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Alabama Ghosts


The picture above is the "Haunted Bridge", which is located on Pleasant Hill Road. Unfortunately, this bridge is soon to be torn down. I hope they know this could mean probable poltergeist activity. If you would like to read about this haunting, please look at my Northern Alabama Hauntings page.

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Before my introduction I would like to settle one thing that people have confronted me with. I believe in God and I try my best to live for him. My view of ghosts is different from what most people think. I believe that if you are saved by God's grace your soul will go to heaven. If you are not saved, then your soul will go to hell. When you die you leave nothing behind, but I believe that angels of light and death can be attracted to places of emotional disturbance. I also believe that through geomagnetic waves the earth can record time frames and eventually crisscross in wave lines. God teaches us in his word that there are many things that we will never understand on this earth. The truth is that this is one of those things that we will probably never understand. My denomination is Presbyterian, but if you would like to e-mail me your opinions, I will be glad to read them. Maybe there is something that I forgot to add. Do I believe in ghosts? Maybe. The "haunted bridge" incident that I had was supposed to be a prank, but the bridge still spooks me. Other times I thought I heard carriage wheels, but there was nobody playing a prank on me then. ??????????????

If you are viewing this site, please pray for me, my friends, my family, my church, my school, and my direction in life. I also hope that you pray for me when I go ghost hunting. I always pray to the Lord to protect me from all evil whenever I feel scared.

Welcome to my webpage. I live in Gadsden, Alabama, and I have had paranormal experiences in my town. I have also heard many ghost stories about the area. I have always wanted to share these stories and put them all together for proof of some kind. Through my life I have heard stories about hauntings everywhere I go. If you have a ghost story about Alabama, please e-mail me so I can put it on the webpage.

If you are actually interested, the longest word in the English language that I know of is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.

I also have interests in severe weather, rollercoasters, and eurodance music.

Please check out my Haunted Gadsden Pictures page and know that I will be updating it.

I hope this site will become a hub for ghost hunters in the future and that more and more people will realize the reality and wonder of ghosts and hauntings.

Has anyone noticed that the Carrollton Courthouse face is not shown now? They covered up the window and put a smiley face on it. Two times I have gone to see the face in the window, but the cardboard face was there both times to taunt me.

Also, please check out the three pages that I have added. They are Haunted New Orleans, Ghost Stories From My Family and Friends, and Haunted Bonnie Castle.

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