Meeting the Beatles

I felt a kiss on my head.

“Good morning sweet thing,” Micky said in a calm voice.

“What are you doing in my room? The sun’s not even out yet!” I said groggily and pulled the covers over my head.

“It’s only 7 am on a Saturday and besides I have a surprise for you today,” he said pulling the covers off.

“Alright I’ll get up, but if this isn’t worth it I’ll kill you!” I got up out of bed and shut the door behind me.

I began to dig through my drawers, then I paused a moment.

“Mick, what am I supposed to wear?” I yelled through the door, knowing he was still there.

“Your usual hon!” he said and I heard the door close as he walked over next door.

So I slipped on my red paisy bell-bottoms, red peasant top, peace sign and love beads. I topped it off with some braids. (so simple right?)

I headed out the door, assuming Erica was already in the guys Pad. The sun was shining as bright as anything.

Damn, I hope this is good cause I’m so tired!

I walked in the Pad door, knocking is uncommon. Peter and my best friend and Pad-mate Erica, were making breakfast with happy smiles on their faces. Micky was setting the table. God, even NEZ and Davy were up fooling with their instruments! The must know something I don’t. NEZ and Davy, or Micky for that matter, are never this early, and neither am l! I fell on the couch and curled up tight.

“Good morning you Sleepy Jean!” Mike said as he sat down next to me.

“Hey NEZ, why am I up so early?” I asked him.

“Because you’re hopelessly devoted to Micky!” he said and kissed my head.

“Yeah your probably right!” I said and got up to walk around.

“Hey Pete can I play your guitar?” I asked.

“Sure go ahead!” he said.

In front of the guitar was a stand. It had one of Peter’s new songs on it, ‘Take a Giant Step.’ I began to play it slowly, then got the hang of it. It was a really great song!

“That’s cool Ash. By the way breakfast is ready,” Peter said and headed back to the kitchen. We all sat down to pancakes.

“So Mick, what’s this big surprise you have for me?” I asked flirtingly.

“It’s a surprise isn’t it?” he said.

After breakfast we all piled into the Mobile.

After awhile of driving…

“We’re here!” Mike yelled.

I stepped out. “We’re at a club?” I said.

“Yes it gets better!” Micky said and drug me inside.

There sat the Beatles! The club was empty and we were the only ones there.

“What is this?” I said.

“The guys are going to give us a preview of their new album, Sgt. Pepper’s!” Erica said.

So we sat for about 2 hours listening to the Beatles play, it was awesome!

“Guys, that was really awesome! I’m defiantly going to buy the album!” I said.

We all went back to the Pad and had a party!