Danielle- My Story

~Any inaccuracies in this story I apoligize for. I'm not an expert on the British or their schooling! Thank you!~

Chapter 1

My name is Danielle Ann Perkins. My family moves a lot and this time I hope it’s permanent. This last place, I hope, my Dad’s job is being transported to is Liverpool. It can’t be much different from London, my home
“This looks like a good school doesn’t it dear? The Liverpool Institute. We’ll just have to move her ahead because she is 14,” Mom said to Dad as we sat down for tea.
“Yes of course. What do you think Danielle?” Dad asked.
“Yes Dad,” I quietly said, eating my tea. (Author’s Note: In England dinner is called tea)
The next month I started at The Liverpool Institute. It was a horribly dark and gloomy old school. I didn’t like it much, but I couldn’t tell my parents that. The only class I really liked was English Literature; the master was also a nice bloke.
Lunchtime was the worse. Everyday I had to find a new place to sit at. Usually by myself.
The one-day I got in the lunch line behind a nice boy I had known from my English classes. I decided to make friends.
“Hello, how are you today?” I asked him.
He turned around with large grin. “I’m good I hope you are too. What is your name? I’ve seen you in class before.”
“Danielle Perkins,” I said.
He slipped his hand into mine, “Paul McCartney. Well actually James Paul McCartney but you know. Are you new here then?”
“Yes. I just moved from Lancashire, my family moves a lot.” I replied.
“Oh you got your lunch then? Would you like to come sit with me?” he asked.
I nodded. “Yes.”
So I followed Paul through the crowds of people to a small table in the corner.
“They really over populate this place I’ll tell you!” Paul exclaimed to no one in particular.
I burst out laughing.
“Oh was I funny? Well that’s good.” he said.
Suddenly a boy who looked a bit younger then Paul and I joined us.
“Oh this is my mate George Harrison. George this is Danielle, she just moved here,” Paul said. I shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you Danielle,” George said quietly and began eating his lunch.
I began to do the same and Paul followed.
As the lunch bell rang, I was happy. I had finally made some friends in this place. I headed back to my classes.

Chapter 2

“How was school today dear?” Dad asked me over tea shortly after I had gotten home.
“Good. I made some friends today. Paul and George,” I replied.
“Oh? Good for you!” Mom said.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dad got up to answer it.
“For you,” Dad said motioning to me.
“Paul! What are you doing here?” I asked surprised to see him at the door.
“Thought I’d drop in. Is that ok?” he asked.
“Well invite him in dear. He can surely have tea with us!” Mom said.
I invited Paul in the house and sat him down at the table next to me.
“I hope you don’t mind me here,” Paul said as we ate. “Oh no! Your welcome anytime!” Mom replied.
After we finished, Paul got up to leave. He turned but came back and kissed me on the cheek.
“Good night Danielle. Goodnight folks!” he said and headed out the door.
I touched my cheek in amazement.
“Oh darling! Someone fancies you!” Mom exclaimed.
“Yes I guess,” I sad and sat down again.
Well it wasn’t long before Paul and I began going out. He took me to the pictures and out to dinner. He even gave me one of his late mother’s old rings, by his father’s permission, to show that he loved me.
In early 1957 I had come to know that Paul had joined a band called the Quarry Men. One night, he invited me to meet them at a gig.
“Are you sure I’ll like these blokes?” I asked as we walked in the smoke filled bar.
“The question is will they like you. I’m sure!” Paul reassured me.
“Paul! Hey!” one of them yelled.
“Hey. Guys this is my girl Danielle. These are John, Stuart, Pete and I think you know George,” Paul introduced me.
“Hi George!” I said giving him a hug. I shook the rest hands.
I looked at John again and felt this huge wave come over me. I was in love. But that was just the trouble, I loved Paul too.
So the bands played their gig and were fantastic. They played many more gigs until by the next year they were ready for something bigger—touring.

Chapter 3

Of course touring didn’t mean big stadium tours. The Quarry Men were headed off to tour Hamburg, Germany. Paul asked me to join them.
“Oh please Mom can I go? I promise not to get into any trouble and be good,” I said.
“Alright, 3 years you say?” Ok,” she said. I packed and we were off to Germany.
The band was very popular in Germany. We toured the country for 3 years and by then I’d be 19. I was still caught between John and Paul. I liked then both and Paul was a nice bloke. So I didn’t know how to break it to him. On night in a pub I finally got up the courage to tell him.
“Paul can I talk to you a minute?” I asked sitting down next to him at the bar.
“Of course Danny (as they called me) what is it?” he asked.
“I don’t think our relationship is working out. I want to be alone for awhile,” I said giving him the ring.
“You’re sacking me then? That’s all right, luv, we’ve always been more like friends haven’t we?” he replied and got up.
Well that wasn’t too hard now. But the hard thing was figuring out John. he was a complex person. I went to talk to him.
“Hey John,” I said.
“Hi Danny. Did you sack Paul?” he asked.
“Yes um…” I said.
“Well good for you. You’ll find someone soon cos you’re just pretty!” John replied and walked away.
“But I want you,” I whispered.
After the 3 years of touring Hamburg they headed back to Liverpool to do regular gigs at the Cavern Club. I followed the band, despite my break up with Paul. He didn’t seem to think much of it either, he invited me to come.

Chapter 4

So the Sliver Beatles now played the Cavern. It is 1961.
A few weeks after coming back, the band voted to fire Pete Best for another drummer, Ringo Starr. Pete wasn’t too happy with this of course; he broke a brandy bottle over it. Enter Ringo, a mad guy with a sense of humor.
One night as I watched the Beatles (changed name again) play a gig I noticed a record contract at the table.
“Hum…looks like they have a deal!” I said aloud.
Suddenly a woman came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, are you Danielle?” she asked.
“Yes I am.”
“Hi my name is Cynthia Powell. I’m John’s girlfriend,” she replied.
I looked at her wave to him as we waved back from the stage.
“Um…I thought John was single,” I said nervously.
“Not anymore. We’re gong to marry one day,” she said.
I felt sick to my stomach. He blew me off for years and now I’m single and he doesn’t like me?
For weeks I stayed home, never going to gigs lest I’d see Cyn and John together.
One night I got an unexpected phone call.
“It’s George.”
“Hi, sorry I’m not there.”
“Yes why aren’t you?”
I told him the whole story.
“Oh now there’s no reason to get upset. There are plenty of others out there. Like me.”
“You? George do you fancy me?”
“Yes I do.”
“Oh, do you want me to be your girl?”
“Yes I do.”
“Alright then, you’re not such a bad bloke, I will!”
“I’ll see you later?”
“Yes Bye!”
I hung up the phone and was actually happy for once. George was always so nice to me and I did like him. Maybe we would last.

Chapter 5

By 1962 the Beatles were beginning to get very big in England alone. Most of their fans however were teenage girls. Luckily George wasn’t picked out as the “cute” one, Paul was.
They played many different gigs in England, and even more at the Cavern.
One night during a gig, Cyn took me aside to the bathroom.
“Danielle I have a problem,” she said nervously.
I looked at her curiously. “What’s wrong?”
“I’m pregnant,” she said putting her hand over her stomach.
“John’s. I’m 3 months along. I just found out today,” she replied.
“Are you going to tell him?”
“Of course but…” she hesitated.
“What if he sacks you?”
“I’m sure he’ll understand. Come on let’s go back,” I said motioning her out.
Just as we came out of the loo, the guys came down from the gig being over.
George sat down next to me and out his arm around me. Paul sat down on the other side and began talking to me.
“Danny, I want you to have this,” Paul said. He handed me back the ring he had given me years ago.
“I can’t keep this, it’s your mother’s and it means something else,” I replied.
“No I want you to have it. Token of our friendship,” he said with a smile.
“Thank you Paulie!” I said and hugged him.
Cyn turned to John and smiled. He smiled back at her.
“What is it babe?” John finally asked.
“John, this isn’t easy for me. Um… I’m with child,” she muttered.
“What?” he asked.
“I’m pregnant!” she yelled.
John slid back in his chair. “Wow that’s just groovy,” he said in amazement, “I guess I have to marry you then.”
“I guess so,” she said.
Within a month John and Cyn were married. Of course I wasn’t there. It was a private thing at the registration office. But they told me it was lovely.

Chapter 6

By the next year, the Beatles were a household name in England. The only country to conquer now was the USA. And conquer it they did!
“Who is this Ed Sullivan chap anyway?” I asked Cyn as we got ready. She looked like a house.
“American TV Show personality,” she said, “Just wait and see.”
So I did. The guys were in their brown tapered suits which all matched. You could tell who really liked the suits though. George was itching his arms, John walked weirdly. Ringo was used to it and Paul wore that suit like a dream.
We were driven to the stadium in a matter of minutes.
“Where are all the fans?” Paul asked disappointed.
“Maybe we’re early,” I said.
We walked in the building. Little did we know how many there were.
As Cyn and I took our seats in the audience, the first act came on. He was horrible, a plate spinning man. The man they call Ed Sullivan then came on.
“Ladies and Gentleman, the Beatles!”
The crowd roared with screaming girls who began crying and fainting everywhere. I was amazed.
“Oh my word, this is insane!” I said.
The guys performed. I looked at George and winked. He did the same back.
After 5 songs, the gig was over. We headed back feeling like that was nothing before.
We eventually went on vacation and had a ball. You of course, shouldn’t know the details.
The boys also created their most acclaimed film ‘A Hard Day’s Night.’
In April, Cyn gave birth to a cute baby boy, John Charles Julian Lennon, who we just call Julian.

Chapter 7

Within the next 6 years the Beatles were made international superstars.
In 1967, George and I were married.
Unfortunately the guys split in 1970.
So much went on within those 6 years that it is too much to say.
To summarize it there were 3 movies, Sgt. Pepper’s, The White Album, Abbey Road, Two Virgins and so many other things.
In 1980 George and I divorced after having some horrible marital problems.
I now live a quiet and private life in London.
The End