Lawn Mower by James Long (my brother)

~~ This was something James told me on the bus once and then I told him he should write it out because I thought it was funny. This is his first attempt at Beatles fiction!- Ash~~

Our story starts out one day in a peaceful place known as New York. It is the 1970’s and disco is in and bellbottoms are the bomb! In New York we have a home that is known as the ‘Lennon House.’ The youngest son of this family known as ‘Sean’ is playing in his back yard with his ‘Skipper.’ While he is playing Sean throws the ball under the fence that leads to the neighbor’s house. When the dog just lays with his head on the other side of the fence Sean thinks that Skipper is stuck. So Sean pulls his dog by the tail into the ‘Lennon yard.’ When he does this Sean notices that the dog no longer has a head! Sean starts to scream and tell for his father ‘John Lennon.’ John comes out of the house and asks what is wrong. Sean tells John the whole story and tells him that now Skipper is headless! John looks over the fence and sees that there is a killer lawn mower buzzing on the dog’s head. Jon runs back into the house to retrieve his M16 that he has hidden in his guitar case. While John is opening the case he hears more screaming coming from the young mouth of Sean. John finally opens the case and pulls out his gun. John runs back out into the back yard and sees that the killer mower is trying to behead Sean as well. The mower jumped over the fence! John believes that this mower is very dangerous and it must be stopped, FOREVER! John looks through the sights and takes careful aim at the mower’s gas tank. ‘Click, BOOM!’ the mower blows up and Sean is safe! Sean runs over to his father and gives him a hug. John then walks over to the dog’s demented head and picks it up. Jon runs into the house and tells Sean to stay in the kitchen with Yoko ‘Bong!’ (The gong sound). John then runs into the ‘Lennon Laboratory!’ John decides that he is going to reconnect the dog’s head to its body! John puts on the special Laboratory equipment. First he puts on his white coat and them his black gloves and glasses. He reattaches the dog’s body and head and replaces the parts that the mower had devoured. Afterwards he straps it onto the raising platform and pushes the up button. As John raises through the air the roof of the ‘Lennon House’ opens. John raises the metal pole into the air and cries out “Live Live!” A storm begins to brew up in the sky above his house and his house only. Then a lightning bolt strikes the metal pole and runs down the steel cord into the dog’s neck into its body. As John screamed the dog came alive! It jumped up like a mutant and attacked John. it killed him and with the sound of his scream Yoko ‘Bong!’ ran downstairs and Sean followed. Yoko ‘Bong!’ jumped into the air and made a bunch of ninja sounds as she turned into a ‘Super Sayian.’ She did a destructo disc and killed the dog. Our story ends with a dead John, Skipper, and psycho lawn mower. That’s the real story on how John died.