Micky's Identity Crisis

Hello, I love you won’t you tell me your name? Hello, I love you let me jump in your game!

I was dancing around my room in the Pad I shared with Erica listening to the new Doors record.

Jim Morrison is such a groovy guy! Not more them my Micky of course but…

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by a bang on my door. I opened it to find NEZ there completely out of breath.

“What’s up NEZ?” I said turning the volume down.

“It’s Micky, he’s gone insane! You have to help me!” he said and grabbed my arm and drug me next door. I walked into the door to find Micky sitting on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

“Mick, what the hell are you doing?” I yelled jumping on the couch and tried taking the bottle from him.

“Pam, baby, don’t you remember my name?” he said drunkenly and grabbed me around the waist.

“Pam? I’m Ash!” I said.

“My dear, if you aren’t Pam, I’m not the LIZARD KING!” he said and suddenly stood up and ripped off his shirt.

Suddenly it clicked…

“OMG, NEZ he thinks he’s Jim Morrison!” I yelled to NEZ.

“He does then, how can we prove it?” he asked.

“I know!” I said and drug Micky back to Erica and my place.

“There!” I said flipping the Doors record on.

Micky went into song, singing every work to ‘Light My Fire’ and doing a whole act. He grabbed my waist and kissed me. Hey! This change might no be so bad…NO ASH!

“We have to figure out how this happened.” NEZ said to me.

“Nesmith, save me!” I yelled as Micky began to act even worse, beginning to open his pants, “Oh no cowboy, not till we’re married!”

NEZ finally got me free and we carried Micky back to the Pad after he passed out. We began to search for the guilty party while Micky lied lifeless on the couch.

We found it…

“Here’s the whiskey bottle. It says on it Property of Jim Morrison. He must drink out if this bottle all the time and Mick got his germs or something!” NEZ concluded.

Suddenly everyone else came home.

“Ew, he drinks that all the time? He must have left it here last time they were over!” I said.

“Um Ash…Micky’s not breathing!” Erica said checking his pulse.

“Micky no! Don’t leave me like this please!” I yelled and shook him.

He suddenly sat up and kissed me.

“Wow, Mick you ok?” I asked.

“Yeah fine, just got a little drunk is all!” he said as if he didn’t care.

“If only he knew…” I said.