A Concert Review: Beatlemania Now!

This day that my Dad and I went to see the Beatles tribute, Beatlemania Now, was a year ago already but I can still remember a lot of it like it happened yesterday.
Recently, then, a close friend of the family had passed away and we were at his wife’s house just about every day helping her out. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get to go to the concert, even though my Dad had mentioned it to me weeks before about it being free and a good time.
Despite our situation, Dad and I got to leave and got to the show. We drove the medium long drive into Lancaster, PA and on the way listened to the radio station that was sponsoring the concert. We pulled in and parked and got our lawn chairs to sit on. We got seats pretty much near the front, better then my seats for Nickel Creek. We waited a little while and before I knew it, the concert began.
Unfortunately, we had missed the first part of the concert, which ranged from the early Beatles to about the Revolver stage (1966). We got to see everything from 1967 on. I was wondering when the band first came out how warm they must have been in the replicated Sgt. Pepper’s uniforms. If remember correctly, they began with something along the lines of ‘I am the Walrus’ and did pretty well. I got to eye up each member of then band in this time and see how each rated on my Look-Alike Meter.
‘Paul’ was closest to the front and wearing a sort of blue suit and helping to sing. He had all Paul’s mannerisms down including the bopping head and mop top swinging. He even played left-handed. But of course, he couldn’t touch the real Macca in looks. ‘John’ wore his lime green suit and granny glasses and was sitting at a keyboard singing. I have to say he could have easily passed for the real John from my point of view. He had the straight Irish nose and beady eyes. I thought he looked most like John, but his singing voice was a little weak at times. ‘George’ wore a red suit and looked a little chunky to be the real Mr. Harrison. I actually didn’t think this guy looked like George at all but I will give his singing credit. Plus his mustache looked extremely fake. Let’s blame the heat for that. ‘Ringo’ was also a little chunky and looked fake. But his very cool Liverpool accent and drumming won me over. He was also very witty, just like our favorite drummer is.
All the specific songs seem to have meshed in my brain until about the time everyone else left the stage except ‘John.’ He stripped down to a white t-shirt and his jeans, and then sat down on a stool to play guitar. I was stunned when he began strumming my favorite song ‘You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away.’ It was just the best part of the whole show. After this ‘John’ went back and the other 3 came out in casual ‘White Album’ clothes. They went into a medley, two songs I can thingk ig are ‘Got to Get You into my Life’ and Taxman.’ Soon enough, ‘John’ was back decked out in a sort of ‘Abbey Road’ dress. He wore a white suit and extremely fake wig to make his hair longer. He gave us the peace sign at the start.
The show progressed and got better as it went on. They sung songs such as ‘Something’ and ‘Hey Jude,’ which the audience did the ‘na na’s’ on. That was truly amazing, but I’ve heard that it’s even better if the real Macca makes you do it. (Thanks Angela!) The band got about 2 encores and they played a few songs in there such as ‘Twist and Shout,’ ‘Birthday,’ and ‘All my Loving.’ By the end I was even dancing in my seat. Their comedy through the show was brought out in little things, such as when someone yelled out “Ringo!” while everyone else was screaming the others names. ‘Ringo’ said, “Thank you! One person out of 400, and a man! Thanks!” We all laughed.
I forgot to mention the fan’s reaction. The middle-aged woman were going crazy screaming “Paul!” and “George!” and dancing in front of the stage. I was embarrassed for them!
After that was over the band disbanded to mingle with the crowd. ‘George’ disappeared and ‘Paul’ was signing an autograph for someone. My Dad said I should have talked to ‘John’ but I was too star-struck. Why, I don’t know. Finding out later that our ‘Ringo’ was actually American was a surprise/. You can’t win them all I guess.
All in all it was great, despite the fact that I couldn’t get a t-shirt.