I was a Female Impersonator- Old Habits are Hard to Break

One day Amanda and I walked into the flat after a shopping spree.
“Ash, glad you’re back! Can you help me with something?” Phil called from the upstairs.
I slowly walked past the couch. Steve was sitting there, looking passed out after a long night of drinking. Amanda followed, but all of the sudden, Steve jumped at her and she was trapped in his lap, not that she minded.
So I figured I was headed up alone. I ran upstairs to see where he was. Turning the corner, I noticed a light on in the bathroom.
I walked in to find Phil standing in front of the mirror. He had cosmetics all over the counter, mine I guess. A lipstick case in one hand, and eyeliner in the other.
“I need you to help me! I need to get ready for my gig!” he said.
“Phil are you stupid? You’re not in Girl anymore!” I said and whacked him upside the head.
Suddenly he came to his senses. I helped him wash the makeup off his face.
“I’m sorry Ash. I didn’t mean to…”
“It’s ok,” I laughed, “You still fancy girls right?”
He raised an eyebrow and winked at me. I smiled.
We headed down the stairs to find Amanda still in Steve’s arms.
“Help me,” she whispered. Phil and I pried her from his arms.
“Thanks Ash!” she exclaimed as she headed upstairs.
Just then, the rest of the band walked in.
“Rick! What the bonk are you doing?” I said as he walked up to me. He had makeup on his face!
“I hope you don’t mind but we’re a glam band now,” Joe said.
“Nooo!” I screamed and fell down to hold on to Rick’s legs.

“Ash…Ash…wake up!” a voice called. I sat up in my bed to see Rick there looking in my face.
“Oh you’re not a female impersonator! I’m so happy!” I hugged him.
He just put his arm around me, “It’s ok Ash, it’s ok.”

Moral: Old habits may surface, or your girlfriend may just be insane!