Peter's Identity Crisis

(This is a parody of a story I read called “I am Micky!”)

One day Peter is sitting on the couch alone. Micky comes over and sits down. After awhile, Micky speaks.

“Hey Pete what’s up?”

“What was that?”

“I said what’s up?”

“Oh nothing much, Peter.”

“Peter? You’re Peter not me!”

“What? I’m not Peter, I’m Keith Moon you scouse git!” All of the sudden Peter began talking with a British accent.

Oh great, he thinks he’s Moon!

Suddenly, Ash (me!) comes in the door from a shopping spree!

“Hey babe what’s up?” Ash asked Micky.

“Come here.”


“Ask Peter who he is.”

“Ok Peter what’s your name?”

“I’m Keith Moon from the Who!” Peter said in a fake accent, “Is that so hard to bloody understand you muffin!”

Of course you realize this means war! Hehe

“Oh yeah we’ll you’re nothing but a bloody muffin who is a load of parp and can’t play drums or anything!” Ash argued, completely forgetting that he was actually Peter.
A fight broke out and soon enough all the Monkees were watching the two ‘Brits’ dish it out.

“You know we could save a lot of money going to movies if this happens all the time!” Micky said. Davy agreed. While Mike wasn’t so pleased.

“I wonder what’s making him think he’s Keith moon?” he said, “I’m finding out!”

So Mike searched high and low until he found the guilty party.

“Peter have you been eating Day’s recipe for Fish and Chips again? You know how poisonous that is!” Mike said and hot Peter upside the head.

Suddenly Peter was back to his senses, “hey guys what are we all standing here for? Let’s do something far out!”

Ash had finally shut up and they all went out to dinner.

“Hey anybody want Fish and Chips?” Peter suggested.

“NO!!” they all yelled and stopped him from getting it.