Part 1

“But it would be so cool, Holls. I mean, really, and meet the Beatles back in the 60’s,” I said to my best friend Holly over the phone.
“Yeah I guess so. I don’t know but someone has a paper for English due tomorrow,” she said with a sigh.
“Right ok! Talk to you later!”
I hung up and looked at the clock. 8 pm. I decided to head up to my room and read for an hour before I had to go to bed.
I picked up ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and began reading. My eyes were closing slowly (no offense to the book, it’s great!) and I fell asleep as “Imagine” by John Lennon played in the background off my cd.

Part 2

I woke up suddenly to find myself on a couch. I looked around curiously. Thinking nothing of it, I looked at my watch. 7 am! I was late for school! I got up, but just as I was in mid-run, someone called me.
“Hey you don’t have to leave miss,” they said.
I turned around to see a man in pajamas. (I don’t know what kind, be creative!)
“Um…hi I shouldn’t be here, I don’t know how I got here, and…” I rambled.
“What’s your name?” he asked getting closer.
“Oh it’s ok Ash!” he said and walked up to me, “I’m John Lennon, pleased to meet you.
I got closer till I could see him and sure enough, he looked like John Lennon from 1965.
I stood there in complete shock for 2 minutes before John got my attention.
“Maybe you should sit down,” he said and led me to the couch.
I sat down, took one look at him and fainted.

Part 3

My eyes opened to 4 heads above me a few minutes later. “Is she ok?” they all asked.
“Ash, are you ok?” John asked me.
“I think so,” I said sitting up.
They helped me to the couch. I sat down between two of them. (I believe it be George and John)
“You had us scared luv,” John said with a smile. I almost fainted again. Luv?! Did he call me luv!
“I’m sorry I did that, got caught up in the moment,” I blurted out.
“HaHa! Looks like you’ve got yourself a bird John!” Paul laughed, “Sorry I didn’t introduce myself before, I’m Paul McCartney, this is George Harrison and Ringo Starr.
“Nice to meet you,” I said shaking their hands. I was so excited meeting the Beatles.
I suddenly got way too comfortable and leaned back on John. He just put his arms around me. I sat for minutes not thinking.
I pulled back, “Oh I’m sorry!”
“It’s fine. You’re sweet,” he replied.
“How’d you get here anyway Ash? I didn’t see John take you home last night,” Ringo asked.
“First of all, pinch me,” I said. Ringo did as he was told. I opened my eyes and I was still there.
“Well it’s not a dream! I guess I somehow fell asleep back in 2001 and ended up here,” I said.
“Wow! How old are you” Paul asked.
“John’s 8 years older then you!” George exclaimed.
“So what! I love her!” John blurted.
I looked at him in surprise. This had to be a dream, he loved me!
“Well I love you too my John,” I said confidently. I always wanted to say that. I leaned up to him again.
“Alright, before we get physical here…do you think she can stay here? I mean the rent and all,” George said.
“Of course she can! I’ll pay it! And she can sleep in my bed!” Paul said. I looked at Paul with my eyebrow raised.
“I mean you can have my bed, so you’re in the same room as John. I can sleep on the couch till we get a mattress,” he replied.
“Oh ok cool,” I stood up with John still clinging to my arm. I had to pry him from me.
“Alright so what’s on the agenda today?” Ringo asked always ready for fun.
“Well, we guys must dress. Then we can go shopping for Ash cos I’m sure she doesn’t have clothes packed,” Paul joked.
“Alright, see ya in a few luv!” John said getting up to go to his room and bathroom. He stopped and kissed my cheek, leaving me in a daze.

Part 4

So I wanted a bit until the guys came out. I walked around the flat looking at the fixtures.
“Did they have a flat together? Maybe,” I thought to myself.
I found a mirror on the wall and looked at myself in it. A reflection behind my appeared. It was John.
“Damn, I was going to scare you too!” he said, “Do you want to sit back down?”
I nodded and headed to the couch. I put my feet up on John’s lap as I sat there.
“So what year is this?” I asked.
“Wow! That’s awesome! So there’s mod culture and stuff!” I said. He nodded.
“Coolness! I’ve always wanted a miniskirt!” I screamed.
“And I bet you’d look good in it too!” he winked. I just smiled.
In time the rest of the guys came out and we hopped in thecar.
In the car…
I had to sit between Paul and John in the back while George and Ringo were up front. George drove.
“Are we close enough?” John asked sarcastically.
“Nope!” I said and got closer.
“You two are just getting sick! So where are we headed Paul?” George said.
“The shops!” he replied.
“Right!” George said turning.
I giggled. I always liked how British people said that. Finally we got to the shops and parked the car. We got out and began walking.

Part 5

The shops was a building similar to a mall except smaller. It was a melting pot of music, movies, and fashion.
I was tickled. “This is so cool! Come on John!” I said dragging him into the first store which happened to be clothing.
~Gasp~ “Look at this miniskirt! It’s so cute!” I said showing him a red and orange skirt I found, “Oh and what about this shirt with it?” I showed him a white and red one.
“I think an all red would be better with that outfit,” Ringo said.
“Ring, don’t scare me,” I said.
I decided on the red/orange anyway and went in the dressing room.
“Wow! You look…wow! Bleedin’ good!” John said dumbfounded.
“Thanks babe!” I said kissing him.
“Can I help you folks with anything?” the sales lady asked.
“Yes, I just need shoes to match my outfit,” I said.
She went off for a few minutes and came back with a pair of orange shoes and love beads.
“I thought you’d need some jewels too. These are new, straight out of Greenwich Village!” she said and slipped them on me.
I looked like a true mod. I was amazed at how great the clothes fit me. I got them off and they were bought by John, since he wanted to see me in them again.
The next store was a more casual one. I got jeans and some blouses there.
The next one I had to go to was a music store. I picked up records, smiling at the new look of them. I found ‘Meet the Beatles.’
“John! You look so cute!” I said.
“Well thanks.”
“What would you like dear?” Paul asked.
“You’re paying?” I asked.
“I love music too,” he said.
I roamed around looking through every genre. I finally decided on The Stones, Sonny and Cher, and The Mamas and the Papas.
“Great choices!” Paul said.
The next store was a book store. Well if you know me, I love books right next to music. I roamed the store like a kid in a candy store.
“We can stay awhile and read if you like,” John said. I nodded and picked up a Dylan Thomas book.
For hours we stayed in the bookstore, reading whatever caught our eyes first. I decided on 2 books. By that time, it was about 6 pm and I was hungry.
“What do you want for tea?” Ringo asked me. I laughed. “It doesn’t matter!”
I almost fell over laughing while the Beatles gave me curious looks.
“What’s so funny?” John asked.
“Tea! My friend Spev back in 2001, lives in England and made fun of me cos I thought tea meant actual tea. But it means dinner!” I explained.
“Oh. Spev?” he questioned.
“It’s a long story,” I replied.
We had dinner at a nice restaurant. I got something I’ve always wanted to try, Fish n’ Chips. Very good! We talked for a long time about me and when I was from. They seemed to be very amazed by 2001 life. By late, we went home. Paul moved his stuff downstairs and gave me his bed as he said. I piled my clothes and such in the closet with John’s things.
“Well what would you like to do?” John asked once we were alone.
“Sleep. I’m exausted,” I said.
He just smiled and agreed that he was tired too. We slipped in our beds. A few moments later I felt a kiss on my forehead.
“Goodnight luv,” John said as he crawled back in his bed.
I smiled and drifted off to sleep.

Part 6

The next morning I woke and opened my eyes. I don’t wear glasses to bed (who does) so it took a few minutes for my eyes to focus. I jumped up.
“Where am I?!” o screamed not remembering the room.
“Ash shut up!” John screamed as he sat up.
“Oh sorry. I forgot where I was,” I mumbled and crawled out of my bed, “What time is it?”
A hand, John’s, popped out of the covers and pointed to the dresser. I found my glasses and looked 10 am.
“Hey I forgot! Since I’m here there’s no school!” I said with glee.
“Oh bloody hell! Then we have to get you registered and stuff,” John said. He shot up and made his bed at the speed of light.
Grabbing some clothes, he went into the bathroom. “Hey! Where does this leave me?” I said sitting there in one of John’s old shirts.
“What’s with him?” Paul said hanging by the door.
“He said I have to get registered or something,” I replied.
“Oh yeah, I better get the others together or John will have a fit,” he said, going through he draws and heading to another bathroom.
Just then, John came out, “Get dressed! Hurry!” he said.
I jumped up, grabbed my stuff and was in the bathroom. After dressing in my jeans and peasant top and heeled shoes, I applied eyeliner. The mod in me was coming out and I liked it. I headed out in time to be grabbed by the arm.
“Come on, worry about breakfast later. Register time is now,” John said. I rolled my eyes, grabbed my purse and headed downstairs.
George and Ringo were quickly stuffing their faces as Paul was in the middle of puttle a shirt on.
“You all ready? Let’s go!” John said. Me still attached to him, we ran out the door. The rest followed and locked the house.
“Man, is he always like this?” I asked Paul as we piled in the car.
“Yeah, you picked the wrong Beatle,” he replied.
I laughed. “So how’d you sleep?”
“Well enough. The couch isn’t so bad,” Paul said.
“George drive!” John yelled, interrupting my conversation. George stepped on the gas and we were off.
When we finally got to the registration office, John calmed down.
“Now you must be older then 18 or you won’t be able to live with us,” John said.
“Alright,” I said. Cool I could be older!
We found a lady to talk to…
“Ashley Mae Townshend.”
“August 20th 198 um…1945.”
“Then you’re 21?”
“Place of birth?”
“Pennsylvania, USA.”
“Where are you living now?”
“Liverpool, England with these guys.”
“Sir will you fill in your address please?” John filled it in and I was done.
“There you are, now you are a legal resident of England,” she said and gave me my information.
“Well, that wasn’t so bad!” I said as we headed back to the car.
“So where are we to for breakfast?” Paul asked.
“How about that place where my girlfriend works?” George suggested.
John agreed and we were there in 5 minutes. George went to get his girl to wait on us as we got a seat.
“Heather’s coming,” George said.
“Hello, welcome all. I’m Heather I’ll be your server!” she said cheerfully.
I recognized that voice from somewhere. I looked up and guess who it was?

Part 7

“Spev! Heather!” I screamed.
“Who are you?” she sang in a Roger Daletry way.
I got up and stood next to her. “Ash! Crazy loony from the US of A Ash!” I said.
“Oh! Ash! It’s so fab to see you here! How’d you get here anyway,” she asked sitting down next to George.
I explained. As I did, she out little comments in. The Beatles were going back and forth from me to her. Finally John couldn’t take it anymore.
“Ahh! Explain please!” he said.
So Spev proceeded to explain how we had met before and how she got there by a computer malfunction. Then I explained how I got there.
“Oh you’re the Spev! Ok,” George said, piecing it together.
“This is so fab! Oh’ I’m sorry the food yes, what would you like?” she asked standing up again.
We ordered and within 5 minutes had our food. Spev sat back down and watched us all eat. She looked at me carefully until finally John put his arm around me.
She burst, “Ah! I knew it! You fancy each other! I was trying to figure it out for the longest time!”
“Oh well yeah,” was all I said.
After I finished, Spev asked me if we could talk. We moved to another table. “This is just bizarre isn’t it? I mean wow! I’ve been here a month. How long have you?” she asked.
“A day. Do you have your own flat?”
“Yes. Hey I just had a fab idea. What if you moved in the flat next to mine. The rent isn’t bad. Then I can help you get a job here at the diner,” she said.
“That’s not an idea, it’s life!” I said, “That sounds great though! Oh and guess what?”
“I’m 21 here!”
“You don’t quite look 21 but I guess you have to say that! Brandy! You can have it!” she said.
“Well I’m off work in a few so I’ll catch up with you guys later!” Spev said and headed back to work.

Part 8

Well, over the next 3 years things certainly changed. The music went psychedelic and so did my John and the Beatles. It was fun though because I got to be a hippie as I’d always wanted to be.
In 1967 George and Spev married. We each bought houses and lived private lives.
Sadly, by 1969, the Beatles were growing apart. They officially broke up in 1970 after the recording of their last album ‘Abbey Road.’
John and I moved to New york City for the rest of our years, while the rest remained in England. Spev and I are still great friends.

Nobody Told Me

Sequel to Imagine

It is now 1980 and what a life I’ve had with my John. I’m 35 and John is 40. We’ve had a productive life. John has had many albums over the past 10 years, which have made him a solo career.
We have had 2 children together; Julian in 1970 and Gwen in 1975.
We have had a very happy life. Today is December 8th 1980 and we are starting the day with a recording session for the newest album ‘Double Fantasy’ on which I have also recorded songs. It is a cold day…and a cold night…
“The album is done John,” the producer told us through the speaker.
“Wait, let me listen to Ash’s track once more,” John replied.
The producer played back the track. John nodded in approval and smiled as the song faded out.
“Alright ready to go home?” he asked me. I nodded. We headed out the doors to the limo.
“The kids are with Michelle right?” John asked. I nodded.
“Yes. For the night.” I said. “Oh, so we’re all by ourselves?” John said mischievously. I smiled.
We finally pulled up to the Dakota Building and got out. I got out first with John following.
“John Lennon!” a voice said.
I turned around to see the same young man who John had signed an autograph for earlier. Suddenly, he pulled a gun out of his coat and let shots go. I screamed in horror as my John fell to the ground. I ran up to him.
“John! John, honey, wake up!” I said.
“Ashley…” he said softly. I knew then we needed help. Luckily a local policeman had already called the police. Red lights and sirens from the police cars were going off.
“Mrs. Lennon, get in the car. The ambulance won’t make it. We must take him by car,” the policeman explained. As I got in the other car, I watched them carry my John into the 1st car crying while looking at the man being taken into custody.
“He did nothing to that man!” I kept saying.
“He’ll be ok,” the policeman assured me. I could only hope.
We got to the hospital. The nurses directed me to the waiting room because John was in the ER. I waited for 10 minutes before the doctor entered.
“Mrs. Lennon. I’m sorry, we did all we could but John has passed away,” he said.
“I don’t believe you! This isn’t true! You’re lying to me!” I screamed and ran into the bathroom.
I cried tears upon tears for 30 minutes before he came and asked me if I wanted to see John. The room was white and so was John. I took his hand in mine and held it close to my heart. I tear fell on his arm.
“Ok I must go home to my children,” I said. I walked out, never looking back.
John was cremated and is kept in a place, which I will not reveal. His death has been hard on us all. It pains me to know that he will never see our children grow up and they will barely remember him. But I always know that he is with me in everyway, everyday.