About Me

This page is basically just a survey that I made up and used to send to everyone! Hope it gives ya'll some insight on me! Loves, Ash:)
What time is it? 1:43 pm
What's your full name? Ashley Mae Long
Do you have any nicknames? Yes I do!
What are they? Ash, Ashy, hippie, hippiechick, freak, Daria, and the ever popular Ashie Mae! Ick!
What's your birthday? August 20th 1085
Do you have any pets? Yes, 2 dogs Pepe and Milo. Used to have hermit crabs but they died…
What's your height? 5'
What color are your eyes? Brown
What color is your hair? Brown
Been in love before? Have thought so
Been to Europe? nope
Want to go there? Yes, sooo much!
What are some of your fav. Movies? Help, A Hard Day’s Night, Yellow Submarine, The 60’s, Tommy, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Chololat, Hamlet, etc.
Your fav. Movie quotes? “We know how to behave, we’ve had lessons!” –AHDN, “I didn’t encourage that wink!” “It’s a thingy, a fiendish thingy!” “Jeweler you’ve failed!”- HELP etc
Your fav. Music groups/Singers: The Beatles, Sarah McLachalan, John Lennon, Julian of the same name, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell, U2, so many others I can’t think of! Corrs, the Who!
Your fav. Songs? One by each of those: “You’ve got to hide your love away,’ ‘Fear,’ ‘Borrowed Time,’ ‘Too Late for Goodbyes,’ ‘When we was fab,’ ‘Big Yellow Taxi,’ ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday,’ ‘Rebel Heart,’ ‘Amazing Journey.’
Do you like Brits? My fave ppl in the world!
Do you think I like them? yes
Fav. Foods? Just about all…I really like potato wedges…
TV Shows? I don’t watch anything in particular but I like S Club 7, and VH1. itself.
What is the Best thing? Peace love and a ham sandwich! Lol! Oh and John Lennon
What is the Worst thing? Meanies, incuding Blue ones!
Got a crush on anyone famous? All the Beatles except Ringo, The Monkees, Julian Lennon, Dhani Harrison, guys from Sum 41, my friends brother! Lol!
Clown? Not really
Freak? Certainly
Daydreamer? Yes
Are you sarcastic? A guy calls me Daria what do you think?!
Do you have crazy dreams? Yes I do
What about? Last I remember….school and the Beatles. Me and John Lennon…sigh
Have you met anyone famous? Sadly no
Are you in love? Yes of course!
With who? Look at that other question
Where would you go back in time? 1960 something to be with the Beatles!
Micky or Davy? Micky
Brits or Scots? Brits
Do you like Micky with a fro or not? fro
Why? Because…
Who would you like to meet dead and alive? Dead- John Lennon, George Harrison, Anne Frank Alive- Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend
Do you think I'm crazy? Certainly!
Do you like the Monkees? Yes
Do you think I do? yes
Is Micky just so hot? Not anymore
Do you like Monty Python and the Holy Grail? I forgot to put that in my fave movies!
Do you even know what it is? Yeah…
Who's your fav. Character? Sir Galahad
Do you think mine is Sir Galahad? yup
What's your fav. Part? Castle Anthrax, the witch
Read anything good lately? Pride and Prejudice, Taming of the Shrew, Jane Eyre, Othello, some fics too!
Do you have a fav. All-time song? Yes
What is it? Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac or Yellow Submarine
Have you seen "Daydream Believers: The Monkees Movie?" yes
Was it cool? kindaish
What's your fav. Part? Peter punches Davy and the guy with red boots. Oh and when they’re getting stoned talking about HEAD and when their in the club with the Beatles! Gotta love John look-alikes!
Who's your fav. Beatle? Ahm…JOHN!
Is mine John? yes
What's you fav. Beatles song? You’ve got to Hide your Love Away
**THIS IS FOR EMILY** and all
Do you know who Donovan is? Certainly I do!
What does he sing? Sunshine Superman, and Mellow Yellow
Do you like the Who? yes
What's your fav. Song? ‘Amazing Journey,’ and ‘Won’t get Fooled Again’
Who's your fav, guy? Pete
Is Keith Moon really dead? No he's not...sadly yes!
Do you trust men in fringed jackets? nopers
Is Peter a cool guy? Peter Tork is awesome!
Do you like Gundam Wing? Not really
Who's your fav. Character? Heero I guess
Does Peter Tork make you smile? He does cos he’s got a most beautiful one!
Are hippies cool? yes
Is free love really free? no
Do you know how to play a guitar? A little
Do I? yes
Do you have a lot of Cd's? some
Like what? Beatles, Monkees, Who, Corrs, George Harrison, John Lennon, Julian Lennon, Carole King, all kinds!
What is the coolest website? EHMI and Beatle fan sites!
Is S Club 7 a parody of the Monkees? Yes and technically also one of the Beatles
Do you like No Doubt? Very much
Is Gwen's hair going to fall out soon? nah
Are all Boy Bands made in a factory? yes
Is it true that short girls get the hot guys? Really not sure
Does love really solve everything? Yes it does
Am I a true hippie? Not in a true sense
Do you like Poetry? Yes I write it too!
What about Shakespeare? He’s brillant!
What about me? yes
What's your fav. Play by Shakespeare? Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Hamlet, Othello, Taming the Shrew
Do you write fan-fics? yup
What about? Beatles, Def Leppard, Julian Lennon, The Who
Have you seen the Perfect Storm? yes
Was it sad for you? So sad
Name some cool people from history. Shakespeare, Anne Frank, John Lennon, etc.
Is this thing too long? no
I think so... no!
Have fun! ~Ash