How I Helped the Monkees Write a Song

On this sunshiny day or Friday afternoon I was laying on Micky’s bed daydreaming about the weekend ahead. Suddenly, Mike (NEZ) drops by!

“Ash, what are you doing in here? We’re practicing for our gig tonight if you want to come down?” he said.

I didn’t move at all, just stared at the ceiling. He waved his hand over my eyes.

“Ash hello, wake up!” he yelled.
I jumped. “What is it NEZ?” I asked, irritated.

“What were you doing in that trance anyway?” he asked.

“I was daydreaming!” I said.

“Daydreaming? What’s the point?” he asked.

“Well NEZ, daydreaming for a little keeps my from getting caught up in the pressures of life. It keeps me cheerful!” I explained.

“Yeah…I think you’re just a Sleepy Jean,” he told me.

“What? Where did you get that?” I said following him downstairs.

“It’s what I like to call everyone who daydreams too much, including you and Micky,” he said.

As we headed downstairs Peter was sitting in a daze. Then he jumped and grabbed paper.

“Pete, what’s up? What’s cooking in that brain of yours?” I asked.

“I got a song! I mean you two the conversation gave me an idea!” he said.

“Oh yeah and what kind of ideas did we give the great EL TORKO?” I asked.

“Well, you were daydreaming and you believe in them and so the title is Daydream Believer. Then to Mike daydreaming is a waste so I’m writing nonsense lyrics. The chorus will go cheer up Sleepy Jean cause you said it cheers you up and Mike called you Sleepy Jean. Cool huh?” he said.

They put music to it and performed it at the club that night. It was a big hit with the crowds. It’s one of there best songs to date, and all thanks to your truly, Miss Daydream Believer.

Ok they didn’t write it but well…there!!