Beatles Dating Game...My Version

(Author’s Note: I say this because someone else already did a Dating Game of the Beatles!)

**The beautiful brunette girl who hails from Pennsylvania in the U S of A is looking for a bachelor. But whom will she pick? Will it be charming Paul, sweet old George, or aggressive John? Join us as Ringo Starr hosts the Beatles Dating Game!**

RINGO: Hello folks and welcome to tonight’s celebrity addition of the Dating Game! I’m Ringo Starr and we have a treat for our lovely bachelorette. So first, let’s meet our bachelors!
Bachelor #1 is the bass player of the very band I’m from, Paul McCartney!

PAUL: Hello everyone! I can’t wait to meet our little miss! (winks at the audience who practically go into hysterics)

RINGO: Bachelor #2 is the rhythm guitarist of the Beatles, Johnny Winston Lennon!

JOHN: Don’t call me that you big nosed- (Paul takes a hand to his mouth) Paul, off!

RINGO: Ok and last but not least, we have our very on lead guitarist, George Harrison!

GEORGE: Yeah hi, I’m sure she’s lovely.

RINGO: Right, now for the moment our 3 guys have been waiting for…Miss Ashley Dolenz! (Ash walks out of backstage and gives her headphones to the stage man. Then sits in her chair on the opposite side of the wall.)

RINGO: It’s great to have you here Miss Dolenz.

ASH: Call me Ash; it’s great to be here.

RINGO: Ok, now shall we introduce you to your young suitors? (elbows Ash to which she nods eagerly) Ok, Bachelor #! Please say hi to Ash!

PAUL: Hello I hope you get to know you well Ash and give you a good time on our date!

ASH: Thank you very much.

RINGO: Bachelor #2…

JOHN: Hey Ash, hope you pick me so I can get out of this flippin’ chair!

ASH: Um, ok.

RINGO: #3…

GEORGE: Nice to meet you Ashley.

ASH: You too.

RINGO: Ok Ash, now that you’ve met them, let’s get started!

ASH: Bachelor #1, if you take me on a date, what will we do?

PAUL: Well, we would have a nice dinner at my place and then go for a walk under the moonlit sky.

ASH: Sounds very fun.

JOHN: (whispers) Give it up Macca, you know all you want is what’s after dinner!

ASH: Ok um…same question #2.

JOHN: We would go to a nice drive up (aka Burger King or Mickey D’s) and then go back to my place and have a big long lip-locking session. And I mean longgggg…

ASH: Oh um…that’s nice. I’m not sure but…um…(her face is bright red and she fumbles through her cards) #3, if you were a food what would you be?

GEORGE: I would be a sweet chocolate cake because I think all girls love chocolate.

ASH: I sure do, thank you. Dare I ask, same #2.

JOHN: A thick juicy steak because I know you love beefcake! (Paul rolls his eyes)

ASH: Oh my…I um…ok. if you were in a diner and I ordered something but I got the wrong thing, what would you do #1?

PAUL: I would politely ask them to get you the right order.

JOHN: Well I would tell then why the bloody hell did you do this to me bird? And then I would throw the scalding hot pasta back in their face!

ASH: Thank you #2…yeah.

RINGO: Ok Ash, we have time for one more question then you have to choose!

ASH: Ok #3, if you were a color what would you be?

GEORGE: I’d be green because I’m mellow and calm.

RINGO: Ok Ash, now it’s time for you to choose! So who do you want for your date?

ASH: Well I’ve thought long and hard about this and I’ve chosen…#2!

RINGO: You picked him?! Suit yourself…let’s meet the others. #1 was the sweet talking bassist, Paul McCartney! (Paul comes over and hugs her)

PAUL: Thanks for the time Ash. See you.

RINGO: Now that shy guy, George Harrison! (George comes over and hugs her)

GEORGE: Thanks dear; we’ll see one another again.

RINGO: And now…that man of your dreams, why I don’t know…John Lennon!! (John sweeps her in a dip and gives her a peck on the lips)

JOHN: So why did you pick me luv?

ASH: Well, I knew deep down you’re a sweetie. And you’re my favorite Beatle too!

RINGO: You two will be having a nice dinner in Liverpool, followed by a walk. Have fun lovebirds! Join us again for the Dating Game!

(They all wave goodbye and John and Ash continue talking)

What a happy ending…right?!