Which member of The Who are you?

I am Tuesday's Child
What day are you?


You are a free, elegant spirit with a rebellious side, you Janis Joplin you!

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Hi, I'm Peter Brady!
Which Brady Bunch kid are you most like?

The Castaway Quiz deems me:
Mary Ann
You radiate wholesome goodness. This drives men wild. Sure Ginger may get all the attention at first, but in the end, it's you they really want.

Which member of The Kinks are ya?

Made by this Kinks fan....

I am Alice!

You're just a girl; you tend to get frustrated easily, you daydream quite a bit, and you try to avoid making trouble, though curiosity always gets the better of you. Even under tight circumstances, however, you put aside (some of) your fear and figure out what's the best thing to do. You want a better understanding of your world.

The Eighties Pop Act Test deems me:
60% Eighties Pop Act
You are Tone Loc: You were all the rage in the eighties with your baloon pants, and head bands, but now you have moved quietly to your new life, and you don't keep in touch with your friends from that time. Go listen to Janet Jackson CDs.

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which "monty python and the holy grail" character are you?

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Which Beatle girl are you?

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You’re Michelle Branch! You’re the ‘girl nextdoor’ type of gal. You’ve got a down-to-earth feel about you, and you’re not afraid to be original. You’re still trying to find yourplace in life, but that doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying the trip. Rich and famous? Sure! But you’re not gonna let that go to your head. ;D
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I'm so goth!
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Which Mod Chick Are You?

Which Beatles Wife Are You?

What is YOUR Highschool label?

Who You Gonna Date?

Which Paul?

Which "Natural Wonder" are you?

What You Be?

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Are you evil? by krysten


I act like I'm 19.
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According to the SelectSmart.com Belief System Selector, my #1 belief match is Jehovah's Witness.
What do you believe?
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Who is your Beatlegirl alter-ego?

What John Lennon Song Are You?


You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

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What Pattern Are You?

What color should your hair be?!
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Who loves you?