blush easily. I miss your smile when I sang along with one of your or the Beatles songs in car or in your apartment. I miss your smiles to Sean as you watched me help him read, or tell him something he wanted to know. I miss you telling me I’ll be a good mother one day. I miss coffee shop talk with just you and me on lazy mornings before I went to work. I miss your praise of my Beatle stories, especially the ones where my characters like you.
But most of all I miss your face. That lively face of yours, shining back at me like the sun. The granny glasses hiding your eyes when outside. The pureness of your deep eyes when inside. The tiny wrinkles at the sides of your eyes and mouth which handsomely showed your aging.
I miss you and I know we all will. Every day of my life, I promise to listen to at least one of your songs and remind myself of the man that you really were, and not the god you were made out to be. I loved you more then Paul, because you knew me, and I knew you. I know that you are finally at peace and it makes me feel quite happy. Please always be this way. I also make one last promise: to remember your birthday and not the day you died.
Love always,
Sophia the woman

I looked over this last letter with a smile at how beautifully written it was. I thought if only he could read it himself. I put it in an envelope and went over to talk with my friends.
“What were you doing over there for so long?” Renee asked me.
“Making my peace,” I replied with a smile.
I did just that a few days later at the memorial held in Central park for John. We were silent 10 minutes in his memory. Hundreds or more fans had come to this place to pay they’re last respects to John. I gave my letter to Yoko and she cried and thanked me later. I put John’s letter with a flower arrangement Renee had gotten in the park. I finally felt good about myself. Julian went home a few days after and Dylan and I went on our date. Things were gradually getting better…and then I got back to work.

Part 24- Jealous Guy…

I was cooking my breakfast this lazy Wednesday morning, thinking about what my day had ahead of me as I sat down at the table to eat and continued thinking.
It had already been a year since John was killed. Things have gotten better for Yoko finally. She’s being accepted as a real person, even a heroine; rather then some of the nasty words people used to call her. Even though she is very busy trying to make a name for herself again, she has Sean tag along with her everywhere. This way, I don’t have to watch him at all. I miss it but I’ve also realized I’m of the age when I could be having my own child to care for. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Dylan and I aren’t married yet. I would love it, he treats me nicer then anyone ever has. Even my parents. I’ve been thinking lately about moving in with him but somehow I know I don’t want to. It’s not right in my respect. So I was headed back to work this day, a job I have become very fond of.
“Morning Dylan,” I said as I entered our office. He was obviously there early.
“Hello darling. How was your night?” he asked giving me a kiss.
“Good. What work do we have today?” I asked sitting down at my desk. It was work time now, not play.
“This. We need an editorial on something in music. My idea was a memorial to John since it’s been a year,” he said.
“Ok, I’ll get right to it,” I replied getting to my typewriter and beginning to type.
As I was half way through the editorial, I didn’t hear the ‘click’ of Dylan’s typewriter. I turned around to see he was staring at me.
“Dylan, why aren’t you working?” I asked with a slight smile.
He cam over to my desk, “Because I’ve seen something much more interesting.” With that he kissed me again.
“Now stop I said, we need to work,” I said pushing him away.
He frowned, Alright Soph.”
I got him to work hard the few hours until lunch break, and then we went to the coffee shop.
“Babe, I’ve been thinking. What of we got married?” Dylan asked as we ate our lunch. I was drinking my coke and almost choked on it.
“Married? Are you asking me?” I said.
“Kind of. I know we love each other very much and I wanted to know if you wanted to do something craxy with me,” he explained.
“What did you have in mind?” I asked smiling.
“We elope, tonight possibly. I have this friend who can marry us and no one will have to know,” he said with hopeful eyes.
“Oh I don’t know, I’d have to call my Mom and tell her,” I said.
“Then it’s a yes; a date?” he asked slipping a ring on my finger.
“Yes,” I nodded.

Part 25- Woman…

“How do I look?” I asked Sean whose house I happened to be at.
“You look nice Auntie Soap! Does this mean I won’t see you again?” he asked.
“No silly, I’ll just have another boy in my life,” I said looking in the mirror at the white dress I had picked out.
“I thought you like Julian?” Sean said knowingly.
“I do, but he’s my friend,” I replied, “Ok now all I have to do is phone my Mom.” I headed to the phone. I dialed and she picked up.
“Hi Mom it’s me.”
“We haven’t talked in ages, Sophia, how are you?”
“Good, Mom. Listen I’m getting married tonight and I just wanted to tell you.”
“Young lady, why haven’t I met this man?”
“His name is Dylan and we’ve been going together for a year. I need your approval.”
“You shan’t get it! I hope you’re happy with your life! Good bye!” she hung up.
“Well I’m still going to do it! You can’t stop me!” I yelled.
“You ok?” Yoko said coming from the bedroom.
“Fine. My mother apparently doesn’t approve of my marriage, but she’s never even met Dylan!” I replied.
“Don’t worry about it. Do what you feel is right. This is where John’s witty input comes in,” she said.
I laughed, “Thanks. I’ll be going now.”
I exited the apartment and headed down to the lobby where Dylan and I were to meet. I out my heavy coat on in the mean time, because it was freezing out.
“Hello soon-to-be Mrs. Johnson,” Dylan said when I came up to him and I took his arm on our way out the doors.
“Hello Dylan, I missed you. Where does this friend of yours live?” I asked as we walked to his car in the resident parking lot.
“A few blocks away. Just be patient,” he replied as we drove along.
I laid my head back against the seat and waited till we pulled on the curb. The building was quite small but I figured it was his apartment. We walked up inside to be greeting by his friend, Nick.
“Hey Nick, how are you?” Dylan asked his friend shaking his hand.
“Good man. Let’s get started, follow me,” he replied motioning us to his living room. We followed and ended up behind a desk where Nick stood.
“Ok at the end then you have to sign the marriage license. You’re witness is there; my girlfriend Vicky,” Nick said pointing to the girl sitting behind us.
We started and I became more and more nervous as I looked into Dylan’s eyes. Finally we got to the vows and I got to say ‘I, Sophia Irene Moore, take you Dylan James Johnson, to be my lawfully wedded husband’ and he the opposite. After that, we exchanged rings, and sealed it with a kiss, finally as Mr. And Mrs. Dylan Johnson. We then signed the license, and that was it. We were done. We were also married in vow and in contract.
“Well how was that then?” Dylan asked me once we had gotten back to his place, which I was in the process of moving into.
“No so bad. I’m so happy,” I said kissing him once ready for bed.
“Shall we go to bed dearest wife of mine?” Dylan said with a wink and a few raised eyebrows motioning me to follow closely.
“Yes we shall,” I said with a giggle.

Part 26- Scared…

I heard Dylan’s alarm ring at 7 that morning and felt him leave the bed. As I laid there, trying to go back to sleep, I could hear the shower water running and then the rustling in the bedroom.
“I’m off to work now,” Dylan said to me and kissed my forehead. I didn’t answer him, just rolled over as he went out the door.
I slept in till 9 and then got myself up. I made a healthful breakfast of eggs and a fruit salad but I was really craving chocolate and pickles. After I ate, I sat in the living room and tried to read a book. Nothing was helping; I needed to cal someone and tell him or her my problems.
You’d think my marriage to Dylan would be picture-perfect, but it wasn’t. We’ve been married 2 years now and everyday all I can think of is where he is. I’m 8 months pregnant with his child and need him the most. I spend late nights alone till 2 in the morning and my sick days alone. Because of being pregnant, I quit my job so now Dylan is chief editor and gets twice the money he did.
My deepest darkest secret was I thought I wanted to leave Dylan for good. I’d threatened it millions of times before when he came home and was angry with me calling me names I’d rather not repeat. I also thought he might be cheating on me behind my back.
I finally decided to phone my mother. Yes, she hadn’t forgiven me in 2 years, but I needed her.
“Mom, please don’t hang up!”
“What’s wrong?”
“I just need to know that you forgive me.”
“It’s be ridiculous for me not to of course, but what’s wrong? You sound distressed.”
“It’s Dylan, he comes home late at night and gets angry with me. I have a feeling he’s messing around. And I’m 8 months pregnant!”
“Oh dear! Why didn’t you tell me? Do what you have to do, if you find out for sure then leave him. You are welcome home.”
“Thanks Mom, I’ll talk to you some time then.”
“Ok I’ll keep you in mind. Bye.”
I hung up the phone and sat there a little longer. I had finally told someone and felt much better. I couldn’t have told Yoko anyway, I’m not sure where she is.
I put in my best maternity clothes and cleaned a little around the house till 11. Then decided I would take some time to go shopping.

Part 27- I’m Losing You…

I made my way out of the Dakota on this July day to an outlet or two. I had decided that if I was going to leave him, I would need a bag for my baby later on. I bought a diaper bag and a package of diapers for newborns and anything else I thought I might need over the next few months. I then went to the bank and withdrew some money, about $200 worth.
I took all these things back to our apartment and began to pack my bags. I was almost positive I’d be leaving. I picked up the few belongings of mine, which hadn’t been demolished, in our many fights. I finally had 2 bags worth of things, including the baby bag.
“Well I guess if it’s true, I’m not staying here,” I said to myself as I hid my bags in the bathroom.
I decided then I couldn’t stay here right now, so I went out again. I went up the floor to where I remembered the Lennon’s lived and knocked on the door.
“Hi Soph! How are you? Wow, are you having a baby?” Sean asked me as he answered the door. He was now a more mature 8 year old.
“Yes I am. May I come in?” I asked. He nodded and led me in the apartment.
“My Mom is in her room. I’ll get here,” he told me as he went to get her. I waited on the couch till Yoko came out.
“Hello Sophia. You look like there’s something wrong?” Yoko said sitting down next to me and hugging me.
“There is,” I replied and began to tell her the story. When I was done she smiled at me.
“I’d be very proud of you if you left him. I have to say, I didn’t like him from the start; too good to be true. But if you do leave, keep in touch ok?” she asked.
“Yes I will. I better go now, it’s nearly 5 and Dylan should be home any minute,” I said getting up to leave. We said our goodbyes and I went back to Dylan and my place.
As I got in, I noticed the answering machine had a message on it. I played the message and the end confirmed my thoughts. It was one of Dylan’s girlfriends telling him where she would be that night and for him to call her. I started to get very angry but I thought I’d hold it till he came home. I decided to make dinner.
I began to make the pasta just as he stepped in the door. I turned on my heel and went into the room just as he finished listening to the message.
“Oh damn,” he whispered and turned around to see me.
“I heard it! I heard everything! I knew it!” I said as I tried my best to smack him across the face, “I’m not good enough for you am I? So you had to pick up some whore somewhere!”
“That’s not it babe please!” he said.
“No I have had enough of you Dylan! Have your ring back!” I screamed tears welling up and threw it in his face, “I’m leaving for good. My baby doesn’t deserve this!”
I got my bags from the bathroom and all he could do was watch as I headed for the door. The pasta was boiling over onto the floor.
“By the way, dinner’s ready!” I said and with that I went out the door, never to turn back.
I hailed a cab out of the city and I knew exactly where I was going. I was headed home.

Part 28- Watching the Wheels…

“Where to madam?” the taxi driver asked me as I entered his cab.
“Can you take me to Albany?” I asked. It was too bad I had sold my car.
“If you have enough money, I can take you anywhere,” he replied. I handed him $30 to start and we were off.
I sighed, sitting back in my seat. Being pregnant made me so tired.
“You on vacation or something? Looks like you have a lot of bags,” he asked me as we headed out and I saw the lights of the city fading.
“I’m going home to my mother’s. It’s a long story,” I replied getting a book from my bag and beginning to read.
“Hey, we have at least an hour here. Let’s talk,” he said. I rolled my eyes and shut the book, thinking of some way to reply. This New Yorker wouldn’t shut up till I talked to him.
“Well, I married this guy from the place I used to work and he started cheating on me. Problem is, I’m pregnant, due anytime, and I have no income,” I explained resituating myself again.
“Try cab driving. Good money and you hear so many fairly tales,” he replied, “By the way, name’s Mal.”
“Pleased, I’m Sophia. I don’t know what I’m going to do about my husband though. I’m obviously not going back,” I said.
“You could divorce him. All you have to do is get the papers from court, file for it, and have him sign them,” Mal explained, Believe me I know, been there 2 times.”
“Yikes, well thanks Mal. I don’t know if people ask you this but, my baby likes music. Could you turn the radio on?” I asked.
“Sure,” he said flipping the switch, “All women ask me that!”
I laughed as I heard the Beatles ‘Oh! Darling’ come from the radio.
“I remember those days. I guess you’re not old enough to be a first rate Beatles fan though. I went to Shea Stadium with my girl Shelia, she screamed ‘Ringo I Love You!’ the entire time. Guess where that relationship went?” Mal said.
I laughed, “No I’m not. But I’m a big fan, especially of Paul McCartney. Were you around when John was killed?” I asked.
“No, I was driving someone to the Plaza when it happened. I heard about it on the radio half an hour later,” Mal replied, “What about you?”
“I was there. In fact, I was a great friend with the family. Want to hear about it?” I asked.
“I’m listening,” Mal said turning the radio down.
I told him my story completely and he just couldn’t believe it. He said girls in ’64 would have killed to be in the same room as John. I said he was a great man.
Around 7:30, Mal asked me for my Mom’s address because we had hit Albany. I gave it to him and he drove me there within 15 minutes.
“Thanks Mal, have a goodnight. Good luck with your love life!” I said as I exited with my bags.
“Same to you Sophia! Bye!” he replied then pulled away.
I sighed and walked up to the door and knocked.

Part 29- You are Here…

The open arms of parents took me in that night. It was like I was 17 all over again. I quickly moved back into my room with what little of my belongings I had and I felt at home again.
We went out and bought a crib for my baby and placed it in the room. Mom was so excited about her 3rd grandchild; Malcolm had 2 by his wife Melissa. Every time I told her I felt something move, she’d be ready with my night bag. Renee hung out with me and helped me pick out a new job. I finally got to do what I wanted; work in a record store. Hey I was 27, but I was sure once I got back on my feet, I could at least order in some records. For the first 4 months after I was to give birth, I was on maternity leave. Mom and Dad decided not to charge me rent till then.
“What do you think of this?” Renee asked me one day when we were shopping in the department store. She had to get a look at the baby clothes.
“I don’t know what it is,” I replied downing the cute pink dress.
“Do you have names picked out? Wait a second, didn’t you get an ultrasound last week?” Renee asked.
“Yes but we couldn’t see anything. I’m due in 2 days. Names, yes, I have something in mind for both genders,” I replied.
“Ok well, you sit on that bench and I’ll be right back,” Renee said and went to put the clothes away.
I suddenly had a sharp pain near my bellybutton and more were coming. I gasped for air as Renee came back.
“What wrong?” she said helping me up.
“I- I think it's time,” I replied breathing in and out.
“Oh no! Ok one sec,” she said and picked up a payphone by the store. She came back a minute later.
“Ok, you’re parents are meeting us there. Let’s go!” she said and began helping me out to her car.
I must have looked ridiculous walking out there, already as big as a house, and then hyperventilating like everything.
Renee helped me in the passenger’s side and we sped off. She didn’t bother to stop at lights as she could see my pain was getting worse. We made a record 10 minutes to the hospital and she quickly went into grab a nurse and wheelchair. I sat in and was wheeled to the delivery room.
I won’t go into detail about my labor, but I will say it was the hardest and yet most magical thing I ever did. After nearly 10 hours of this, a baby girl was placed in my arms and I was in my own room. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at the little body in front of me. The nurse brought my parents in and Renee was close behind.
“Do you have a name picked out?” she asked holding a paper.
“Yes; Prudence Julia Johnson,” I replied.
“Thank you,” she said and wrote it down then left.
“She’s so pretty,” Renee said coming up and looking at my baby. Mom came to the other side.
“Darling, we called him up. He’s here,” he said. I looked up to the doorway and saw the man I had left 2 weeks earlier, Dylan, the father of my child.
“Tell the nurse to put Prudence in her nursery, her Daddy and I have to talk,” I said giving the baby to Mom as Dylan approached.

Part 30- Mind Games...

“How are you feeling Sophia?” Dylan asked once he sat at my bedside.
“Fine. What are you on about? What do you want?” I asked, sitting up.
“Ok; your Mom told me you have papers for me,” Dylan replied.
I pointed, “Over in my bag.” He got up and got about 4-stapled papers from the bag. He paged through and looked at me.
“Are you sure you want to separate?” he asked.
“Dylan,” I replied, “You know we won’t work. Sign the papers.”
He took the nurse’s pen from the table, “Ok, you are now legally divorced from me, Sophia Moore, and I signed fro full custody to you. Prudence won’t want to be with me. I’m sorry things turned out like this.”
“What are we going to do? I’ll let you talk to her and maybe visit. But I don’t want you raising her,” I replied.
“Alright, I have to get back. See you. Prudence, did you get that from the song of yours?” he asked on his way out.
“Yes I did!” I said back.
Renee popped her head in the room to check up on me.
“Hey, everything ok with Dylan?” she asked.
“Yeah, he signed. Now all I have to do is get the court to approve it all. Filed for adultery,” I replied.
“Good deal. You’re daughter is sleeping,” she told me.
“Speaking of which, it’s the middle of the morning. I need rest,” I said lying down.
“Alright your Mom’s staying here with you then. See you and Prudence tomorrow,” she said.
I was then left alone and fell asleep quickly.
I woke up the next morning around 7. Prudence was crying because she was hungry. I took her and fed her.
“Oh my dear Prudence. If only your Daddy were nice. But he’s not,” I said and continued to hold her.
She smiled a little smile at me and from the on I knew we would be great together.
I continued my stay in the hospital for another 2 days, and then took Prudence home for the first time. The first songs I played for her were ‘Dear Prudence’ and ‘Julia;’ both off the White Album and her namesake. She smiled at the sound.
The divorce became final a month later. I was finally free again of all things and was so happy.

Part 31- Give Peace a Chance…
“Here’s your change madam. Have a good day,” I said as I gave the lady her money. She smiled and left with her album in hand. I sat back at the register and thought a moment.
I was a 30-year-old working in a record shop. I had kids working around me with spiked green hair and dressed like Madonna. Sometimes I couldn’t understand it. But it wasn’t so bad, they looked up to me and I told them all stories about my life.
“Sophia, it’s noon. Time for lunch,” my only companion, Jane who was about 18 years old, as she began out.
“Ok I’m coming. Did you want to come back and have lunch was me and Prudence?” I asked as we walked to my car. She didn’t have one.
“Sure I haven’t seen that kid in awhile. How old is she now?” she asked as we drove.
“3, she looks a lot like me Mom says,” I replied.
“Whatever happened to your contact with Yoko?” Jane asked me.
“Oh, I haven’t talked to her in months. Sean must be well, 11 or 12. let alone Julian, we haven’t spoken in 3 years,” I said, “Here we are, home.”
I noticed a strange car in the drive but disregarded it, parking behind it. We went into the house and Jane went straight to get lunch started, it wasn’t like she’d never been to my Mom’s.
“What’s going on with my little girl?” I cooed at my blonde-haired daughter picking her off the floor, then sitting next to my Mom on the couch.
“Afternoon, is she behaving for you?” I asked.
“Couldn’t be better. By the way, you have a visitor. It might solve your moving away,” Mom said. I looked at her curiously and went into the dining room. At our table sat Julian Lennon, a very nice looking Julian.
“Hello Soph, little Prudence,” Julian said nodding to the baby on my hip.
“Jules, what are you doing here?” I asked approaching him. In turn he got up and held my hand in his.
“I’ve missed you, thought we’d check up,” he replied. He was getting closer and closer until our lips almost touched, when I heard a bump.
“Oh I’m sorry, I’m intruding,” Jane said bringing in munch and then starting to leave.
“No, come in Jane. This is my friend Julian, Jules, Jane. She works at the record shop,” I said introducing my 2 friends.
“Pleasure, “Julian said. We all sat at the table, me with a baby on hand.
“Oh I can make him a sandwich,” Jane said.
“No, he can have half of mine. I’m not hungry,” I replied giving Julian part of my sandwich.
“Thanks. How have you been Sophia?” Julian asked.
“Good. Prudence is a great child, never a problem,” I replied as we ate. I explained my now unmarried for 3 years situation to Julian for about 15 minutes before he stopped me.
“Well then this won’t be too soon,” he said getting down on one knee, Sophia Moore, will you be my wife?”
I sat in shock a few minutes looking at my baby and back at him. Jane had already fled the room, drowning my moral support. What was I going to say?

Part 32- Only You…

“Look Soph, I know you’re 6 years older then me, but I think we’re meant to be together,” Julian said practically begging me.
I looked at Prudence again. She put her arms out to Julian and he took her up, kissing her cheek. I knew then what my answer would be.
“Yes Jules, I will marry you,” I replied softly. He looked up at me with shining eyes and stood up.
“I know it,” he said and kissed me. He slipped the diamond on my finger and I was so happy. I felt like I was young again. I ran into the next room, leaving Prudence with her new Daddy, and went over to my Mom.
“He asked me to marry him and I said yes!” I exclaimed giving her a hug, “Where’s Jane?”
“She went back,” Mom replied, “See, this is what being in love is Sophia.” All I could do was smile at her.

A year later I found myself in England, ready to be married again. Julian and I decided to marry in the same registration office his parents had, to keep alive his memories of what he thought was their true love.
I ran to the other side of the room in Cynthia’s house, “Where’s my veil?”
We both were looking frantically for it while my mother was out buying a little dress for Prudence. The wedding began in 1 hour.
“You know, a whole wedding dress wasn’t needed for the office,” Cynthia said, “Here it is!”
She handed me the veil and I put it on, “I know, but I want this to be special. Besides this dress is simple.”
She nodded because I was right. It was only a white frock shoulder-less, and a veil. I hadn’t had this chance with Dylan so I was going to be a princess with Julian. He was at a hotel room getting into a sharp suit, I thought.
Within the next 15 minutes, I was set to go. It took us 30 minutes to get to the office and then another few to set everyone up. Our small wedding party was Renee and then Julian’s friend Justin. We were to have reception in a small hall in London. All of our friends were invited, including Sean and Yoko. I hoped they would come.
I went into the next room and grabbed Prudence who was now in her little lavender dress Mom had gotten.
“Ready?” Mom and Cynthia asked at once.
“Yes,” I replied.
Cynthia brought a hand to my cheek, “I know you’ll make my son happy.”
“Thank you,” I said smiling.
We got into the car and drove all the way to the registration office. Julian was already waiting inside for me, along with Renee and Justin.
“Lovely Sophia,” Julian whispered to me as I stood next to him.
“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I replied and he smiled wickedly. Once everyone was in line, the ceremony began.
About an hour later I had signed another marriage license, and was Mrs. Julian Lennon.
Our honeymoon with Prudence would be in Italy. I looked forward to it, and my life with my true love.

Part 33- Grow Old with me…

“What are you reading Mom?” Prudence asked me one day.
“’Jane Eyre’ dear,” I replied showing her the cover.
“Didn’t you read that a long time ago?” she said.
“Yes actually, I love this book,” I replied.
She then left, leaving me on the den reclining chair. I looked outside at the sunshine and green and smiled. I love having Italy as my home.
After our honeymoon here, Julian and I decided to buy a house in Italy because it was such a beautiful place. I had a peace of mind here I couldn’t have back home. I could read and write stories to my heart’s content.
Julian walked in just then, my lovely husband of 16 years. A few years ago he released an album called ‘Photograph Smile.’ I’m embarrassed by the amount of songs on there that are about me. Two of such are ‘Kiss Beyond the Catcher’ and ‘Way to your Heart.’ I love his voice to death.
I had just turned 44 and he was encouraging me that I wasn’t old. He came up to me.
“I love you,” he whispered in my ear.
I turned my head and kissed him. And that was all we needed to do to know it was true. I thought of the years ago when I first met Julian and didn’t know that he wasn’t the one. The ironic thing was, John had known all along. He was my friend and my close companion. If I hadn’t liked Paul so much, I would be in love with John.
My love for Julian is like every John song I’ve heard. And I’m proud of that. I really am.