Crazed Bus Driver

~~This story and 'I was a Female Impersonator- Old Habits are Hard to Break' include my cousin Amanda~~

“Yay! Another tour!” I exclaimed as Def Leppard, Amanda (my cuz) and I waltzed on the new tour bus.
“By the way guys, we have a new driver. So be nice to him!” Joe commanded.
Rick and Steve looked at each other with mischievous looks.
“Hey! Leave the man alone!” I said. We hopped on and situated our things.
“Come on, let’s go and meet the new driver!” Amanda said as she pulled me along. We found him stuck behind a computer magazine.
“Excuse me, are you the new driver?” Amanda asked. The man put his magazine down and smiled.
“Yup,” he said, “My name’s Josh but everyone calls me Boris!”
“Boris? Boris the Spider?” I screamed.
“No but just call me Josh,” he said. He was quite young, about our age. This surprised me, so I asked him how he got the job.
“I like driving so…that’s it!” he said, “Time to go ladies, will you please sit down?”
Amanda and I went in the back and sat down. Rick was watching some music TV so I sat there.
Suddenly the bus pulled away. We must have been going 80 mph!
“Hey Boris! Slow down you’re gonna lose your arm!” I screamed to the front.
“Tis the truth!” Rick said as he pointed to his shoulder.
We turned and turned all around this trip at 80 mph. Let’s say we got there in half the time!
After the bus stopped I talked to Josh.
“Boris! What were you thinking, are you crazy?” I said.
“Not crazy, just gifted!” he said. With that he walked away.

Moral: Never trust a guy nicknamed Boris who’s character is a friend of yours. Peace Josh, this is for you man!