A Nickel Creek Obsession by Ashley Long

This page is a small tribute to the Bluegrass band Nickel Creek, whom I love dearly. There's some pics, courtesy of www.nickelcreek.com, and also my review thingie of their concert!
Chris Thile, mandolin Sara Witkins, violin/fiddle Sean Witkins, guitar
MY REVIEW/THE DAY OF THE CONCERT!! (not my best work in literature but all the same helps to describe the amazing time I had!)

My Nickel Creek Review….and before that!

I’ve liked the bluegrass band Nickel Creek long before this day came. I remember watching the Country Music Channel CMT and their music video ‘When You Come Back Down’ came on. I was memorized by the band’s ability to play instruments that are so foreign to me. And it really struck me also because they are young, no more then 25 and under. My mother, bless her, got my their CD once and I’ve been in love ever since. This is a story of yesterday, June 2nd, when my Dad, brother and I went to see them at a free concert…and everything before that leading up to the great event. Please forgive me, I have a small crush on the mandolin player, Chris Thile, (the one with blonde hair in the middle) and I allude to it a lot I think. But I’m a 16 year old girl…what else do I have to dream about but dead rock stars and mandolin players!! Lol! Please read and enjoy!

I got up at 8 o'clock for Sunday meeting at the Kingdom Hall (by now you must all know that I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses) and because things weren't too well at home, my dad wanted my brother and I to hitch a ride with some of our other kin. After much sobbing and booing, we made plans to get one with my mom's dad. So she picked us up at 9 and by that time I was feel pretty good, more awake anyway, though I still wasn't too sure that the concert was going to work out. So after that was over, my mom-mom invited us up to eat lunch with them at her house and I couldn't say no. James and I got into our regular clothes and we went up the drive next to ours. We ate lunch with my sick Uncle Ben and fiancée Rhiannon. We watched such things as Sponge Bob Square Pants, Sherk, and the Ghost in the Shell, my Uncle's fave anime movie. I called my dad to see what was up with the plans and he told me he was coming to pick James and me up at 3L30. So we waited.... and then he came!

We drove to a local Redner's to get money and something to drink and then were off again. We drove for about an hour in Lancaster and found the part. Ironically, we pulled in almost straight behind Nickel Creek's tour bus. I knew that's what it was, though James doubted me. But I knew. We parked and my dad got into a conversation with mom on the phone so he told us to go find a place to set up our chairs. We found somewhere nice and sat for a little talking about the band and being bored, since it was 3 hours or so till the actual concert. Nature called me just then, I had to use VERY fashionable portal potties thingies. yay! I came back from my little walk and sat with my brother a little longer. Dad came up and found us and he told us that someone from the band was over at a tree near the lot, or so he thought. Well, I got excited and James and I went along to investigate. We walked right near him, not more then 5 feet, and I could tell it was Chris Thile, the mandolin player of the band. I got a little shy and looked away right when I saw who it was and my dad asked me if he was right and I said yeah. We decided not to talk to him then, though I wish we would have, because it looked like he wanted some peace.

So we walked.... up to the park and a little play area. We were trying to decide whether or not to go to the mall cos of the time, when I heard Chris on stage doing something. I told them that I was going down to check it out cos it was probably a sound check, and I think those are so cool. So I sat and watched Chris for a while, play the mandolin and test the microphone on songs I didn't know at all. Soon after, Sara Watkins, the fiddle/violin player, came on to test her stuff out. I didn’t get to see her brother, Sean the guitarist play till later. Dad and James came down too and we watched for a bit.

We were getting unruly in this heat, so we did finally go to the mall. It’s a walk, and we basically just looked for a ball to play with till the concert started and I tried to find a purse. No luck, all the places aren’t cheap enough. I so wanted to get a light saber too, but they didn’t have any cool ones…oh well. We went back to the concert area and sat down again…bored. However, people were starting to come and crowd around everything and us so it was getting harder to find our spot. I sat and my brother and dad went off to check other things out. I fooled with my dad’s cell phone till I think it was busted (just kidding) and sat some more. Suddenly James comes up and tells me that Chris (is everything about him?) is out back playing for people. I wasn’t missing this chance so I got up with my purse and camera in hand, and followed my brother. Dad was on the phone in the truck so James and I stood where I couldn’t see a thing and listened to the band play. It was truly amazing, they’re talented. I remember trying to see them really well, and Chris looked my way with this serene look on his face and I nearly died inside but all I did was slowly look at my shoes and smile. The band stopped playing and had to go back to their bus to change so James and I went back to our seats.

Of course my brother, being the A.D.D. (haha not!) child that he is, couldn’t sit still for 30 minutes. I was left alone again and I think that’s when I messed up my dad’s phone. Opps!

Soon enough it was starting…the lady from a local radio station was on stage setting the ground rules and introducing them. Finally, the band came on stage and everyone was incredibly happy. I let James had the liberty of snapping pictures, since he had the better view. I particularly enjoyed the comments between songs because they sound like normal down to earth people, kids like me, though they are a bit older. My favorite songs that they played were ‘Sweet Afton,’ ‘The Hands Song,’ ‘The Lighthouse’s Tale,’ ‘Reasons Why,’ among others. I almost flipped out when for their last song they did a rendition of the Beatles ‘Taxman.’ It was quite cool; it went from ‘Taxman’ to ‘Ode to the Butterfly’ to a Nirvana song and back again. We cheered so much that they came back on for 2 encores. One being ‘When you Come Back Down’ and another being a hymn, among maybe 2 different songs I can’t remember. We received numerous ‘thank you’ before the band finally went off the stage. I got to buy a Nickel Creek t-shirt, which I still have to pay half to my dad for (thanks Daddy!) and left tired.

Over all, I think it was a great concert and I would pay to see them again, unlike I did this time! And wherever you are Chris Thile…I saw you!!! Haha!