All of this poetry is written by me and I hope everyone enjoys it. I've made it a different format then my story pages because they are much longer! It all dates back till at least 2 or 3 years! Enjoy!


Dedicated to: Dreamers

I run along the
Meadow to find
Myself in a
Grove of tiger lilies.
The sweet smell fills
The air and I fall down
In them. The ground
Catches my fall as
It turns inside out
Into the space
Where the stars
Shine bright and the
Planets are visible.
I get closer and closer
To one star until I’m on
It, and there are
All my fave bands and
Every inspiration to
Keep me alive.
Beatles are
Playing “In my Life”
In a corner as I
Watch then change
From the earlier stages
To Sgt. Pepper’s to
Everything else.
Suddenly, my illusion
Becomes dark and there
I am, an eyewitness to
John Lennon’s shooting,
I am crying constantly
As I look at the bood
On the ground and
His glasses lying there
Stained as I hear the
Sirens roar down
The streets. I
Break down and
Then cut to
The Summer of Love
1967 and me dancing
like Julian Stiles in
“The 60’s”
And then I am transported
To the Hard Rock where I am
Looking at the Beatles Room
And seeing many usual
And then I think,
I am home. Just as soon
As that, I am back in a
Tiger lily field…

Dark Horse

A Beatle that
Will never be
Large part of
His life on
Religion and
Idolized by

You filled this
Fortunate and
Grand life
With drugs and
Cancer was
The norm
For you.
It was
Only a
Matter of
Time before
You passed
By us.

You will be missed by millions,
Including me, forever.

Dedicated to:
George Harold Harrison

Colorful World

A red rose glistens
In the yellow sun
As the orange rays
Hit it and the
Green grass and
The blue sky evened
Out with white clouds
And the purple violets bloom

Dark is never light

(this is an interpretation of a scene at the place a few weeks ago when I was there)

I sit in the fast food cloud
With my Mom and watch the
Folks around me.
The other family, 2, sit down and
We inhale our sustenance.
A man at the table across from
Us looks at me. He wears glasses
And has short hair. I think he is
John Lennon but them come
Back to reality. He is dead and
Turn away.

I Feel

For my friends, for my family, for secret persons.

For this world, for racism, for people who kill for no reason.

Well- For my days as they come each.

For the loss of people who mean so much to me. For such badness in

Do you know what I feel? You don’t know what I feel.

I Look Around

I see-
A real teenage wasteland,
Of kids using their
Bodies as wastebaskets
For drugs, alcohol, sex.
They sit hopelessly
Believing that someday
Someone will care.
No smiles are anywhere,
The real meaning of
Life is eaten away
By overuse.

I see-
Parents not caring
Or being pushed
Around by their
They are struggling
To keep families
Together as
The pieces fall
One by one.

I see-
Elderly people in an
Abyss of helplessness.
No care, no nothing.
Viewed as so
Inferior to us all.

I see-
HATE instead of PEACE
I see WAR beginning.
How is it possible
We HATE so much
That PEACE is
Out of the question.
Vietnam is reoccurring
And our youth is being
Cut short a young
Adulthood by

I’m no protestor
But I want to
When will it end?
Only time will tell…

Yesterday’s Childhood

Everyone remembers their childhood.
Some not as well as others.

Mine is barely over and I will always have sweet memories of it
for life.

As Paul said, “Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.”

Isn’t that true…

Johnny Winston

Standing in a leather jacket
Back to back with George.
In a tapered suit
Waving your moptop
Making us scream.
Granny glasses and
Green Sgt. Pepper’s suit.
Long hair and white suit
Bearing a peace sign.
A man who loved so much.

What Lennon Is

Lennon is music
Lennon is a guitar
Lennon is granny glasses
And some long hair.

Lennon is the Walrus
Lennon is Dr. Boogie
Lennon is Johnny Winston
Lennon is Mean Mr. Mustard
And Instant Karma.

Lennon is strength
Lennon is confidence
Lennon is peace
And love is all you need.

I do miss him so.

Song for John

You never tired to
Be something
You weren’t
During the
Times and
That is why
I love you
Because you
Are so pure.
May you be
In my heart always.

Oh George

Why did you have to go?
We all miss you so much.
Upset we are about this loss.

I cry, my friends cry.
We can’t stop thinking about you.
We ache for your family and friends.
Olivia- trying to be strong.
Dhani- suddenly fatherless.
Paul- tears in his eyes, devastated.
Ringo- sad at the loss of a best friend.

I guess at this point, the only thing to do is hope and pray for their
well being.
And teach you the truth in the future.

Nothing and Something

I sit in a white room
Waiting thinking listening
Stillness and silence
Surround me and
Are deafening to my ears
Staring endlessly at the
Piano in the corner
White as is the room
And my pale face, a
Lighter shade of pale

The red rain pours
From the heavens
Of the house
Drowning the white
Masterpiece in coldness
The room is covered

Blue tears falls from
My eyes as I think
Of why this happened
And crystallize on impact

A black boom goes
Leaving me dark and old

I look and all that is left is the
Stained glasses of JWL
In peace, I leave into the
Colorful world

(Author’s Note: this is my own interpretation of what happened on December 8th 1980, in symbolic language)